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M87 – Virgo A Galaxy

Constellation Virgo may just be the single most under-rated constellation or sign on our Zodiac Belt.

Spiritual Astronomy view

Waves of radio-frequency sound are emitted from M87, “Virgo A,” a monsterous galaxy relatively close to Earth at the heart of the Virgo Supercluster of Galaxies. The Virgo Supercluster contains the Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxies.

Blue-white (young hot), first magnitude, eclipsing binary star Alpha Virginis (Spica) is one of several Alpha stars that lies very close to the center of the Ecliptic Plane within the belt of the zodiac and keeps the zodiac constellations anchored and aligned with the Celestial Poles.

Pulsations of energy reaching us from “Virgo”, like the Heartbeat of the Divine Cosmic Mother, align our material bodies’ vital signs with those of the Earth Mother.

As physical form proceeds from the Earth Mother’s womb through agriculture (plant and mineral kingdoms) our health and prosperity are linked with the animal kingdom and are one with hers (we are what we eat).

“The sign of Virgo itself stands for a synthesis of these three feminine aspects – Eve, Isis and Mary. She is the Virgin Mother, providing that which is needed for the mental, emotional and physical expression of the hidden but ever present divinity.” [Excerpted from Esoteric Astrology, “Virgo, the Virgin,” Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul]

Discovering the treasure of our hidden divinity is a natural consequence of serving humanity and the sentient body of our planetary body Mother Earth.

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2005 February 13

In the Center of the Virgo Cluster

Credit & Copyright: Jean-Charles Cuillandre (CFHT), Hawaiian Starlight, CFHT

Explanation: The Virgo Cluster of Galaxies is the closest cluster of galaxies to our Milky Way Galaxy. The Virgo Cluster is so close that it spans more than 5 degrees on the sky – about 10 times the angle made by a full Moon. It contains over 100 galaxies of many types – including spiral, elliptical, and irregular galaxies. The Virgo Cluster is so massive that it is noticeably pulling our Galaxy toward it. The cluster contains not only galaxies filled with stars but also gas so hot it glows in X-rays. Motions of galaxies in and around clusters indicate that they contain more dark matter than any visible matter we can see. Pictured above, the center of the Virgo cluster might appear to some as a human face, and includes bright Messier galaxies M86 at the top, M84 on the far right, NGC 4388 at the bottom, and NGC 4387 in the middle.

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The Virgo Supercluster (Virgo SC) or Local Supercluster (LSC or LS) is the irregular supercluster that contains the Virgo Cluster in addition to the Local Group, which in turn contains the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies.

At least 100 galaxy groups and clusters are located within its diameter of 33 megaparsecs (110 million light-years). It is one of millions of superclusters in the observable Universe.

Compare the power of the Virgo Supercluster of Galaxies with the energy- and celestial object-rich Milky Way Galaxy area of the sky.

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For more information about the Virgo astrology sign and its constellation history, see


Why are alignments to Alpha Virgo (Spica) so powerful?

According to scientific research, our collective planetary psychic input from and throughput to Galactic Center is maximized at Sidereal Time 13:30.

13:30 is 13 Hours 13 Minutes of RA (Right Ascension) — Celestial “Longitude” meridians. These meridians appear to travel around the globe as the Earth rotates on its axis. The meridians, however, like geocentric latitude and longitude that are fixed on the earth, are fixed in the sky and the magic number 13H 30M runs through Constellation Virgo within approximately 4 minutes of Alpha Virgo, Spica.

It’s also referred to as “Sidereal Time”.

As this meridian passes over you at whatever local time it may be where you are, theoretically your ability to communicate using the Galactic Psychic frequency or Remote Viewing is theoretically enhanced. For more information and research on this principle see:

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