Your Daily Ophiuchus Horoscope ~ February 2012

Your Daily Ophiuchus Horoscope for February 2012

Oph ‘Scopes are a one-size-fits-all interpretation of the strongest celestial energies for the day. The readings are based on the alignments of planets and asteroids moving through the constellations, not the zodiac signs.

Because Ophiuchus is the center of the Startistics and Astronomologer Universe and because of the pivotal role this new ‘sign’ plays in the New Age on a grander scale than that of any other ‘sign’ the Oph ‘Scopes are as much about and for you as they are perspectives for awakening Ophiuchans.

Whether you’re an aspiring Astrologer or Astronomologer or you just want to know what the stars have in store for you on the day, there will be something real and relevant written here every day that you can use. Just sort through what you don’t understand to get to what you need to know.

As with anything offered on Startistics or Astronomologer or anywhere else on the Internet for that matter, take what you can use and just leave the rest.

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The outlook for February 2012 – Leap Year

Capricornus-Aquarius.  In February the Sun starts out in Constellation Capricornus where it has been since the 3rd week of January and moves into Constellation Aquarius on February 17, shifting our focus from Business, Government, Politics and the World Stage to the Altruistic arena where the World Servers are busy building a New World.

Sagittarius-Capricornus.  Asteroid Hygiea will finish up her transit of Sagittarius this month and enter Capricornus on February 13 where She will do her best to bring Wisdom and Light into the political arena and houses of world government. Wish her luck!

Ophiuchus.  In February Asteroids Imhotep and Asclepius will finish up their transits of Ophiuchus, their Home Sign. They certainly demonstrated their worth this past year and put us all on notice they should be kept track of on a regular basis. They are not only relevant for our Time, they are as vital as any of the major asteroids and new minor planets currently on our Astrology menus.

Meanwhile Minor Planet Quaoar continues its transit of Constellation Serpens through February and ends the month still aligned with Alpha Ophiuchus. Since Quaoar’s job is singing and dancing new gods into existence, and since Asclepius and Imhotep are not new gods, the suggestion is that Goddess IS new to most of us on this planet since it has been under patriarchal rule for thousands of years. So perhaps it is She whom Quaoar is still singing and dancing to Life now that the male side of the Ophiuchus Constellation has asserted itself so powerfully in 2011.

2012 coincides with the Chinese Year of the Water Dragon (female) and the Mayan Year of the Magnetic Moon (in July 2012) to call forth the Goddess. There are no coincidences here.

Libra-Scorpio.  Asteroid Juno finishes up her transit of Libra and enters Scorpius on the 2nd of February. We’ve all been through relationship hell while Juno transited Virgo and Libra shaking the foundations of every relationship on the planet to help us determine which ones we are still committed to, healthy or not.

A critical 2012 wave of real-sky Scorpius natives will be drawn to decide for themselves whether they choose to Evolve and Ascend to the next level of their Astrological Cosmic Selves and transmute their Scorpius Celestial DNA from scorpion to serpent of light, wisdom & healing.

Stand up and be counted!

Virgo. Saturn continues to transit the “Under the Skirt of the Virgin” part of the constellation. This will exacerbate health issues from the waist down, especially our habits and routines that end up as causative agents for STDs1. If you don’t already know what the STD root cause is, seek out a teacher and learn the purpose, means and methods of Sacred Sex, Serpent Fire, Kundalini, Tantra, and Spiritual Sexual Energy. You won’t find a proper teacher in any of the conventional institutions for learning on this planet — colleges and universities are as behind the times in these areas as public knowledge of secret Space & Technology advancements is. The difference between us is Full Disclosure from our Governments is a long way off — we New Agers have no secrets to hide. You can get an Alternative Education online and learn all about sacred space and sacred sex, and chances are you can get it all for free. How cool is that!

In the first week of February Retrograde Mars will cross from Virgo back into Constellation Leo on a quest to give power-addicted royals, leaders and love partners another chance to do the right thing.

The big question on my mind during the Mars retro transit of Leo will be: have enough real sky Scorpius natives seen the light so their Planetary Intelligence Mars, new Ally of Ophiuchus, can work Ophiuchus magic through them instead of continuing to bring the malevolent sting of the Scorpion?

We shall see.

Aries.   Jupiter continues to transit Aries in February, opening us up and expanding our ideas about who we are. We are all exploring the infinite possibilities of our I AM Selves.

Pisces. On February 2nd Venus moves into Constellation Pisces to bring a sense of beauty and balance into our Devotional Selves and to help us reconcile ourselves with the Past so we can see our experiences as assets instead of hopelessly condemning liabilities. We are always being coached that we need to learn to forgive our enemies. Venus will be helping us with this and also emphasizing we must learn to forgive ourselves too!

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  • Moon Phases, February 2012
    Full Moon – Feb 7, 21:54
    Last Quarter – Feb 14, 17:04
    New Moon – Feb 21, 22:35


  • Currently Retrograde: Mars
  • February Station Changes: Saturn turns retrograde on 7 Feb 2012

Your Daily Ophiuchus Horoscope

February 2012

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February 29 ~ Aquarius Sun, Taurus Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme:  The Keywords for the Age of Aquarius are “I KNOW”
  • Lunar Phase Theme: The Gregorian Calendar’s Day Outside of Time
  • Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent
  • Moon transit of The Pleiades

How do Astronauts know what time it is when they’re in Outer Space?

Linear Time as we lo-tech Space Guppies know it is based on how long it takes the Earth to rotate on Her Axis so that the Sun makes one trip about the planet, returning to the place where it started. It sounds simple but that’s not the end of it. The Axis is tilted. So not only does the Earth wobble and turn from side to side throughout its seasons, the Sun itself is moving around the Great Central Sun of our Milky Way Galaxy. So from one perspective it takes longer for one cycle to complete itself while from another perspective it takes less.

It’s so confusing! (Yes, I know) | Click to Enlarge

Wheels within wheels …

Then there are Saros Cycles like the Solar and Lunar Eclipse sets, for example, that fall into repeating patterns that share certain characteristics. The Saros Cycles are another way of marking Time on the planet on a larger – or should we say longer range – time scale.

More wheels within wheels …

Now that I’m better acquainted with the controversial nature of Earth’s “Moon” I’m wondering if there isn’t a whole lot more to evolution and the cycles of Time than we can imagine, especially if our species of life is being controlled (which appears to be the case at least on some levels very obvious to all of us by now).

Ancient civilizations had ways of dealing with Time, or more to the point, of dealing with the complexities of Linear Time. The Egyptians had Thoth’s 5 Epagomenal Days (days outside of time) and the Mayans observed a Day out of Time as well.

Those of us on the Gregorian Calendar have one of those too. It’s February 29 and unlike the Mayans’ and Egyptians’ days outside of Time it only shows up once every four years. And guess what? Today’s the day!

People who have gone on adventures during the Days outside of Time can tell you these days are powerful and filled with Magic. I’ve had a number of such experiences myself and I have not been alone when I had them (to bear witness, so to speak).

Interestingly, our 2012 calendar contains one of these Leap Year days outside of Time. What a coincidence. I wonder how that happened?

Since today seems to be all about Time I can’t think of a better way to use it than to explore the topic of the Timeline Convergence Paradox.

Why don’t we use the day to meditate on Timeline 1.

What is Timeline 1? Give this video a listen and find out.

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February 28 ~ Aquarius Sun, Aries-Taurus Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme:  The Keywords for the Age of Aquarius are “I KNOW”
  • Lunar Phase Theme: I Know I Am Spirit in Physical Form
  • Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent
  • Mercury in Constellation Pisces

By tradition Mercury is handicapped when in Pisces because it “rules” (though I continue to dislike that phraseology) the sign of Virgo. Theoretically that means – for starters – that we’re being mentally challenged. This extends to our ability to learn, write, and verbally communicate effectively.

Hopefully we have also learned how to neutralize fear and transmute all of our worst nightmares into something bright and beautiful. This month we have had occasion to put these skills to work. In the past weeks we have patiently sat through a number of videos, many of which presented us with horrifying ideas that we didn’t want to accept.

One thing about the unfortunate Mercury-in-Pisces problem — communicating as best we can given our limitations — is that we can learn to see through what is being communicated to us and use our Light and Love to edit the scripts we’re being shown. Life is a board game.

If we don’t like what we’re hearing, burying our heads in the sand isn’t going to make these possible futures melt away. But what will change their potential outcome is if we sit through the stories patiently and rather than accepting the picture that is being painted (or clicking off because we don’t like what we’re hearing), and change our minds about them. If we don’t want to experience the potential future we’re being shown that involves dangerous radiation, we should visualize the atmosphere and neutralize those thoughts about radiation as though it were nothing more than Mind Pollution and Fear Porn.

Technically, until bad air begins to affect your body, that’s all it is — a bad idea headed your way. Heal that thought.

And by the way, don’t forget to thank it for coming and bless it with have a nice day :-).

The ultimate answer is in how we use our spiritual gifts. We are Spirit IN Form. It is what is on the INside of us that changes what is on the OUTside of us. For instance, we can purify water by treating it with Love.

We can use this same basic technique on other aspects of outer life as well.

At right, a water crystal treated with “Love and Gratitude”.

What has put Dr. Emoto at the forefront of the study of water is his proof that thoughts and feelings affect physical reality. By producing different focused intentions through written and spoken words and music and literally presenting it to the same water samples, the water appears to “change its expression”.

Read more at What the Bleep – Water Crystals

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February 27 ~ Aquarius Sun, Aries Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme:  The Keywords for the Age of Aquarius are “I KNOW”
  • Lunar Phase Theme: I Know Who I Am (or do I?)
  • Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent
  • Moon conjunct Jupiter in Constellation Aries

Yesterday’s meditation really kicked my @$$ — how about you? I used to read in my Alice Bailey books that the Moon was a dead orbital hauled into our Solar System in ancient times and that it would be replaced in the New Age by a new Moon — a live one. I didn’t know at the time what to make of that information. Suddenly it all begins to make sense.

So now what?

Today the Moon is in Constellation Aries and starts out in conjunction with Jupiter. This places the emphasis on our egos and our God/Goddess Self.

Yes, we’re still working with the Moon — for better or worse. It’s up there, the effects are apparent, and there’s no need to jump ship until we know more.

The work we’re doing is well-intended and motivated. So we’ll just keep going with the flow, following another rule of Astrology given to us by our Teachers — that the point of following these metaphysical systems for self-improvement is to learn how to get ourselves OFF THE WHEEL; to ‘graduate’ into the realm of Independent Mind (is there such a thing?), and not be impelled by the stars (controlled by the Astrology thought form ‘program’) but to attain to the advanced mental-spiritual level of being able to work with the tool (be the ones in control) instead of being moved around the game board by it.

Aries status check

We are all moved through our lives in generational waves and currents by the transits of the transpersonal planets who influence man’s evolution. Or so it is said. What makes Mass Mind and the unawakened ones different from us is that they stay in the ocean. We rise up out of it.

We emerge from the sea of ordinary humanity and learn how to cope with the next higher world beyond our small animal-human selves. We learn how to live and move around in the worlds of extra-sensory perception.

Here is the question of the day: Do you Know Who you are?

Does any of us really Know Who we are?

Have you reached the point yet where you realize there is so much to Know that it’s morphed into TOO much to Know and you don’t know anything anymore?

If so, join the club.

So — what do we do with all of this Knowledge — if we may call it that? What slender threads do we hold on to for sanity’s sake? Or do we just let go and die tonight hoping to be born again in the morning with a new hope — a hope that things will look better tomorrow than they did today?

It’s ok not to have answers. Sometimes we just have to get comfortable floating around in a sea of questions, going home to the Void and the Great Unknown so we don’t forget where we came from.

Tomorrow is another day.

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February 26 ~ Aquarius Sun, Pisces-Aries Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: The Keywords for the Age of Aquarius are “I KNOW”
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Using our Knowledge of the Past to Co-create a Future for Humanity
  • Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent
  • Moon transits Venus in Constellation Pisces
  • Mercury entering Constellation Pisces

Judi, this is for you.

Video from “Chinese Water Dragon” David Icke’s The Lion Sleeps No More Lecture Tour
2010 Brixton Academy – Part II – “Moon Control”


Caduceus | by Sculptor James N. Muir, Dec. 1 Ophiuchus

Pre-viewing NOTE: We all know by now the general theme of Occupy the Planet is Us against Them, “Them” being the Reptilians.

Generalizations are always tricky. I’m sure David Icke in a quieter, more private moment would be the first to agree with that rule of construction.

That being said, when David gets to the segment about Serpents, don’t panic. Really tune in to it. We have to ask ourselves 3 important questions.

  1. Does this characterization describe the behavioral templates have we been given as guides to evaluate the benevolence of the archetypes whose manifestations are returning to us in the Ophiuchus Collective for Service to Humanity?
  2. If the characterization of the Serpent is true or was true in ancient times, is Evolution not Universal?
  3. Are these characterizations still acting as blinds that yet veil the intrinsic nature of good and evil as that power which is being called forth at this critical time as prophesied — and do we believe in the positive value of the Ophiuchus Mission as being a benevolent part of the Agenda for this Planet?

As a side note, now that I’m looking at the Angel of Healing rising out of the broken Earth, I’m hoping Mr. Muir’s vision is decidedly metaphoric. Let us all take this opportunity to use the Power of our Collective Minds — just in case — to Make It So!

We ARE the Ophiuchus Mission!

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February 25 ~ Aquarius Sun, Pisces Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: The Keyword for the Age of Aquarius is Knowledge
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Life in the Andromeda Zone
  • Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent

Yesterday we mentioned a changing Solar System. Today I want to explore that question at least philosophically if not tangentially by sharing the following video.

In this Project Camelot video Jay Weidner talks about the Sun, the Solar System, Time, Timelines, Exopolitics, 2012, Alchemy, and Enlightenment. He leaves us with strong Messages of Confidence and Hope for the Future.

If you’re REALLY feeling adventurous, give this next video a listen too. It’s a long interview but the panorama and vista laid out by Alfred Webre in this program is positive and well worth sitting through the entire marathon interview to hear. The Interviewer is a passionate Christian whose viewpoint complements and contributes to the harmonic whole. We are All One.

32º of Insanity RADIO: 9.14.11 – Andromedan Council, Alfred Webre, Nibiru, Elenin, CW Leonis @ more

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February 24 ~ Aquarius Sun, Pisces Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: The Keyword for the Age of Aquarius is Knowledge
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Meet our Neighbors the Andromedans
  • Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent

In orthodox Astrology Pisces is the sign of such as Hospitals and Institutions, Institutionalization, Unlearned Lessons from the Past, Devotion, Mediumism and the Occult. But as the New Age has unfolded we who practice whole-sky Astrology have discovered another attribute of Pisces that trumps all of the above, and that is the Constellation Andromeda.

Are your Andromedan concepts solely framed by the story of Princess Andromeda in the Greek Myth? If so, it’s time to expand that horizon by coming to Know what else Constellation Andromeda embodies that colors the meaning and context of Zodiac Sign Pisces, its constellation neighbor directly to the south.

If you are a Solar Pisces, meaning your Sun in the real sky was in Constellation Pisces when you were born, then you may take a number of your personality, light body or soul attributes as much from Andromeda as from the waters of Constellation Pisces, which insofar as we Know to this point are relatively unremarkable, consciousness-wise.  You may be Andromedan Starseed.

What are the attributes and talents of the Andromedans? How do they interact with Humanity? Here are some web links you can use as off ramps to exploring this topic.

In conclusion, it is time to move out of the old Astrology paradigm and all the way into the Aquarian Age. As time goes on, it is rumored planets, moons and even the solar configuration of our Solar System will be changing. Recent signs indicate strange things are already afoot in our System. If you’ve been tuned in to alternative news media on the Internet then you know what I’m talking about.

Astute Astrologers and Astronomologers should all be jogging in place right now and getting ready for a Quantum Leap in technology on ALL levels, including the Astrological panorama.

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February 23 ~ Aquarius Sun, Pisces Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: The Keyword for the Age of Aquarius is Knowledge
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Germinating the Seeds of Light
  • Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent
  • Asteroids Asclepius and Imhotep in Constellation Sagittarius
  • Asteroid Hygiea in Constellation Capricornus

The Universe is a big place. There’s so much to Know that sooner or later if we’re honest with ourselves we all come to the realization we Know next to nothing. What seems to be True from one perspective is absolutely incorrect or obsolete from another.

Ophiuchus Starseeds are being Fired Up inside and out. Jupiter transiting Aries is opening them up to new levels of themselves while Asteroids Asclepius and Imhotep are subtly engineering their new views of Spirit and Spirituality.

If you are an Ophiuchus and you’re not burning through your old self-concepts to make way for the new layer, the Fire is not hot enough yet. Don’t worry. It will get plenty hot as Jupiter moves through Aries between now and mid-May 2012.

The first thing that needs to be transmuted is our Egos. A strong Ego in the right Light is a good thing. But self-inflation is a danger to Ophiuchus after all the hype that’s been published about them. If you’re Ophiuchus, take the hype in stride. The history of the sign is a mantle to be worn lightly — or like a comfortable professional uniform; watch your bedside manner.

Don’t be afraid of self Incineration. Another phrase comes to mind – Shaman’s Death.

All Ophiuchans should be working on their long term goals, but especially the professional men.

Ophiuchus women are responding to the call of Hygiea in Constellation Capricornus to bring their home businesses out of the shadows and find a place to hang the Open for Business sign. The World Stage needs you.

The Moon is transiting the Great Square of Pegasus today. Whatever that may mean to you, the alignments the Moon will be making to the four stars that define it have the ability to strengthen whatever manifestation you’re working on that makes use of those stars or of the magical mythical flying white horse.

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February 22 ~ Aquarius Sun, Aquarius-Pisces Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: The Keyword for the Age of Aquarius is Knowledge
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Manifesting the Age of Knowledge
  • Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent
  • Mercury in Aquarius aligns with Alpha Phoenix, Ankaa
  • Moon conjuncts Mercury & Ankaa

Truth is being poured out all over the Planet these days – have you noticed?

You and I as Light Workers are a part of the Wave of Enlightenment that has always been destined to bring about the miraculous changes we have been dreaming of. In that vein, it is up to us to recognize Light and Love when we hear it and spread it in our own particular ways. That is our mission and our job.

Mercury is at the pitcher part of Constellation Aquarius and today it will align with Alpha Phoenix, Ankaa, to initiate a powerful new OUTPOURING of Truth and Knowledge. All of what we hear may not new but it is TRUTH as a Phoenix bursting into flame from its own ashes because that is the timing of the cycle of Time in which we are living.

Use this time to communicate with those in your social and political circles in ways that will begin to awaken them. I think you will find them surprisingly receptive.

Remember that how you communicate is as important as what you communicate. Place an Intention into the Ethers around your Throat Chakra and empower your Guides to help you express yourself with great care and compassion.

Aquarius & the Universe

What’s going on out in the layers of space into which we all know NASA has launched thousands of Satellite, Shuttles and Probes but which beyond that few of us are aware?

Well I have finally had my eyes opened to the new socio-political arena called Exopolitics and thought for my part of the OUTPOURING today I would seek to enlighten those of my brothers and sisters who may be as behind the times as I was before I had my eyes opened.

Here are two videos that define the term Exopolitics, introduce its founding father, read us his resume and qualifications, and discuss a number of hot Exopolitics topics.

Alfred Webre with Lisa M. Harrison

Alfred Webre on Red Ice Radio

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February 21 ~ Aquarius Sun & Moon Conjunction (New Moon)

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: The Keyword for the Age of Aquarius is Knowledge
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Essential Knowledge
  • Moon Phase: New Moon
  • Sun & Moon aligned with Alpha Aquarius (Sadalmelik) and Helix Nebula

NGC 6720 | Helix Nebula, Constellation Aquarius

Humanity is on the brink of evolution, revolution, or disaster. Which will it be?

Here is what Ascension is not: Ascension is NOT the process whereby we spiritual people increase our vibrations and then detach from the world and rise so high above it that the next stop is — well I don’t know. What would it be?

Ascension is the process of awakening and making sacred all life that surrounds us. That’s what we came here to do–be outposts for the Light–not get spiritual and run away from the problem leaving it for somebody else to fix.

What can we do that our beloved brothers and sisters who are too sensitive and peace-loving can’t?

Well for a start, we can keep tabs on what’s going on and train our Magical Minds on those ideas that resonate as reasonable solutions to seemingly impossible problems.

Today I’m sharing 3 videos recorded by passionate men inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement who are sharing their ideas for us to think about. Give them both a listen if you can. Let your Mind ride on their words and color your own thoughts and feelings about what they are saying. Make up your own mind as to whether you agree or disagree with what is said.

The vibrations generated by your Heart and Mind won’t just stay there inside of you. If you flip the Light switch in your Mind you can broadcast your thought energy out into the space around you. It will travel as far as your Infinite Mind and Energy Field can reach.

Step into your Power and let your thoughts be heard. This is one of the qualities of Humanity that is being fought over — our ability to unleash, harness and use the Power of our God-given Minds. It’s called co-creation and is a function of Love and Light.

David Icke (Chinese Water Dragon)
Essential Knowledge Part I

Essential Knowledge Part II
The One Party State

* * *

The Resolution Is Love

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February 20 ~ Aquarius Sun, Capricorn-Aquarius Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: Business, Politics, Government & the Eye of the Eagle
  • Lunar Phase Theme: The water dragon moon cycle comes to an end
  • Moon Phase: Waning Crescent

Today is the last day of the New Moon cycle that began on January 23, the first day of the Chinese New Year of the Water Dragon. Tomorrow begins a new Lunar cycle with a brand new theme for the month.

On the last day of the Moon Cycle it’s a good idea to relax and play. Take a deep breath — or a nice hot bubble bath. Get some fresh air.

If anybody feels like kicking back and watching a fascinating movie about an amazing find of mega-ancient stone circles in South Africa, here it is. Enjoy.

Project Camelot interview of Michael Tellinger – the Adam’s Calendar Documentary

Back in June of 2010 I made a trip out to see Adam’s Calendar and the stone circles of South Africa. This is a documentary made of my journey. Shot in a guerilla filmmaking style this documentary captures the real flavor of the place, the ambiance and wonder and magic of what may well be one of the most amazing and overlooked ancient sites on Planet Earth. ~ Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot – August 2010

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February 19 ~ Aquarius Sun, Sagittarius-Capricornus Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: Business, Politics, Government & the Eye of the Eagle
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Humanity on a Spiritual Path – how did we do this month?
  • Moon Phase: Waning Crescent
  • Moon transits Alpha Aquila, Altair – the Eye of the Eagle
  • Sun aligned with Alpha Aquarius (Sadalmelik) and Helix Nebula
  • Venus in Pisces under the strong influence of Andromeda
  • Hygiea in Capricornus aligned with Alpha Aquila

Theoretically the Sun in Aquarius is in the sign of its weakest influence because its opposite sign Leo is the sign where the Sun is at the height of its power. I’m not sure how seriously we’re supposed to be taking that Astrology “rule” but it’s a certainty that I’m not feeling very social right now. In fact I’m catching up on  my reading. Actually, I’ve been immersed in an Alice Bailey book about world service, so at least my choice of reading material is in alignment with the subject matter of the Zodiac houses being transited right now.

Asteroid Hygiea is separating from an alignment with Alpha Aquila suggesting that over the last several days Great Spirit has had Its eye on Women whose career efforts are focused on health care. You may be contacted by someone who has noticed your work. This is a good sign your business is in line to receive cosmic support when the time is right. The Sagittarius Moon in waning crescent reminds you that the path ahead of you may have dimmed but don’t lose sight of the goal. Trust Spirit.

Venus floating through Constellation Pisces today is in a “sign” in which She is normally comfortable. However our comfort levels are being called into question during these changing times when we cannot afford to become lax or complacent. Venus’s alignments to Alpha Andromeda and the Great Andromeda Galaxy this week are going to stimulate women and the female side of men who are deeply spiritual or need to feel so deeply that the spiritual side wells up powerfully and beyond our control to resist this evolutionary leap.

Jupiter is still in early degrees of Constellation Aries, opening us all up — ready or not — to experience levels and layers of our selves that we have either been suppressing or that are brand new.

And speaking of brand new, the Sun’s alignment with Alpha Aquarius and the Helix Nebula suggests a mass activation of new Solar “Social” DNA designed to encourage our Brotherhood-Sisterhood instincts to perfect themselves. This impulse is also part of the evolutionary leap energy now in effect.

According to the Stars, Humanity is on a Spiritual Path whether they know it or not. They will soon become aware of it. Be ready with your new business plans. Lots of people are going to need help.

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February 18 ~ Aquarius Sun, Sagittarius Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: Business, Politics, Government & the Eye of the Eagle
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Holding on to our Ideals & Aspirations
  • Moon Phase: Waning Crescent
  • Sun aligned with Alpha Aquarius
  • Asteroid Asclepius enters Constellation Sagittarius aligned with Beta Ophiuchus

The Moon is waning in Sagittarius today as the Sun moves into Constellation Aquarius. The message here has to do with keeping the faith, remaining optimistic in the face of physical plane evidence that may be sending a darker message.

Don’t forget that the chaos we see all around us is a confluence of positive and negative indicators. If we weren’t seeing both at the same time there would be no reason to suppose the New World is going up in front of our eyes while the Old World is crashing down.

Keep your Third Eye on the goal. That is what will ensure its completion. Giving up results in a letting down of the energy. When things look bleakest, that’s when we should try our hardest to see and support the best in people.

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February 17 ~ Cap-Aquarius Cusp Sun, Oph-Sagittarius Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: Business, Politics, Government & the Eye of the Eagle
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Galactic Dragon Tail Moon 
  • Moon Phase: Waning Crescent
  • Moon crosses Galactic Equator North to South
  • Mercury aligned with Alpha Aquarius and Helix Nebula
  • Asteroid Pallas aligned with Sun and Helix Nebula

Today the Sun crosses the Capricornus boundary and enters Constellation Aquarius. Mercury is aligned with Alpha Aquarius (Sadalmelik) and Helix Nebula.

This combination of energies suggests that the Body of Humanity is in position to receive a Group DNA Initiation and Activation. Let’s check the activity of our Solar Body today.


Spaceweather News for February 16, 2012

QUIET SUN: With no sunspots actively flaring, the sun’s output has flatlined again. NOAA forecasters put the chance of an M-class flare during the next 24 hours at no more than 1%. Solar activity should remain low. Solar flare alerts: textvoice.

AURORA WHIRLPOOL: Sometimes the sky surprises us. On Feb. 14-15, with little warning, geomagnetic activity rippled around the Arctic Circle, producing an outbreak of auroras that veteran observers said was among the best in months. At the height of the display, a US Defense Meteorological Program satellite photographed a whirlpool of Northern Lights just north of the Bering Sea:

“A number of images from the DMSP F18 satellite captured the dramatic auroral event of the last couple nights,” says analyst Paul McCrone, who processed processed the data at the US Navy’s Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center in Monterey, CA.

The reason for the outburst is still not completely clear. It got started on Feb. 14th when a magnetic disturbance rippled around the Arctic Circle. No CME was obvious in local solar wind data at the time; the disturbance just … happened. Once begun, the disturbance was amplified by the actions of the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) near Earth. The IMF tipped south, opening a crack in our planet’s magnetic defenses. Solar wind poured in and fueled the auroras.


Okay, so what is this telling us?

It’s teaching us that geomagnetic phenomena can be generated according to some cause-and-effect criteria that is as yet unknown to us. So we’re not going to take that “Quiet Sun” status too seriously. The Solar Logos does not reside solely in the physical body of the Sun. Just like us, (S)He has 7 bodies and can act on our Planet (which is a part of the Solar System or, in other words, which is one aspect of the Solar Logos’ Being) through the Atoma (the molten “central sun”) of the Earth.

And perhaps the DNA Activation stimulus was triggered when Mercury first began applying to its alignment with Alpha Aquarius and Helix Nebula on the 14th. If this is what is happening, look for a new wave of ready Humans to demonstrate a level of Cosmic Consciousness Awakening soon.

  • If you are a budding Astronomologer or Astrologer updating your skills, you may want to start keeping track of all daily activity for yourself — I don’t report everything I see. It would be an overwhelming task. If you want help getting started, contact me. I’ve added a new Contact link in the Menu Bar at the top of the page.

Those of you who are building your New Age businesses, this is the time to start networking in earnest. Use the last few days of the Crescent Moon to plan and plant your next seed or batch of seeds. Use the upcoming New Moon to get out there and start socializing to build up your Contacts.

Early in the day UT time the Waning Crescent Moon crosses the Galactic Equator from North to South (Galactic Dragon’s Tail). The waning moon light puts the damper on so whatever negative effects we perceive from the “Galactic Dragon’s Tail” action will be mild. My idea of a positive mild effect would be for our Spirit Guides to ‘spur’ us (gently) into some new activity as afore-suggested.

Asteroid Pallas is also involved in the Alpha Aquarius-Helix Nebula alignments. Let this revelation act as a ping to all women that you (we) especially need the DNA Activation that is being cosmically delivered this week. DNA from Pallas-Athena will give those of us who have acquired the habit of being content with lesser positions to step up to the plate. This new DNA has the power to transform women who are naturally predisposed but holding back out of habit into Self-Starters. In other words, it is going to unblock you and open you up (Jupiter in Aries opening everyone up).

Pallas will be aligned with Helix Nebula until February 20th, 2012.

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February 16 ~ Capricornus Sun, Ophiuchus Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: Business, Politics, Government & the Eye of the Eagle
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Transforming Business & Government with Healing & Wisdom
  • Moon Phase: Waning Crescent
  • Moon aligns with Lesath & Shaula Scorpius, Ara the Altar and Asteroid Asclepius
  • Moon crosses North Lunar Node in Ophiuchus

We’re still living in the corridor of the New Age. This is a time when the bulk of Humanity is living not by instinct but out of Habit.

The habits we have that are the most self-destructive are, naturally, the hardest to let go of. These are the habits we’re all dealing with today.

It is all well and good that some of us see the Healing & Wisdom value of embracing Constellation Ophiuchus and are working with this energy. It is probably more important to focus on actively working with Constellation Scorpius as the Southern Serpent of Wisdom.

Thoughts are things. The morphing of the fear-death-and-crime thought form will ultimately press the governments of the world to transform and behave wisely. Most especially the United States of America since one of the birth times used to cast its horoscope makes it a Scorpio Rising. So what kind of behavior are we expecting from it? It is what it has been programmed to believe it is. But that can be changed.

If you have a background in the occult, you know the transformation power I’m speaking of exists and that it is part of the Plan for Humanity — to evolve from animal man (scorpion) to eagle. The Scorpion constellation has been sliced and carved up first by the Romans and next by the International Astronomers Union. What other signs do we need that it’s time to let go of an old bad habit of thought?

No matter what your plans are for the day, put the Moon to work for you. In the Third Quarter on the 14th we checked our budding manifestations for errors and made last-minute changes to this sub-cycle of our plan’s development. Today the Moon is critical since she will cross both the North Lunar Node point in Ophiuchus today and the Galactic Equator (North-to-South) early tomorrow (UT time).

For my part I’m issuing this reminder to you “Ophiuchus A-Team” members who are continuing to work faithfully with the Earth and Sky spheres. Bring the Scorpion-Eagle Prophecy to completion in our lifetime. If you haven’t already, kick the Scorpion habit today. Think Scorpius Southern Serpent of Wisdom.

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February 15 ~ Capricornus Sun, Scorpio-Ophiuchus Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: Business, Politics, Government & the Eye of the Eagle
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Public Sector Transformations
  • Moon Phase: Waning Crescent
  • Mercury in Constellation Aquarius aligned with Helix Nebula, “the Eye of God”
  • Asteroid Juno in Constellation Scorpius in Lunar conjunction today

NGC 6720 | Helix Nebula, Constellation Aquarius

After the rock & roll ride some people in the public sector had yesterday as they dealt with tricky relationship issues, today some of them are “in the soup” as the Moon crosses into Constellation Scorpius and conjuncts Asteroid Juno – the Goddess of Soul Covenant Relationships.

Today the Lunar orb teams up with the Serpent and Serpent Holder constellations to offer transformation energy to people who are free-thinking and have the foresight to take it. If you are on either end of the relationship that is in transition, relax and go with the flow. What comes out of it will ultimately be in everyone’s best interests no matter how awful it may feel.

That having been said, I hope you have a GREAT day under the Ophiuchus Moon. It is an unorthodox lunar vibration that some of us wear lightly like the Universe’s Best Kept Secret — or an Inner Smile — while others react and respond to it unawares.

Mercury today aligns with the Helix Nebula in Constellation Aquarius. Here is a video offering that is appropriate to the moment.

528 Hertz “Transformation & Miracles (DNA Repair)”

The Solfeggio Frequency 528 Hz is interwoven thru out this composition. Enjoy the ride!

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February 14 ~ Capricornus Sun, Libra Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: Business, Politics, Government & the Eye of the Eagle
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Business Relationships on-the-Slide
  • Moon Phase: Last Quarter
  • Moon conjunct with Alpha Libra, Zubenelgenubi
  • Mercury aligned with Helix Nebula
  • Venus in Constellation Pisces
  • Asteroid Juno in Constellation Scorpius

Constellations Capricornus and Libra are “square” to each other. This angle sets up a natural “tension” between them. The vibration it sets up creates catalyst for change as we review business relationships that should be harmonious, not tense.

As we wake up this morning the Last Quarter Moon, favoring Change, is conjunct with Alpha Libra, the star of the Scales of Justice whose message is “the insufficient price.” If options are being weighed today don’t take the first decision made too seriously. The Moon travels quickly and the next alignment is to Beta Libra, the star whose message “the price that covers” is the opposite.

If it’s a woman’s decision you’re waiting on and she’s said no to you in the morning, hang in there. She is likely to change her Mind by noon.

The converse of that situation is also true. If the person she’s denying happiness and fulfillment to by saying ‘yes’ to you is herself, she’s just said ‘no’ to herself and that decision should by all rights reverse itself by the end of the day.

Venus in Pisces flushes out another round of lessons from the past that we all need to review. Today’s “flip flop” decision-making facilitates the reversal of positions that are bad for business. If we’re able to positively resolve our business relationship issues we’ll be moving into position to liberate ourselves from the sorrows and limitations of Pisces that currently have so many of us mired and imprisoned.

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February 13 ~ Capricornus Sun, Virgo-Libra Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: Business, Politics, Government & the Eye of the Eagle
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Under the Skirt of the Virgin – an adventure in Astronomology
  • Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous

Yesterday as the Sun and Mercury separated I started feeling a little more like my ‘old self’ (whatever that means). In other words, the Sun-Mercury Combust did appear to have a mental affect on me and I wouldn’t call it necessarily positive — or at least in a Third Dimensional sense.

Mt. Kailash, Tibetan sacred site | Click for more info

Today I felt like getting back into the swim, so to speak, so I went looking for signs to guide me because I remembered that’s what the Oph ‘Scope for today recommended.

The signs around my physical person included a change in the weather and a news headline that slid past me. Something about people in L.A. complaining about mysterious health issues maybe related to nearby power substations.

So I went out on the Internet to check my normal indicators hoping I would find something interesting to write about.

Spaceweather News today reports solar activity is increasing; not much, just a little. I consulted USGS. There has been some interesting seismic activity reported in the East but I couldn’t find what I wanted — I don’t know what it’s called. The needle graph that reflects the buildup, culmination and tapering off energy that a quake generates. The needle graph gives us a tip-off as to whether a Quake is natural or man-made since in a detonation there is no earth plate vibration just before the plates slip and the Quake goes BOOM.

Oh well. That is to be expected. Project Camelot has released a couple of videos lately where the whistle blowers have been leaning on man-made earthquake signs pretty heavily. So it stands to reason the evidence – if it used to be freely posted on the Internet – is being removed from plain sight.

Late last month we put the spotlight on the Dalai Lama and suggested that had China not taken Tibet His Holiness probably wouldn’t be traveling the globe touching people and sharing his Wisdom Teachings with the World.

The issue of the Chinese occupation of Tibet sent me on a quest to unearth a possible reason why China might have found it necessary to own Tibet.

In Hinduism

As per Hindu theology, Lake Manasa Sarovar is a personification of purity, and one who drinks water from the lake will go to the Abode of Lord Shiva after death. He is believed to be cleansed of all his sins committed over even a hundred lifetimes.

Like Mount Kailash, Lake Manasa Sarovar is a place of pilgrimage, attracting religious people from India, Nepal, Tibet and the neighboring countries. Bathing in the Manasa Sarovar and drinking its water is believed to cleanse all sins. Pilgrimage tours are organized regularly, especially from India, the most famous of which is the Kailash Manasa Sarovar Yatra which takes place every year. Pilgrims come to take ceremonial baths in the cleansing waters of the lake.

Manasasarovar lake has long been viewed by the pilgrims as being near the source of four of the greatest rivers of Asia, namely the Brahmaputra, Karnali, Indus and Sutlej. Thus it is an axial point which has been thronged to by pilgrims for thousands of years. The region was initially closed to pilgrims from the outside; no foreigners were allowed between 1949 and 1980. After the 1980’s it has again become a part of the Indian pilgrim trail.

According to the Hindu religion, the lake was first created in the mind of the Lord Brahma after which it manifested on Earth. Hence, in Sanskrit it is called “Manas sarovara”, which is a combination of the words manas (mind) and sarovara (lake). The lake, in Hindu religious belief, is also supposed to be the summer abode of the Hamsa goose. Considered to be sacred, the Hamsa is an important element in the symbology of the subcontinent, representing wisdom and beauty.


While searching the Quake list I found a Magnitude 5.1 in the Tibetan borderlands of India. You can see where this Quake was in relation to the Sacred Site landmarks I identified when I went searching Tibet for interesting land formations earlier in the month.

At right is a screen capture of Due East at the date, time and location of the Uttaranchal India Quake.

Due East is in perfect Right Ascension (RA) alignment with Alpha Serpens Caput, Unukalhai (RA 15h44m). If you read the Oph ‘Scope for the day of the Quake (February 9) you should be able to identify the thematic cause-and-effect connection.

The Moon at this exact time had just crossed into Constellation Sextans.

If you’re interested to know more, start gathering your tools and learn how to use them. The information I’m providing is anecdotal — just enough to tempt new wave Astrologers into exploring on their own.

Here are a couple of tips. Feel free to improvise on your own.

I don’t normally bother reading from anything under 5.0. I’ve always taken 5 as the “notice me” cutoff point.

When you’re all set up to begin reading the message, factor in the epicenter as that will certainly enter into the meaning of it. In the case of the 5.1 Quake in Uttaranchal, the epicenter points out that the Sacred Sites we have found are of particular importance to the people of India who have been making regular pilgrimages there for thousands of years.

How does the “Under the Skirt of the Virgin” theme fit into all of this? It should be obvious. It has to do with how people in control violate ethical and moral codes to get things done. According to this modest 5.1 tremblor not far from the landmarks I plotted earlier this month, Ophiuchus’s Northern Snake Serpens Caput would appear to be giving me a sign that I was on to something. Maybe it’s a star gate, maybe it’s not. I would have to know more or find out more to validate this conversation. The point is that partnering with Earth and Sky produces results.

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February 12 ~ Capricornus Sun, Virgo Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: Business, Politics, Government & the Eye of the Eagle
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Transformational Wisdom, Healing & Service to Humanity
  • Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous
  • Moon Conjunct with Saturn in Constellation Virgo
  • Asteroid Asclepius in Ophiuchus Sextile to Sun & Mercury in Capricornus

Today the Solar and Lunar themes combine with gentle positive planetary aspects from Constellation Ophiuchus to insert wisdom and healing vibrations into the Business and Government sectors.

Health care industries especially can be helped by the energy that is being focused on the Sun and Mercury in Constellation Capricornus. Everyone has the Free Will choice to accept or reject common sense and to Serve Humanity for the common good or for personal gain.

Which will we choose?

If you have a particular healing or mentoring skill, the energy being received on the planet today from Constellation Ophiuchus makes it possible for you to make headway, especially in alternative career and venture genres.

We say ‘alternative’ because Constellation Ophiuchus is not an orthodox sign or Zodiac constellation. But mainstream health and wisdom workers will be helped too. However, the energy is intended to give a boost to those who are seeking to revive Ancient Wisdom Ways.

Today’s career-boosting energy, once it is connected with, will not dissolve like ordinary vibrations sometimes do. To preserve and increase it, collect it in a container such as a clean, clear Quartz Crystal. Set your crystal out in the Sun to capture the Asclepius Sextile Sun-Mercury energy. Work with the crystal as your needs dictate. The natural vibrations of the Quartz Crystal will keep the energy vibrant and preserve it so it can be used without being prone to depletion.

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February 11 ~ Capricornus Sun, Virgo Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: Business, Politics, Government & the Eye of the Eagle
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Health, the Great Work & Service to Humanity
  • Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous
  • Mercury clear of the Solar Combust aspect
  • Asteroid Asclepius aligned with Alpha Ophiuchus (Ecliptic longitude)

The Moon starts out today in the Coma-Virgo X-Ray/Radio Galaxy Streaming, intensifying all of our activities.

Fortunately the Sun and Mercury have separated from the combust aspect. So to the extent it was having an adverse affect on us mentally, that energy field has disbursed. Things should be getting back to normal.

An exciting new age alignment culminates today as Asteroid Asclepius and Alpha Ophiuchus combine to support the Moon’s message in Virgo — a message promoting Transformational Health, Healing, Wisdom and Service to Humanity.

The distance between Asteroid Asclepius and the Sun today is 60°, a helpful, positive “Sextile” aspect. If the Sun, Moon and Stars have power in their signs & constellations then healing and wisdom vibrations are being gently applied in the business and government sector.

The Moon and Sun are both in Earth signs. Earth signs are energetically negative, bringing out the feminine sides of those who will be touched by the Asclepius vibration of the Ophiuchus soul family collective while the sextile aspect is in effect.

Today is a good day to practice the Planetary Healer “Y” Pose.

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February 10 ~ Capricornus Sun, Leo-Virgo Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: Business, Politics, Government & the Eye of the Eagle
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Love & Sex
  • Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous entering the Coma-Virgo X-Ray/Radio Galaxy Streaming
  • Sun-Mercury Combust in Capricornus
  • Asteroid Asclepius applying to an Ecliptic alignment with Alpha Ophiuchus (Rasalhague)

If you are into Tantrics, this is your window of opportunity to generate some top quality Planetary Kundalini.

The Sun and Mercury are still combust in Constellation Capricornus but this alignment is on its way out. By tomorrow the intensity of the electro-magnetics will be broken.

The Moon, meanwhile, is entering the Coma-Virgo X-Ray/Radio Galaxy Streaming. If you haven’t been following Oph ‘Scopes long enough to have learned what that is, you can find a general description in Essays for Astrologers ~ Constellation Virginis (Virgo). The Moon phase is waning but there is still a lot of light there — enough to make things really interesting if you’re doing Light Work today.

In case you’re wondering where the Love & Sex theme is coming from, the Zodiac sign of Virgo is occultly related to Sex. One of the other attributes of Virgo is the Hermetic or Secret Wisdom. It is the domain of the mystic, sage, and hermit as wisdom carriers. So today’s planetary aspects are further developing the “secrets being leaked” theme that popped up a couple of days ago.

The Moon in Virgo also back lights our continuing health issues that require monitoring on a regular but not daily basis.

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February 9 ~ Capricornus Sun, Sextans-Leo Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: Business, Politics, Government & the Eye of the Eagle
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Charting Our Way through Dangerous Waters
  • Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous
  • Sun & Mercury Combust in Constellation Capricornus

Because of where the Moon’s Nodal points are, specifically the South Lunar Node being currently in Constellation Taurus, by the time the Moon reaches the House of Leo its declination drops its transit path – as you may know – into Constellation Sextans.

North of Sextans is Constellation Leo which we associate with Love and Kings, two concepts that are not always mutually inclusive.

South of Sextans is Constellation Hydra, the Dragon-Serpent with the sensitive head; cut one off, three more grow back.

From a mythopoetic point of view, then, when the Moon is traveling through this danger zone that exists between two especially volatile worlds, it is theoretically and occultly vital that we make use of Constellation Sextans and allow it to assist us in navigating these dangerous waters.

These words to the Celestially wise should be sufficient today. Listen to the wind, keep your third eye open, and follow all signs carefully today.

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February 8 ~ Capricornus Sun, Leo-Sextans Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: Business, Politics, Government & the Eye of the Eagle
  • Lunar Phase: Out of the Shadows and Into the Night
  • Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous
  • Sun-Mercury Combust in Capricornus

The Full Moon in Cancer combined with Sun & Mercury Combust in Capricornus are favoring the movement of a collection of government secrets, possibly motivated by some irrational or inexplicable impulse. In preparation for what?

The moon, pregnant with secret documents, sprints through the southern corner of Constellation Leo today bound for Sextans — the Ancient Mariner’s celestial navigation instrument. Messengers with piles of papers this morning are running them quickly across the desks of planetary royals and leaders before handling them in the afternoon according to precise instructions that only deviate when a critical star disappears from sight–which is practically never–or if the clouds move in or the seas get too stormy.

Every thought, feeling and transaction today, especially those which have been intentionally conceived and advanced using the spiritual occult sciences, will ultimately be processed according to the immutable laws and sciences of celestial navigation that rule such co-creations because those rules were automatically invoked when the secret societies gave birth to their secret projects. The rules are Universal.

What does this mean in plain English? Well, it’s like you can program systems to produce certain results but if you’re breaking rules, conspiring to lie, cheat and steal, and overpowering Free Will by trickery and deceit, sooner or later your counter-intelligent system is bound to backfire. It is an inevitable consequence.

If you keep your eyes peeled today and you’re on a cosmic “need to know” basis, you will become aware of something you need to know that the secret-keepers are still trying to keep secret.

It’s a good Wiki Leaks day.

If you’re happy with the world as it is, you are free to ignore what I’ve just said. What applies to you is a form of the same sort of energy.

In the process of moving something out of safe keeping and getting ready to process it, the Light is going to fall upon it long enough so you can see something about it that you didn’t see in it before.

Did you move it too soon? Were you unwise to hand it over? Are you hoping nobody will notice your paper’s sensitivity as you run it through the photo-copier hoping nobody will notice?

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February 7 ~ Capricornus Sun, Cancer Full Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: Business, Politics, Government & the Eye of the Eagle
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Dragon-Serpent Goddess Moon
  • Moon Phase: Full Moon
  • Sun and Mercury combust in Constellation Capricornus
  • Moon aligns with Alpha Hydra, the Dragon-Serpent

Every year the Chinese New Year festivities end on the Full Moon. This year the final day coincides with a conjunction of the Full Moon with Alpha Hydra, the Water Snake or Dragon-Serpent (Alphard) — so appropriate to ring in the 2012 Chinese Year of the Water Dragon.

Hydra is the longest constellation in the Celestial Sphere, underlying one full quadrant of the Zodiac Belt from Cancer through Libra.

In the Western world it takes its modern name from the Hydra of Lerna, a fabulous water serpent with nine heads, killed by Hercules in the second of his twelve labors. In the process of carrying out this labor Hercules found that every time he cut off one of the Hydra’s heads two new heads grew back. This is why we call some problems and evils “many headed hydras”.

What a perfect analogy to all that is going on in the world today.

Here is a little bit about how the Chinese celebrate the last day of their New Year festivities.

Fifteenth day, Lantern Festival (Traditional Chinese: 元宵節 , Pinyin: yuán xiāo jié, literally: first night festival)

The 15th day marks the first full moon after the Spring Festival and of the New Year, also known as yuán xiāo jié meaning “first night of the full moon”. The day is as well known as Lantern Festival day.

Another reunion dinner is held with lanterns and oranges being a large part of the celebrations. It is customary to eat special sweet dumplings called yuanxiao resembling the shape of the full moon. These round balls are made of glutinous rice flour stuffed with sugar fillings, symbolizing reunion.

Yuanxiao are also called tāngyuán (Traditional Chinese: 湯圓, Simplified Chinese: 汤圆 ) or tāngtuán (Traditional Chinese: 湯團, Simplified Chinese: 汤团). Tāngyuán literally means “round balls in soup”, tāngtuán translates to “round dumplings in soup”.

During this festival lanterns are displayed, at times as lantern fairs, and children are carrying lanterns to temples.

The festival is associated with guiding lost and ill bred evil spirits home, while celebrating and cultivating positive relationship between people, families, nature and the higher beings as they are believed to be responsible for bringing and returning the light each year.

Another legend associates the Lantern Festival with Taoism. Tian Guan is the Taoist ‘Ruler of Heaven’ and the god responsible for good fortune, bestowing wealth and good luck. His birthday falls on the 15th day of the first lunar month. It is said that Tian Guan likes all types of entertainment, so followers prepare various kinds of activities during which they pray for good fortune.

From: Chinese New Year Festivities: The 15-Day Celebration of Chinese New Year

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February 6 ~ Capricornus Sun, Gemini-Cancer Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: Business, Politics, Government & the Eye of the Eagle
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Going Within for Answers & (Bonus) an Astronomology Lesson
  • Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous
  • Sun-Mercury Combust in Capricornus (until February 11)

In the last five or six days we’ve had a lot thrown at us. For some of us, it’s a lot to process.

Today the Moon is one day away from Full Phase so as it starts out in Constellation Gemini hopefully Minds are being opened wide so that wisdom and common sense can enter and prevail. We need to sort through the various new ideas that have reached us and give everything a chance to be true but we cannot afford to believe everything we’re told. It will be up to each one of us to do the necessary footwork to verify what we’re hearing.

How do we do that? We can replace entertainment television with internet radio and video shows and review uncensored testimony from a variety of different sources.

It is vital that as we explore the many new versions of “truth” we focus on the positive and reinforce that in our Minds because to do so strengthens the healthy and hopeful Time Line.

Moon enters Cancer – Going Within for Answers

(Bonus: Astronomology Lesson)

So something came up for me today and I didn’t know how to handle the rebuffing Constellation Ophiuchus is still getting from people who are into “truth” but haven’t taken the time and trouble to educate themselves before blowing it off. I shouldn’t take it personally and I don’t, but at the same time I’m so ready for the Miracle I know is right around the corner sometimes I want to ask these people where they left their brains. But I can’t do that either, so I took my own advice (I had already written the caption for today’s Oph ‘Scope) and went within for my answers.

The act of turning within left me with the urge to turn to Source for some Reality Therapy. In my case Source is anything that stops the cosmic clock and leads me to a Sky Chart. I call that the “message in a bottle” exercise.

At my first checkpoint, Spaceweather, there was nothing since the solar body is winding down after two weeks of applying solar fire to the Chinese New Year of the Water Dragon. It’s taking a breather.

At the second checkpoint I scanned the recent earthquake list and found a significant standing wave at Vanuatu that peaked on 02/02/2012 at magnitude 7.1 — and a single bump near Easter Island, a little 5.3 Quake.

Knowing the corresponding sky coordinate for the Easter Island area is Alpha Scorpius (Antares) I pulled up a Sky Chart to see what the message was. If the Epicenter is very close to Antares or if the Cosmic Clock stops such that the horizon line runs through Constellation Ophiuchus, I know there is a conversation between Earth and Sky – and maybe me – taking place. My being drawn to find this event and decode the message is a form of my having “heard” my name being called and turning to Source to hear more.

What was the nature of the conversation?

If you click down to the Oph ‘Scope for February 1, you will find the answer to that question.

I normally write Oph ‘Scopes at least a day, usually 2 days in advance. I probably wrote the February 1 Oph ‘Scope on January 30 or 31. Hence, the 5.3 Easter Island area Quake was in response to the subject matter of the Feb 1 ‘Scope and the Goddess Invocation I made.

Prescription Reality Therapy

I know “on sight” which areas of the planet are connected with areas of the sky grid that regularly communicate with me. This is one of them. -111 West Longitude also happens to be aligned with Sedona, Arizona.

Source: Scorpio-Ophiuchus

I identify this as a Message from the Mind (Alpha Oph) and Divine Feminine Heart of Ophiuchus (Due West) and the Heart of the new Southern Serpent of Light Wisdom (Antares).

Message: Taurus Moon at the Pleiades

This is an echo of the theme of Wednesday’s Oph ‘Scope and as such constitutes a personal connection. Because the sensory gateway of Taurus according to Tarot and Astrology is “Hearing” the inference is that my call for Pleiadean-7 Starseeds has been heard and Earth Mother is pinging me to that effect. That means we are all in resonance on that point.

The Lesson

I had a hard day. I needed something to perk me up. I went within for an Answer. My Heart sent me to Source. My Source is my Earth-Sky connection which right now is coming through Constellation Ophiuchus. My need was filled.

This is how my Path supports, heals and empowers me.

Maybe you answer to different stars and constellations. I’m not Ophiuchus Starseed — I’m just advocating for it in this incarnation as a Labor of Love. There is a sky globe full of stars and as many ways to connect with them as you can imagine. I’m sharing my method for two reasons: to demonstrate for and empower Ophiuchus, and to give you ideas on how you can find your own star power sources.

For those of you who have Astronomology Profiles and the tools to put them to work for you, you are already motivated. When things get tough, pull out those tools and use them. It’s amazing how helpful it can be in getting you over the hump in a crisis. For one thing, it will remind you WHO YOU ARE because sometimes we get knocked off balance and our self-confidence gets undermined. This is especially true for women because we are just stepping back into our power after having been separated from it for a number of generations.

Any questions?

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February 5 ~ Sun in Capricornus, Gemini Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: Spirituality, Ideals, Aspirations, Goal-setting – the Milky Way Galaxy
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Body-Mind, Consciousness & Learning to Think for Ourselves
  • Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous
  • Mercury combust with the Sun in Constellation Capricornus (until February 11)
  • Retrograde Mars enters Constellation Leo

The Awakening is a process that involves our body mind and its ability to open to the power of consciousness in its true sense. Breaking out of body-mind so we can escape the media-blitz brainwash and learn how to think for ourselves is the task before all of us.

Today Mars returns to firey Constellation Leo, the heavenly domain of the royals. It’s time to review some cold hard facts and face the truth about the Earth Kingdom and the insanity of what’s going on in the world today.

Not interested? Is it not inspirational enough for you? Congratulate the current planetary administration then, for they have been successful in steering you away from becoming awake and aware. Avoidance and denial are exactly what the current world leaders are going for as that is how they get you to hand your power over to them to exercise their Will and rule over you, not in your behalf.

One of our finest crusaders is the controversial and outspoken David Icke. Of particular interest to us here today is that David Icke is an April 29, 1952 real sky Aries and Chinese Water Dragon which means 2012 is his year to heat up the waters of consciousness and fill the air with transformational vapors.

The Interview we’ve selected to share today begins with a little bit about who David Icke is, his qualifications and his background and then the Interview moves through a sequence of topics that offers something of particular interest to everyone from politics, finances, Nicola Tesla and free energy technology to consciousness, medicine and health care.

At the end of this video David Icke answers the Interviewer’s question, what can we do with the information he has shared with us?

One thing you can do to help the transformation effort is the same thing I’ve done: listen, learn, and pass it on.

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February 4 ~ Capricornus Sun, Taurus-Orion-Gemini Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: Business, Politics, Government & the Eye of the Eagle
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Having a home, not having a home, & the insanity of doing nothing about it
  • Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous crossing the Galactic Equator (North Node – Galactic Dragon’s Head)
  • Sun and Mercury combust in Constellation Capricornus
  • Venus crosses from Aquarius into Constellation Pisces

Unleash the Dragon Within!

Today is a critical day in Government and on the World Stage as Mercury catches up with the Sun in what is Astrologically known as a “combust” aspect (Sun and Mercury within 3 degrees of each other).

When Mercury and Sun are combust Astrology tells us people are likely to do really crazy things because the intense light and heat of the Sun impairs our mental states (Mercury).

From a reality perspective one would think more light and heat reaching Mercury would increase our ability to think and know, not handicap it. But that’s what Astrology says so let’s keep that in mind as we monitor how the new frequencies brought to us at the 1987 Harmonic Convergence begin to demonstrate themselves to our inquisitive new awake-and-aware minds.

When frequencies change, everything changes — even Astrology!

Meanwhile Venus, who loves her creature comforts, is going to be taking us on another emotional ride through Pisces where all the sorrows of being powerless and locked up in a mental-emotional prison will revisit us all yet again (sigh).

During the Venusian transit of Pisces more lessons we should have learned in the past but didn’t are going to be resurfacing because we have not learned from them yet. What can we do about anything, locked in the prisons of our minds as we are now?

Suggestions, answers and solutions will be proffered tomorrow when the Moon — having gone through three constellations and crossed the Galactic Equator all in one day today — will be cruising through just one constellation’s energy field all day long giving us a whole 24 hours tomorrow to process whatever it is that happened today.

Be ready.

In the meantime, here’s a David Byrne-Talking Heads mini-concert to pump us all up. The last tune in particular is smokin‘ hot! So let’s all unleash the Fire Dragon Within and energize our personal living spaces with some good baseline energy medicine for the lower chakras!

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February 3 ~ Sun in Capricornus, Taurus Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: Business, Politics, Government & the Eye of the Eagle
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Home, Family & Providing for our Children
  • Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous
  • Moon transits all major fixed stars of Constellation Orion

Today I’m sharing an Interview of David Icke by Suzanne Powell, a mother in Spain whose children attend school from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM and are then expected to come home and do homework everyday. That means they get virtually no play-time, presumably 5 out of 7 days every week.

Suzanne and David discuss how our children are being targeted and how attention deficit disorders occur. They touch on a number of other topics that are relevant to the issues parents face in today’s world.

Is this fear porn, or is it real? If you’re a parent experiencing any of the situations discussed, then you know first hand.

For balance, Suzanne and David also discuss levels of consciousness and why this is such an exciting time to be alive on this planet — to be the generation that brings the current corrupt systems down.

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February 2 ~ Capricornus Sun, Taurus Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: Business, Politics, Government & the Eye of the Eagle
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Fecundating the Work Sector – Ethics, Principles, & Family Values
  • Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous
  • Waxing Moon transits Alpha Taurus, Aldebaran (the Eye of the Bull)
  • Asteroid Imhotep in Sagittarius crosses the Galactic Equator today

Today to honor 02/02/2012 I offer Anrita Melchizedek’s divine gift, The Second Initiatory Gateway of Light…

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February 1 ~ Capricornus Sun, Aries-Taurus Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: Business, Politics, Government & the Eye of the Eagle
  • Lunar Phase Theme: I AM Goddess ~ Calling all Pleiadean-7 Starseeds
  • Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous
  • Jupiter in Constellation Aries aligned with Alpha and Beta Aries (Hamal & Sheratan)
  • Asteroid Hygiea aligned with Alpha Aquila (Altair – the Eye of the Eagle)

The Waxing Moon begins the day in Aries today, calling forth the Goddess Within.

For too long the majority of us in the modern world have been raised with the belief that there was only a Father-God and we were told not to question but to believe it.

This belief has finally been challenged by a new generation and replaced with Ancient Wisdom and Universal Knowledge that is sweeping the globe, speaking of the fundamental composition of all Life as both male and fe-male. A delicate balance.

We can all see what happens when that delicate balance is destroyed.

Later in the day the Moon enters Taurus and by day’s end it will have transited The Pleiades, commonly known as the Seven Sisters.

Here is a little bit of Taurus Trivia — it’s about the sign of “the Bull”. Taurus is an Earth sign, hence it is elementally “feminine”. What’s wrong with this picture?

Walt Disney’s Ferdinand the Bull | All he wanted to do was sit on the hill in the shade of a tree and smell the flowers

As a practical matter there are indeed bovine species in which the cows (girls) grow horns. The Texas Longhorn is among them. There are also bovine species that feature hornless bulls, believe it or not.

I suppose the Zodiac Bestiary wasn’t created to make total sense — obviously — or the Scorpion, a land animal, wouldn’t be a water sign and the Capricornus Seagoat would be something that made total sense.

I remember reading somewhere the 4 elements were a later invention superimposed on the zodiac once Julius Caesar made Libra official bringing the number of signs to an even dozen.

But I’m still asking myself this question today — maybe I’m having a bad hair day: sometimes I wonder why we are even bothering to gain wisdom from these signs that make no sense? I’m getting kinda tired of filling my head with nonsense, how about you?

Okay — well I’ll lay that question to one side to get to the point of the Moon-Pleiades transit. Here’s something that does make sense in context.

I’m making note of the fact that the Pleiadean teachings and lessons I’ve been tuning into and sharing lately are coming to the planet in feminine vocal tones and through female channels, resonating with the fundamental idea of the 7 Sisters asterism of the Pleiades being an essentially feminine vibration.

It’s comforting when things make sense. And it’s even more comforting to see signs of the Goddess vitalized and returning.

I’m calling all Goddesses — come forth and bring your dulcet tones of healing and wisdom. The world needs balancing and recalibration. Come forth and be heard from! We need your Light, your Love and your Sounds to resonate in the Ethers and raise the Vibration inside the Earth’s Auric Envelope.

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  1. Sexually Transmitted Diseases

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