Ophiuchus ~ the Astrological Attributes (Part 2. Not)

Snake Nebula - M. Russell

Snake Nebula (M. Russell)

This release is the second in a 3-part series devoted to how to ‘read’ Ophiuchus in Astrology or Astronomology, depending on what flavor of star arts you prefer to work with. The series consists of

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Ophiuchus astrology attributes ~ what they are NOT

This is the negative report. I really hate arguing the thoughts of those who are proffering their perspectives in good faith.

That being said, here are our comments on some of the Ophiuchus attributes being circulated on the Internet today.

Please read the lengthy information provided so you will know WHY some of these attributes are not in align with Astrological Ophiuchus.

Consult for further enlightenment:

  • The Corpus Hermeticum – www.gnosis.org – The Hermetica are Greek wisdom texts from the 2nd and 3rd centuries CE, mostly presented as dialogues in which a teacher, generally identified with Hermes Trismegistus or “thrice-greatest Hermes”, enlightens a disciple. The texts discuss the nature of the divine, mind, nature and the cosmos: some touch upon alchemy, astrology and related concepts. [Wikipedia]
  • Pistis Sophia – www.gnosis.org – Pistis Sophia is an important Gnostic text, possibly written as early as the 2nd century. The five remaining copies, which scholars place in the 5th or 6th centuries, relate the Gnostic teachings of the transfigured Jesus to the assembled disciples (including his mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, and Martha), when the risen Christ had accomplished eleven years speaking with his disciples. In it, the complex structures and hierarchies of heaven familiar in Gnostic teachings are revealed.The female divinity of gnosticism is Sophia, a being with many aspects and names. She is sometimes identified with the Holy Spirit itself but, according to her various capacities, is also the Universal Mother, the Mother of the Living or Resplendent Mother, the Power on High, She-of-the-left-hand (as opposed to Christ, understood as her husband and he of the Right Hand), as the Luxurious One, the Womb, the Virgin, the Wife of the Male, the Revealer of Perfect Mysteries, the Holy Dove of the Spirit, the Heavenly Mother, the Wandering One, or Elena (that is, Selene, the Moon). She was envisaged as the Psyche of the world and the female aspect of Logos. [Wikipedia]

Ophiuchus astrological attributes ~ the debate

interpreter of dreams, vivid premonitions


This trait is in reference to Joseph. Joseph’s similarity in situation to Imhotep doesn’t make him a Serpent Holder.

  • Joseph & the Seven-Year Famine.

Famine_stelaThere are no signs or symbols that connect Joseph to Imhotep and Asclepius. Just an account inscribed on a granite rock south of Aswan from the Ptolemaic period that experts are guessing may date back to the Egyptian IIIrd Dynasty describing Imhotep’s role in ending a 7-year famine that sounds similar to the Biblical tale in Joseph’s time.1

“At the time of first translating the stela, it was thought that the story of a seven-year-famine was connected to the biblical story in Genesis 41, where also a famine of seven years occurs. But more recent investigations have showed that a seven-year famine was a myth common to nearly all cultures of the Near East. A Mesopotamian legend also speaks of a seven-year-famine and in the well known Gilgamesh-Epos the god Anu gives a prophecy about a famine for seven years. A further Egyptian tale beside the Famine Stela about a long-lasting drought appears in the so-called “Book of the Temple”, translated by German Demotist Joachim Friedrich Quack. The ancient text reports about king Neferkasokar (late 2nd dynasty), who faces a seven-year-famine during his reign.”

Famine Stela – Wikipedia

As Biblical records often appear to be reworded clones of other texts including the Egyptian and Sumerian, the similarities between the stories are not conclusive evidence. At best the connection between the two similar stories is speculative. On the question as to whether the two men are one-and-the-same, we should probably also bear in mind that in addition to the 1680 or so years that separated their dynasties, Imhotep was a dark black Egyptian man and Joseph was Hebrew.

  • Thoth-Hermes Imouthes-Asclepius

The traceable incarnation line according to the recovered fragments and texts goes straight from Imhotep to Imouthes, the Greek form of the same name and person, and from there directly to Asclepius. There was an intermediate influence, untraceable by direct means, from Minoan Crete by way of a cultural exchange that can be verified by exploring the archaeological treasures found in the rubble at Knossos and in ancient Egyptian palaces and tombs in the form of art and artifacts dated in and around 1700 BCE.

The subject cultural exchange would have predated

  • the fall of Knossos in around 1450 BCE and
  • the estimated date of the Gnostic Gospels and Corpus Hermeticum, a Christianized synthesis of known mystery and wisdom traditions for the time written somewhere in the first three centuries AD.

Imhotep built the famous Step Pyramid (archaeologists and Egyptologists think) as part of King Djoser’s funerary or burial complex, providing for his King’s immortality and healthy Afterlife. Here the serpent holder theme is appropriately health and the scientific formula for preserving the body and proper entombment ensuring a safe journey through the perils of the Underworld and into the Afterlife. Imhotep and Djoser are still alive in memory, so it looks like that worked out pretty well for both of them.

  • Dreams

To the ancient Greeks, Dreams were a dimension of their spiritual world, an extension of physical life. Asclepius didn’t interpret dreams. He used Dreams as a Healing Medium in which he personally traveled and through which he communicated.

Asclepius came to his patients in their dreams and healed them or gave them advice on how to resolve a troublesome problem–infertility for instance.

Patients sleeping at the incubation facilities (sleep-dream healing temples called Abatons) sometimes needed help interpreting their dreams. It was the Asclepiads who offered this service.

However, it might be a mistake to confuse the Asclepiads with the Master, the Divine Physician, the Serpent or the Serpent Goddess.

  • Dream interpreters & hands-on healers

As such, the Virgo Healer, doctor, nurse, or aide in Service to Humanity (Asclepiads or Hygiea-like) would be more predisposed to the interpretation of dreams than the Master Physician who is actually functioning at the trans-humanity level as a conduit and connection to Galaxy Center.

To consider Ophiuchus a Planetary Healer would not be an incorrect picture of the level at which this native functions at the center of the circle. That isn’t to say the Ophiuchus native isn’t every bit as good at interpreting dreams as anybody else. What it means is the true Serpent Holder is the Dream Planes Traveler who co-creates the healing dreams with the dreamer. That is the Serpent Holder function in respect to dreams.

  • Ophiuchus women & dream interpretation

Ophiuchus women, on the other hand, will be fluid dream interpreters because as natural oracles they are predisposed to connecting with the tissues and organs of the body and can detect from the content of your dreams where your energy needs to be displaced and the healing energy replaced.

Basically that means they won’t be examining your dreams for what they mean so much as they are listening for where the dream is telling them your body needs healing energy.

attracts good luck and fruitful blessings


Asclepius’s father killed his mother and had him taken to be raised in a foster home. Ultimately he was killed by his own Grandfather without warning.

The Serpent Goddesses of the Mediterranean and Old Europe became virtually extinct as a result of a type of genocide we might refer to as gender-cide, for heaven only knows what reason. Through Aeons of mothering, nurturing and healing through all of that, what she’s left with is a slandered and libeled name and an exile so deep in consciousness it will take a miracle to revive and restore Her to Her rightful station.

In the Pistis Sophia, Sophia is ganged-up on by all of the other 12 guardians of the Aeons — all men.

I could go on but I think you get the point.  How lucky is that?

We’re lucky that Ophiuchus came back and is pressing us to reveal, revive and restore the Divine Feminine to Her place. Wherever that place is, we will find it together.

Could that place be the Thirteenth Aeon, and could the Serpent Holder be revealed as Sophia?

serpent holder, lofty ideals

Ophiuchus means “serpent holder” or “bearer” or “carrier.”

“Ideals” in an astrological sense is a Sagittarius keyword.

“Lofty” is a keyword describing the Eagle.

This phrase describes the scorpion-serpent-eagle alchemy which is a prophecy in process. It involves the transformation of man’s lower animal nature symbolized by the scorpion into that of the lofty eagle.

a seeker of peace and harmony

Imhotep’s Egyptian name translated means “He who cometh in peace” which means by definition he had already found it. Aside from the meaning of Imhotep’s name this was not his role according to recorded history except that he was a peaceful man.

Imhotep necessarily worked with laborers and as Vizier for the King he likely had responsibilities he had to follow through with like it or not. In positions such as those one hopes to maintain equilibrium; peace and harmony comes from a sense of knowing where it is, not being a seeker after it.

Nor was it a particular goal of Asclepius whose work took him to Hades where he offended his Uncle by trespassing and usurping. Hence he placed himself in harm’s way by his own free will. The Greek gods were a volatile bunch. Had Asclepius been a seeker of peace and harmony he would have been a yoga instructor, a guru or a wellness practitioner, not a medical warrior.

This is however an appropriate attribute for the Divine Feminine aspect of Ophiuchus both in her role as the gender who lost the War Between Men & Women in ancient times and now seeks the doorway leading out of a living hell, and also as a general principle since women are not warriors by nature (we think — we’ve been so suppressed for so long, how do we know anymore?) but peacekeepers and peace makers (let’s hope).

That being said, being a seeker after something by definition means you don’t already know where it resides.

The House of Scorpio-Ophiuchus is the Eighth.

Theoretically, once a native has progressed through the first six Houses of the mundane Zodiac the basic lessons life teaches bring us to Libra, the Seventh House, where our souls are bared and we face self-judgment on the matter of whether we have found Love, Harmony, Balance – and Peace.

doctor of medicine or science, natural-pathic

Asclepius and Imhotep were doctors of medicine especially skilled in surgery, and yes they were scientists although Imhotep was more so than Asclepius being also a Master Mason-Architect-Builder and Astronomy-Astrologer among other things.

There is nothing natural about embalming, which was one of Imhotep’s areas of specialty. Archaeologists have also uncovered evidence of advanced brain surgery techniques dating back to before Imhotep’s time.

Asclepius’s practice of going into Hades after lost souls could also be argued as being more supernatural than natural.

The title ‘doctor’, moreover, and areas of specialty ‘medicine’ and ‘science’ are not reflective of the totality of what the Serpent Holder is and represents, which is what the “natural-pathic” reference probably refers to.

That being said, the Divine Feminine represents a revival of ancient Wisdom Traditions and other natural, healthy re-balancing wellness practices that were let go of when the Divine Feminine was sliced out of our historic records and buried deep in subconsciousness.

adds, increases, joins, or gathers together

We are drawing a blank on this. There isn’t any authority for these attributes that can be applied in a dedicated way based on templates supplied by model Serpent and Serpent Holder family archetypes / role models.

Lacking foundation, these qualities have no basis.

poetical, inventive nature, expanding qualities

Any appearance of being ‘inventive’ probably comes from sharing advanced techniques that comes from the Wisdom Traditions and new ultra-technology the Serpent Holder carries (or bears) and advances.

The poetic, musical and artistic sense comes from the periods in which the Wisdom Traditions were passed orally through metered lines of sounds often chanted or sung because sound is one of the highest creative vehicles of emanation in the Dimensions of Light (“In the beginning was the Word”).

“Expanding qualities” sounds Jovian, and that would be a Sagittarius domain quality for as long as Jupiter remains the Planetary Intelligence speaking for that constellation-sign. I wouldn’t say “expanding” is wrong, but I’m not sure what is intended by it, what the context is, or where it comes from.

seeks higher education and wisdom

According to the myth of Asclepius, Asclepius as a child was mentored and added to his knowledge of the craft by observation and through the gifts of family members. The Ophiuchus men will definitely seek mentoring and mystery schooling.

In the world as it was, gender balanced and in matriarchal times, property and title were passed by the women of the ancestral line to their daughters; the sacred wisdom and knowledge were taught in the Mystery Temples where the Priestesses schooled the children of both genders in the Sacred Arts, most especially the Serpent Wisdom consisting of the teachings which were of a sexual nature though not “sex” as we think of it in the modern unenlightened day.

Hence the Ophiuchus women organically embody the wisdom teachings while at the same time they are natural born teachers of those Mysteries which man can never know in their bodies. This self-knowledge is built into every woman’s cycles and seasons of life. They just need to wake up their bodies, cells, and living sentient waters to remember it.

It is the truth and fact of the Divine Feminine underlying Ophiuchus that awakens healing and wisdom in Humanity.

overseer, supervisor of work

Imhotep was a vizier.

In the Pistis Sophia there is a realm called the Thirteenth Aeon in which Sophia has total dominion. And she will be able to exercise just as soon as she is able to extricate herself from a virtual hell. The rulers of the other 12 domains have conspired against her, taken her power and taunt her.

In the verses of the Pistis Sophia we read that Sophia’s power will be restored to her through the intervention of Jesus Christ, in the process of which we learn how He has caused the Astrological Circle to mal-function, only working part of the time.

While we’re reading the proceedings, we’re distracted by Sophia’s having to beg the assistance and support of Prime Creator through Divine Masculine “Son of God” when her only crime was that she wanted more power so she could get closer to the Divine. She needs the intervention of Jesus for two reasons:

  • First, because she was ganged up on by the guardians of the other 12 Aeons and needs a champion to get them off of her; and
  • Second, because men wrote the story in which the Divine Masculine keeps coming to her aid without solving the problem. As soon as enough women read the book and realize what is going on, this issue will go away entirely. Oph women need to stop reading the interpretations of Divine Wisdom that don’t come through Divine Feminine channels.
Time and again Jesus comes to Sophia’s aid without resolving her situation until we read between the lines that she will be freed just as soon as she figures out she needs no permission to exercise the authority of the 13th Aeon — not even from Jesus Christ.

fame – either grand, or completely misunderstood

We should not jump to any conclusions here. To determine whether fame is a legitimate hallmark of the 13th constellation-sign, statistical comparison of all Zodiac sign natives should be conducted.

We have Ophiuchus role models today because a number of records and authorities have survived to keep the lantern lit through very dark times.

That being said, here are thumbnail sketches of famous Ophiuchus natives in recent history followed by a link to a list that is woefully short on female representatives of the sign:

  • Frank Sinatra (December 12, 1915 – May 14, 1998) – will his stage and screen career be enough to make him immortal? Will anyone give pause to remember the real work he came here to do during the Civil Rights Movement years? He was the champion of Sammy Davis, Jr. creating the space for men and women of color to break into what was in his time an exclusively white Entertainment Industry. Does anyone remember him for the pivotal role he played in furthering the election of President John F. Kennedy and securing the organized crime connections that now link as a matter of recorded history the dark and light government factions? Sammy Davis, Jr. is also a natal Ophiuchus (December 8, 1925 – May 16, 1990).
  • How was the highly opinionated Sir Winston Churchill (30 November 1874 – 24 January 1965) publicly catapulted from unpopular world critic living in social and political exile to savior of the free world? He was vociferously opposed to Mohandas K. Gandhi’s quest to liberate India from British rule yet he was dead-right about Hitler.
  • Mary, Queen of Scots – oh dear! (8 December 1542 – 8 February 1587), also known as Mary Stuart or Mary I of Scotland, she was queen regnant of Scotland from 14 December 1542 to 24 July 1567 and queen consort of France from 10 July 1559 to 5 December 1560. Mary was the only surviving legitimate child of King James V of Scots. Following an uprising against the royal couple, Queen Mary was imprisoned in Loch Leven Castle and forced to abdicate in favour of her one-year-old son, King James VI. After an unsuccessful attempt to regain the throne, Mary fled to England seeking the protection of her first cousin once removed, Queen Elizabeth I of England. Mary had previously claimed Elizabeth’s throne as her own and was considered the legitimate sovereign of England by many English Catholics, including participants in the Rising of the North. Perceiving her as a threat, Queen Elizabeth had her arrested. After 19 years in custody in a number of castles and manor houses in England, she was tried and executed for treason for her alleged involvement in three plots to assassinate Elizabeth.
  • My vote for most misunderstood famous Ophiuchus on the planet so far: Jim Morrison (December 8, 1943 – July 3, 1971) & the Doors. John Densmore (born December 1, 1944) the drummer is also an Oph — although he never quite “got it.” He just played along with the rest of the band behind the genius that was Jim.

We suggest not dangling a ‘fame’ carrot before evolving human Ophiuchus natives. It is no prize to earn fame the way some Ophiuchus natives have had to earn it. Call it what it is. A hard job that is as often thankless and tragic however much genius may be poured into it.

longevity, aspirations of healing the ills of man

Well let’s see. Asclepius died an untimely death. So did Jesus. The Serpent Goddesses were dispatched too. Egyptian Director of Antiquities Dr. Zahi Hawass has been looking for Imhotep’s mummy for a number of years. So far it remains unaccounted for–not surprising in light of the fervor with which early excursions and incursions into the tombs and remains of the Ancient Egyptians found artifacts and sites totally trashed.

Ophiuchus heals, saves from death, revives, resurrects and dispenses wisdom

architect, builder, reaches for the stars, figuratively and literally

Okay. This is a good selection of some of the many avenues for the Ophiuchus self-expression.

This list will be added to in Part 3.

tax assessor, or levys taxes


This is a Scorpius-scorpion attribute. We need to get to the essence of what the Serpent Holder is and represents — not explore every single bullet item on the resume of a single speculated human expression. Who is this — Joseph again?

There is no record of what Imhotep’s duties were as King Djoser’s Vizier. In the books which detail the facts we do know about Imhotep, scholars can only guess at what the duties might have been since no records have been found to verify what the Vizier job entailed in the 3rd Dynasty. It wasn’t until several dynasties later that a job description was found. The subject of tax assessments and a tax assessor is not mentioned.

Asclepius was strictly a physician

astrological talents, intuitive

Yes and not necessarily.

Astronomy and Astrology are inborn instincts among those who originally came from the Stars. Imhotep is reportedly a fully human expression of the Egyptian Thoth, God of the Moon, Writing, Record Keeping & Science (including Astrology, Astronomy, Medicine and Magic) through next-generation Egyptian God  I-em-Hetep (whose specialty was Healing & Medicine).

That being said, there is circumstantial evidence to support a theory that Imhotep was at least partially extraterrestrial.

“Intuitive” denotes a degree of not-knowing. It is not the intuition but the Star Knowledge which Ophiuchus possesses. Gods and Goddesses don’t “intuit” anything. They Know.

That having been said, the Divine Feminine aspect being restored to the Ophiuchus energy body and Soul Family Collective would be Intuitive by definition but no more so than normal for a female of the species – or a man either for that matter.

large family indicated but apt to be separated from them when young

It all depends.

A family size of 5-6 children (or more) is attributed to the Greek Myth of Asclepius. Scholars say that probably over time the family was expanded to accommodate new gods moving in as pre-Greek tribes people merged their deity gene pools. Greek literature and testimonies are inconsistent even as to the parentage of Asclepius who, like Imhotep, sometimes has human parents.

In discussion of Imhotep’s relations, a wife is mentioned, but no children. Circumstantial evidence suggests Imhotep may have been extraterrestrial or a hybrid. We’ll get to that in Part 3.

Unfortunately what Imhotep has that Asclepius doesn’t is a step pyramid he designed and built that is still standing after some 4500 years or more.

Excavated evidence from the Divine Feminine side of the family tree does not indicate a large family nor separation although one could effectively argue these conditions did exist for Her if we consider ourselves her family and children (and why not?).

The Egyptian template is clear of family issues except that once Imhotep was deified he replaced Nefertem as the third member of the Great Triad of Gods at Memphis. Nefertem was God of the Lotus, Watcher at the Nostril of RA. That’s a small family – the separation issue didn’t belong to Imhotep.

the number twelve holds great significance

Let’s discuss this.

I believe that number is 13. If you start counting constellations beginning with Sagittarius at the intersection of the Galactic Plane with the Ecliptic Plane (Zodiac Belt), by the time you get back to the Galactic Plane again, you will have counted 13 constellations.

However, December is the 12th month on the Gregorian calendar, so that may be of some significance. Certainly as 12/12/2012 approaches it will claim a strong hold on Meta-physical Consciousness.

foresight and good fortune to benefit from hard times


This comes from the erroneous association of Imhotep with Joseph. The stories of these two individuals are separated by 1680 or so years and the issue of serpent energy.

Imhotep is not necessarily noted for his use of serpent energy; however as a healer the connection is tacitly implied and accepted as fact.

Joseph was not a healer nor did he advance Humanity though he was entrusted by superiors with responsibility to administer to the needs of a body of people going through a drought and famine in Ancient Egypt. Not the same thing at all.

has secret enemies in family or close associations

No but with an explanation

I don’t know that I would say Asclepius had secret enemies. The Greek Gods were notorious for temper tantrums and seeking revenge at the slightest provocation. Given the politics of the time one would think the young Asclepius might have had the foresight or common sense to observe proper protocols before entering into the Underworld domain of his Uncle Hades, or reviving three dead criminals whom Grandfather Zeus, King of the Gods, had sent to Hades himself.

That’s the definition of “usurpation” which is one of two karmic charges against Asclepius that earned him a speedy death for exercising powers reserved for the Gods. He was not a god at that point. He was mortal.

Once Zeus sent Asclepius to Heaven instead of to Hades (a way station by the way, not a punishment–even Jesus spent time in Hades), Asclepius indeed became a God and after that he could exercise all the miracles on behalf of Humanity that He wanted to.

Hence the picture that is painted of Zeus can be seen, from a certain point of view, to be prejudiced so we see him as a villain instead of a merciful facilitator of human-divine destiny.

Asclepius was killed with the Thunderbolt of Zeus which means he didn’t know what hit him. It was quick and hopefully painless — a decisive action on Zeus’s part.

many jealous of this subject


This probably comes from the speculated Imhotep-Joseph connection. Jealousy is a low, fear-based vibration. Do we really want to precondition Ophiuchus natives to expect people to be jealous?

For that matter, do we want to perpetuate it at all? Do Humanity a favor and get rid of these weeds in our Astrological lexicon.

Imhotep, Asclepius and the Serpent Goddesses were all respected and revered. Why don’t we substitute ‘grateful for’ so this reads, “many are grateful for Ophiuchus and anxious to learn how to do what (s)he can do.”

notable father, apple of father’s eye when young

Sort of and no way!

This is probably another allusion to Joseph. But as a matter of fact, both men in the Ophiuchus Soul Family Collective had notable fathers even if one of them is not as memorable as the other.

Asclepius was not an ‘apple of his father’s eye’. Greek God Apollo impregnated and then later killed Asclepius’s mother because she would not marry him. Apollo set about burning her body to a crisp but at the last minute he decided to save the unborn child.

Imhotep’s father had to be proud but does anyone today remember his name? Kanofer: a distinguished architect. He may or may not have been human.

The Serpent Goddess has no father in evidence–only the Serpent of Wisdom. She can give birth without intervention of the male of the species. We call that immaculate conception and as a matter of science the irrelevance of the male of the species is a fact of physical 3-D nature even aside from the issue of cloning.

high position in life expected [depending on aspects]


Ophiuchus is not here to win favor with anybody. (S)he is here to serve Humanity, the Gaia/Earth Mother, Solar System, and Galaxy not necessarily in that order. The work is not optional, it’s a calling and as such is a completely selfless job.

And besides that, by definition any quality that depends on the Astrology aspects isn’t an attribute at all.

highest fame and legend comes after death


The reason Imhotep and Asclepius were deified in the first place is that their careers and exploits were extraordinary while they were alive and everybody knew it.

The possible flaw in this argument is of course that Asclepius may not have been a bona fide human but an extension of the legendary man that was Imhotep. He may have been a young man on a quest to learn the secrets of healing, life and death from the Masters of the Ancient Wisdom at Memphis. He may there have taken on the mantle of Imouthes and at some point simply slipped into using his own birth name, and becoming a Son of Apollo, the Greek God whose domain in the early days included healing although his sport was archery and his arrows poison-tipped.

The Divine Feminine was certainly at the height of her fame and popularity while she was alive. Once the Patriarchy finished with her she was dead, buried, gone and finally forgotten after first suffering disparagement, slander and redaction. Her fame died with her and will be reborn along with Her in the New Age as well.

feelings of granular, wise, genius mentality

?, yes and yes.

Wise, genius mentality? I should hope so. If not, we’re all in a lot of trouble here though I don’t know what ‘granular’ means.

likes to wear clothing of vibrant colors, and plaids in particular

What fun!

The ‘coat of many colors’ is a Joseph-Sagittarius thing. That having been said, I don’t care what Ophiuchus wears just so long as the Ophiuchus-born get their job done.

Plaids in particular … hmm? I have a lot of Ophiuchus friends. I can only think of one who is a snappy dresser – she’s a lawyer. But in 5 years I don’t recall her having a passion for plaid although she did have some plaid in her wardrobe.

Sorry. Sometimes I just need a good laugh, don’t you?

receives the favor of those in authority

No. But let’s hope history has changed.

  • John Kerry lost the USA presidential election in 2004. Despite everything he did to get President Obama elected in 2008 he was passed over for the Secretary of State post which was given to Hillary Clinton.
  • Jim Morrison spent some time behind bars while he tried to change the world in the 1960’s and 1970’s. He died an alcoholic at a very young age. He was not popular with anyone that wasn’t ready to ‘Break On Through to the Other Side.’
  • Despite Frank Sinatra’s ground-breaking work in integrating the Entertainment World, and despite his substantial contributions that helped elect President John F. Kennedy, he was snubbed after the election by the man he helped get elected and the only people who appreciated his Equal Rights Movement efforts were his Rat Pack buddies Dean Martin, Joey Bishop, Sammy Davis Jr., and Peter Lawford.
  • Goddess was removed from her place and quite rudely I might add.

Is that enough to make the point?

For more information see

Post last edited 03/19/2013

  1. The Biblical story of Joseph and Pharaoh is conjectured to have been the adaptation of an earlier story of Imhotep and King Djoser. Dream interpretation does not enter into the Imhotep-Djoser version of the story. In that version Imhotep consulted the ancient Egyptian record archives to find out how to end  the drought that was causing the famine. The ancient scrolls revealed how the offended god should be appeased. Once the god had been suitably appeased, he visited Djoser in a dream and indicated he would end the drought.

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