Tips for Scorpios ~ The Scorpio-Ophiuchus domain (cont’d)

Asclepius | Rho Ophiuchus

Asclepius and the area around Rho Ophiuchus which includes Alpha Scorpius, Antares

Astronomers and Astrophysicists already know how energy rich Constellation Ophiuchus is. Or they have a clue, anyway, let’s put it that way.

Solar physicists busily engaged in attempting to discover the secrets of the Sun continue to be mystified by its behavior but if they had noticed what I noticed in December of 2006 while the Sun was transiting Constellation Ophiuchus they might have been forced to at least say “hmmm” (the sound of a mind cracking open). I won’t get my hopes up though that their exploration of the Solar-Earth dynamics in the context of the “astrology” (or Astronomology) of it will give them cause to consider Constellation Ophiuchus as a sentient star field.

That being said, to save me from having to do double work and you from having to deal with a monster web page that would be way too much to digest in a single meal, there are two important documents now available on the Downloads page.

  • Ophiuchus Spaceweather Fireworks December 2006 – Documentation of the December 2006 wave of off-the-charts solar activity in the (pardon the phrase) ‘dead’ of Solar Minimum. Couple the surprise 2006 solar energy wave with what’s happening on the Sun during the current cycle (which started years later than expected and has been alarmingly weak) and you will be able to formulate an accurate picture of the Ophiuchus Effect. It is very real.
  • Rediscovering Constellation Ophiuchus (2011 ver) – Collected information about the various astronomical features of Constellation Ophiuchus and also including post-Harmonic Convergence updates based on the Celestial Alchemy of the Scorpion-Serpent-Eagle as discussed in numerous articles on Astronomologer and Startistics.

For the most part the documents provided are self-explanatory but there is one element of the “Rediscovering Constellation Ophiuchus” documentation that needs and deserves elaboration. And that is the main purpose of this post.

Before I launch into a discussion of that material I want to provide some background and recap information for the benefit of those who may be reading this page out of sequence.

Review of concepts previously shared

Constellation Ophiuchus

Constellation Ophiuchus

The groundwork and foundation for what I’m about to share are to some extent laid out in a post series that begins with The Sun & Moon in June 2011 and continues through another series of posts about one of the new planet-sized trans-Neptunian bodies named Quaoar. These articles are spread out between Astronomologer and Startistics.

If you are reading Startistics or Astronomologer for the first time, you are joining a Great Work in progress. And guess what — you are participating in it simply by being here and reading this.

It isn’t my Great Work. I’m just another pilgrim like you following one of many breadcrumb trails left for us so we can find our way out of the chaotic mess we’re in and help this planet and her humanities over the hump and hopefully on to Ascension.


Snake Nebula - M. Russell

Snake Nebula (M. Russell)

If you have read the underlying posts and pages as suggested then you know there is existing authority for the essence of what I’m about to show you if not the actual form of it. In other words, although at some point I may have thought I was inventing these mechanisms in an effort to “fix” the Zodiac Sign templates so our self-talk and the advice we get from Astrologers could fit in with the vision of the coming Age that is upon us, I find now to the relief of my ego that I did not. Put another way, Elton John said it best when he sang Don’t Shoot Me, I’m Only the Piano Player! I am simply unveiling what was covered up long ago. It seems that because 2012 was as yet a long way off, what we are awakening to now was purposely veiled.1

A new tail to tell

We’re not really sure who did it but it was in the time of Julius Caesar that the claws of the original giant Scorpion were hacked off to create the 12th zodiac sign Libra. In 1930 the IAU (International Astronomical Union) passed a resolution creating 88 constellations to help astrophysicists and astronomers identify and plot stars and other deep space objects. That’s when Constellation Ophiuchus was cut out of the belly of the Scorpion in what ironically appears to have been a cosmic cesarean section operation. The last time Asclepius was delivered into the Light of Day that way (his father Apollo cut him out of the belly of his mother Coronis) his mother was dead and lying on a funeral pyre. If you take a good look at the image at right you’ll see the constellation immediately beneath Constellation Scorpius is named Ara, and that is the Altar of Zeus where sacrifices were made.

Folks, coincidences just don’t get any more cosmic than this!

Take a look at what’s left of the once-giant scorpion for yourself (screen capture above) and tell me where is the dignity in keeping that poor hacked-up beast going on emotional life support when it’s best off dead, revived and transmuted into something miraculous and beautiful? Isn’t that what we’re all supposed to be doing for ourselves?

This is the Celestial Alchemy of the Scorpion – Serpent – Eagle. Be smart. Throw in with it. Otherwise you’re voting to continue giving your personal power away to the people we’re all complaining about who steal it, abuse it, disrespect it and trash nature, herd us around at will, and disregard the needs of the planet to the point of taking her right up to the brink of destruction. Wake up and smell the coffee, my brothers and sisters! This is not a hard decision to make!

From here on out, if you were born between November 23 and November 30, you’re no longer a hacked-up scorpion (now officially an endangered zodiac species), you’re a precious (because you’re RARE) Crowned Serpent of Healing & Wisdom.


Scorpius-Southern Serpent of Wisdom

Scorpius-Southern Serpent of Wisdom | Crowned by Corona Australis, the Southern Crown

Give me one good reason why not!

Crazy? Only if you haven’t been following the line of thought and the Ancient Wisdom behind it as revealed in earlier submissions. Please note the convenient location of Corona Australis, the Southern Crown at what is now the head of a snake trying to talk sense to a human species thirsty for salvation and healing (not necessarily in that order). Do you think perchance this second crown-constellation just happens to be there by cosmic coincidence?

I will explain the fine points of the design later. This is a pretty big gulp to be swallowing on a Mercury retrograde as it is (sorry about that). I have 24 years worth of material stashed on my computer and no plan of my own as to how exactly I’m going to be sharing it. Some of these concepts I was hoping I could get away with not sharing. You can’t imagine how it feels to be sitting on some of this stuff in the full realization of the position it puts me in reputation and popularity-wise. I’m not crazy about the idea of being labeled a quack. However, ever since I showed up in someone else’s past life regressions as the Crazy Old Man of the tribe, I got the picture that I’ve been in this position before so I’ve settled myself into this role one more time in the realization that it goes with the territory. I guess once you’ve seen the White Buffalo and gotten too close to a Thunder being there’s only one more thrill to seek and this must be it.

That was my way of saying I realize Scorpio-lovers aren’t going to think much of any of this. Astrologers will hate it too. They will probably hold on to their signs with every fiber of their being. Zodiac Sign Pride is an ego-centric attachment to something we’ve been programmed successfully to believe and take personally despite the message of Zodiac Sign Scorpio which is to learn when it’s time to let go. I don’t care how it has been glamorized, the sting of death and the people who use crime to violently take money, property and lives is something you give permission to continue by holding on to this old thought form. Let it go!

All is Mind, the Universe is Mental

Things are run here according to a pooling of thoughts and feelings. Why else do you think this planet is of such value and why there is so much in-fighting and star wars fighting going on over it? How we live here and how things work is your choice. Casting your vote in America or anywhere else for that matter is a joke. It’s so easy to manipulate the result, it isn’t even funny. Could that perchance have anything to do with the fact that the Libra Scales of Justice are really the old hacked-off claws of the ancient Giant Scorpion?

None of this matters in the world to come but it’s our decisions that get us there. It’s your thought-life that counts. And the elected officials will be moved and act according to the pool of thought form energy you contribute to the questions on the table. Will votes cast on the Mental Plane be filtered according to how much research we have done and how well we understand the issues whether the issues are being truly given to us to see or not? That’s a good question. So to make sure you get what you really want instead of something you don’t because you have been misled to believe lies, do your research and make your decisions wisely. I’ve made mine. I’m just reporting.

It is what it is

That’s the lay of the land. You can accept these new symbols or not. I’m not forcing it down anyone’s throat. I’m just reporting. My consciousness is set to accept this and if nobody else wants it and it doesn’t take root, I can take it with me when I go. The action being taken here today is based on work that complies with every sign and message we’ve been given from Harmonic Convergence until today and on into the future: be creative, dream large, let go of what we think we know, learn to forgive and let live, believe in the dream, let go of fear, let go of attachments, let go of believing we need to die. Believe in the Ascension, Heaven on Earth, Recreation, the New World, all of that.

“Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.” Lord of the Rings.

  1. These matters are specifically addressed in H.P. Blavatsky’s Isis Unveiled and generally in Esoteric Astrology by Alice Bailey and Djwhal Khul.

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