Your Daily Ophiuchus Horoscope for March 2012

Your Daily Ophiuchus Horoscope for March 2012

Oph ‘Scopes are a one-size-fits-all interpretation of the strongest celestial energies for the day. The readings are based on the alignments of planets and asteroids moving through the constellations, not the zodiac signs.

Because Ophiuchus is the center of the Startistics and Astronomologer Universe and because of the pivotal role this new ‘sign’ plays in the New Age on a grander scale than that of any other ‘sign’ the Oph ‘Scopes are as much about and for you as they are perspectives for awakening Ophiuchans.

Whether you’re an aspiring Astrologer or Astronomologer or you just want to know what the stars have in store for you on the day, there will be something real and relevant written here every day that you can use. Just sort through what you don’t understand to get to what you need to know.

As with anything offered on Startistics or Astronomologer or anywhere else on the Internet for that matter, take what you can use and just leave the rest.

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The outlook for March 2012 ~ Equinox Month

Capricornus-Aquarius.  In March the Sun starts out in Constellation Aquarius and moves into Pisces on March 12, shifting our focus from the Altruistic arena where the World Servers are busy building a New World to the realm of Hospitals and Institutions and Lessons of the Past from which we have not yet learned.

Capricornus.  Asteroid Hygiea is transiting Constellation Capricornus, favoring women in business.

Sagittarius. Asteroids Asclepius and Imhotep are transiting Constellation Sagittarius, shifting the focus of critical social structures and institutions to their spiritual fiber and goals for the future — two considerations that should be mutually inclusive. As time goes on and more Truth is released, we’re going to be looking in particular at our Medical Profession practitioners and the society we have built in a whole new light. That light has not been too terribly bright for a long time. Let’s hope the new light we’re about to see is a positive one filled with solutions and innovations.

Ophiuchus.  Dwarf Planet (candidate) Quaoar is the only transiting planet still in the Constellation Ophiuchus sector. Technically it’s transiting Constellation Serpens. It is still aligned with Alpha Ophiuchus, singing and dancing new gods and goddesses into existence. Paired with the effects of Jupiter in Aries, it is likely that newly self-discovered Ophiuchus natives are going to be having not only their eyes but their egos opened to new vistas for self-expression. Current planetary transits of Constellation Pisces will temper the egos as new Ophiuchus natives will realize they may be gods, goddesses, masters and teachers but they still have issues to deal with and cleansing, purification and Initiations to go through on the outer planes.

Scorpio.  Asteroid Juno finishes up her transit of Scorpio and enters Ophiuchus this month.

A critical 2012 wave of awakened real-sky Scorpius natives will be drawn to decide for themselves whether they will choose to Evolve and Ascend to the next level of their Astrological Cosmic Selves and transmute their Scorpius Celestial DNA from scorpion to serpent of light, wisdom & healing.

Many people on the planet are going to be faced with the choice to defect from the Dark Side and join the Warriors of Light Healing & Wisdom.

Virgo. Saturn continues to transit the “Under the Skirt of the Virgin” part of the constellation. This will exacerbate health issues from the waist down, especially our habits and routines that end up as causative agents for STDs1. If you don’t already know what the STD root cause is, seek out a teacher and learn the purpose, means and methods of Sacred Sex, Serpent Fire, Kundalini, Tantra, and Spiritual Sexual Energy. You won’t find a proper teacher in any of the conventional institutions for learning on this planet — colleges and universities are as behind the times in these areas as public knowledge of secret Space & Technology advancements is. The difference between us is Full Disclosure from our Governments is a long way off — we New Agers have no secrets to hide. You can get an Alternative Education online and learn all about sacred space and sacred sex, and chances are you can get it all for free. How cool is that!

Leo. Retrograde Mars transits Constellation Leo on a quest to give power-addicted royals, leaders and love partners another chance to do the right thing.

Refer to comments on Juno above.

The big question on my mind during the Mars retro transit of Leo will be: have enough real sky Scorpius natives seen the light so their Planetary Intelligence Mars, new Ally of Ophiuchus, can work Ophiuchus magic through them instead of continuing to bring the malevolent sting of the Scorpion?

We shall see.

Pisces. In February Mercury joined Venus in Constellation Pisces. Mass Media is an institution to be affected by Mercury, the luminary whose first priority domain is communication. Mercury, because it “rules” Pisces’ opposite sign Virgo, is said to be “in detriment” in Pisces. This will be a period when many horrific communications are going to be transmitted and received. Everyone is going to be getting a personal and up-close look at the spectres looming before us that are a product of our past decisions.

On March 12, Mercury turns retrograde. I can hear you screaming from here, but hold on! Actually, because Mercury is in detriment in Pisces the retrograde may actually give us some relief. So let’s not go rushing to conclusions … let’s get there first and see how it goes.

Venus affect a sense of beauty and balance into our Devotional Selves and to help us reconcile ourselves with the Past so we can see our experiences as assets instead of hopelessly condemning liabilities. However, due to the nature of what is coming at us in 2012, the beauty and devotion of Venus may not be enough to keep us from deep depression.

Venus begins the month aligned with the Great Andromeda Galaxy. This alignment may be less about emotional help and more about help from our Space Brothers & Sisters as we move into the scary days of 2012 as we get a handle on what the issues are and take back the planet and the Third Dimension.

On March 5 Venus moves into Constellation Aries where she will be until March 30.

Aries.   Jupiter continues to transit Aries in March, opening us up and expanding our ideas about who we are. We are all exploring the infinite possibilities of our I AM Selves.

Once Venus gets into Constellation Aries we’re going to be faced with a whole new level of self-introspection. Since Venus “rules” Libra, by definition Venus is “in detriment” in Aries. Consequently the self-esteem issues we’ll be faced with will hinge on the quality of our relationships whether they are relationships with each other or relationships with flora, fauna, the planet or our fellow planets and citizens of the Universe-at-Large.

Those of us on the self-improvement path and a new wave of people who are waking up are going to be asking some really hard questions. Here’s one of my favorites: what in the world has happened to some people’s conscience and capacity for empathy? Or is it okay to shepherd and harvest Humanity the way Humanity shepherds and harvests livestock and bumper crops?

Those of us who are on a hearty spiritual path will be going through more empathetic emotional upheavals. Don’t forget who you are and hold on. Learn to get in touch with your feelings so you can discern when you’re feeling somebody else’s pain and when there may really be some personal issue you legitimately need to explore.

Be gentle with yourself! You may be psychically helping somebody else sort through their garbage. Being gentle with yourself is going to result in gentle healing energy being applied at the point of error whether it’s in your own Mind or that of somebody else.

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  • Moon Phases, March 2012
    First Quarter – March 1, 01:21
    Full Moon – March 8, 09:39
    Last Quarter – March 15, 01:25
    New Moon – March 22, 14:37
    First Quarter – March 30, 19:41


  • Currently Retrograde: Mars
  • March Station Changes: Mercury turns retrograde on 12 March 2012
  • Juno turns retrograde on March 25, 2012

EQUINOX March 20, 2012 ~ 05:14 UTC

Your Daily Ophiuchus Horoscope

March 2012

Oph Glyph

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March 31 ~ Pisces Sun, Gemini Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: The Keywords for Pisces are “I BELIEVE”
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Be told what to Believe or Learn to Think for Yourself
  • Moon Phase: Waxing First Quarter Moon
  • Moon aligns with Alpha and Beta Gemini, Castor and Pollux
  • Asteroid Imhotep separating from alignment with 43Sgr

Tomorrow the Moon enters Constellation Cancer and we can talk about something soothing centered on Water, Women & Goddess if you like. But today there is another full day of Moon-in-Gemini ahead of us that we can learn from.

My goal in writing Oph ‘Scopes is to challenge our minds by providing mulch for spiritual growth. Agreeing with me is not a requirement. What is necessary is that you listen and learn to think for yourself.

When we use our minds to consider the questions instead of just opening them while others tell us what’s going to be happening to us, our neurons fire differently. We spark and produce electro-magnetism that crosses barriers and stimulates Whole Brain Thinking. The energy of this goes out into Infinity because we are Infinite, Eternal Beings of Light.

Going through this process may be the single most important thing you can do to attract your 12-Strand DNA to connect and activate itself. Think about it! Awake & Awareness is everything! You cannot be aware if you avoid certain topics that should be of concern to you and to your physical body.

Planetary influences for the day

Forget the sextiles, trines, squares and oppositions today. We don’t need to consider anything more exotic than the simple planets-in-constellations to get a feel for what’s going on in the world and in our lives today.

  • Jupiter in Aries – expanding self-consciousness and god-consciousness. Some of us are awakening to a greater sense of who we are while others are taking god-consciousness to the extreme and literally think they are God. This is a double-edged sword (Gemini concept).
  • Mars Rx in Leo – love and royal blood being stirred. The same might be said of Royalty on this planet.
  • Saturn in Virgo – a Saturn return for the USA; health, work & service to humanity issues for the rest of us. Some people are working feverishly on alternate health care and sciences while we are simultaneously being Chem-trailed and the chemical treated water and GMO foods are being forced on us.
  • Pluto in Sagittarius – the paradox of the Spiritual Fiber of the Lord of the Underworld; don’t forget Pluto was demoted in 2006 from planet to dwarf planet. Thoughts are things and the Astronomers are the pure science half of the cosmic Astrology-Astronomy centaur being. This is another Gemini human thinking test of our intelligence — we should take this Pluto demotion seriously! If we don’t, we’re continuing to give the Lord of the Underworld power over us in our subconscious Minds. This is an old program that should be deleted.
  • Neptune in Aquarius – illuminating what we Know, inspiring us to reach for the altruistic age; this is a transpersonal influence that cannot be stopped by planetary governments.
  • Uranus in Pisces – the mold-breaking liberation of institutions and the institutionalized; the old mold needs to be broken–this is a good thing.

We as a people and a race are being thrown into so many paradoxical and dichotomous situations sometimes I honestly don’t know what to think. This is how duality operates in the Gemini Mind. Unfortunately, we’ve been making poor short term decisions even though we’ve been given the long term vision that suggests we take another tack. Why do we do that?

Here in the USA we’re being plunged into an identity crisis. Our Constitution seems to be joining the Twin Towers in a cleverly controlled demolition. This is a classic example of a Gemini situation on so many levels even a beginning Astrologer shouldn’t have any trouble recognizing the signs.

How this all applies to the USA is that if you looked into the sky on the day the Declaration of Independence was signed, you would have seen the Sun in Gemini (for details see Ophiuchus Rising in the USA ~ the New Astrology View). How this applies to you at the most fundamental level even if you don’t live in the USA is that this Country has been so dominant over the last 200 years that its implosion and the idea of the loss of hope for a free world could be mentally catastrophic if we let the current trend continue.

What we can do is to continue the Awakening. And we will have worked on three critical agenda items by discussing the USA today:

  • Learn and come to understand a little about Gemini, duality, and human thinking
  • Learn and come to understand a little about the USA and why its collapse doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the world
  • Relate what’s happening in the outer world to what’s happening with us as individuals as our world is a mirror image and a manifestation of what’s going on inside our individual and collective Minds

Implosion of a Super Power Nation

It’s the End of the World as We Know It – REM 1987

We have all manufactured this drama. There isn’t anybody here that hasn’t played a part in it. One word: Karma.

This difficult situation is precisely the point of why we’ve been impelled or compelled to be here at this time. To get over this hurdle. I want to point out that those of us who choose to get our hands dirty while we work with the energy of these old past-life issues do so for a reason. This is how we work with the issues in our Minds of Love and Light. We should not be made to feel guilty or less like the Angels we are because we go headlong into the fray like Angels with Swords.

And so now that we’re there, those of you with Chutzpah, grab your Light Sabers and let’s go.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Press Conference –
Criminal Investigation of Fraud – President – March 1, 2012

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March 30 ~ Pisces Sun, Orion-Gemini First Quarter Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: The Keywords for Pisces are “I BELIEVE”
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Educational institutions and mind control
  • Moon Phase: First Quarter Moon
  • Sun aligns with Andromeda Galaxy
  • Venus enters Constellation Taurus aligned with Beta Perseus, Algol
  • Asteroid Imhotep aligns with 43Sgr

Today’s Oph ‘Scope is a mental challenge. If you experience a negative visceral reaction to input about what’s going on in the physical world that isn’t pretty and hopeful, then your response may be a conditioned one that you have picked up via an implant or mass media auto-suggestion. If you are able to face a variety of inputs, sit through them, and evaluate their messages for yourself, then you are using your Whole Brain for one of its intended purposes. Congratulations.

What we’re waking up to is sometimes alarming. How will we get a sense of what we need to work on changing if we don’t look at the problems? That is a fair question.

Mind — Use it or lose it

Grid workers will want to know Asteroid Imhotep, trailing Asteroid Asclepius by just a couple of days, takes its turn today transiting 43Sgr, the Sagittarius portal of the Twin Vortex System.

The overall purpose of the TVS is to help humanity integrate Higher Mind concepts so they can begin to function in Lower Mind intelligently and with compassion.

* See the March 26 Oph ‘Scope for details on this mechanism.

Quarter Moon in Gemini – Changing our Minds

Today we’re sharing a video that is in theme with the Gemini Moon — it’s about Education and Mind Control.

The lecture was given at Oxford by David Icke before the US Presidential Election of 2008. Give it a listen and make up your own mind as to whether it appears his predictions came true.

Yes, the controversial David Icke’s presentations are sometimes so negative even I have a hard time sticking with them. However, he is a 1952 Chinese Water Dragon and so this is his year to shine and we might consider giving him the space to talk to us openly.

What I like about David Icke is that unlike some of the Comets who have gone blazing across our YouTube skies over the years sounding brilliant at first only to stumble and implode on their own contradictions later, David’s pitch is consistent. I like that.

Here are some of the tools I use when I go dipping into the vat of wake-up videos – and these are quotes that come directly out of the presentation you are about to view:


You cannot solve problems at the same level of consciousness that created them.


Be the change you want to see in the world.

There is no path to Peace. Peace IS the Path.

David Icke:

If I had to say one thing that would change this world drammatically it’s … if we just started doing what we know to be right instead of what we think is right for us in the moment then this world would transform because of all that would come from it.

Illusions can only control you when you think they’re real. When you know the illusion is an illusion you can play with it and have fun with it. When you think it’s real it’s got you.

David Icke LIVE at Oxford, Mind Control and the New World Order

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March 29 ~ Pisces Sun, Taurus-Orion Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: The Keywords for Pisces are “I BELIEVE”
  • Lunar Phase Theme: When Family Love Morphs into Treachery
  • Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent
  • Moon aligns with Alpha Orion, Betelgeuse & Alpha Ursa Minor, Polaris
  • Juno aligned with Alpha Scorpius, Antares

In the old days, storytelling was a way of remembering who we are and furthering our children’s education. Oral Tradition was an art and skill that was highly prized. The storytellers were also mobile repositories of important lessons that came from the Mystery Temples. Children learned advanced concepts from our storytellers while they were being entertained.

Nowadays children are trained to only want to be entertained.

I want to tell you an old story today. You may have heard this story a million times but listen again. What I want us to hear is not the travel logs of the Egyptian gods and goddesses but their lessons of life.

The Myth of Isis and Osiris

As with much of the ancient Egyptian mythology, there are various versions of the story of Isis and Osiris, but basically it runs as follows…….

Osiris was an earthly ruler, who was popular with his subjects. His brother, Set, was jealous of this popularity and plotted against Osiris.

Set’s plans to be rid of his brother started when he secretly obtained his brothers measurements and had a magnificent casket made to fit. This casket was in the form of a human shaped box.

Set then organised a large feast to which Osiris and a number of others (usually given as 72) were invited. At the height of the festivities Set produced the casket and announced that it would be given to whoever it fitted. All the guests tried the casket for size, but none fitted until finally Osiris stepped into the casket.

Set immediately slammed the lid closed and sealed the casket shut (with molten lead). The sealed coffin was then thrown into the Nile.

Isis was devastated at the loss of her husband and searched for the casket throughout Egypt and then overseas. She eventually eventually found it where it had come to rest in the roots of a massive tree.

Isis then returned the coffin to Egypt for a proper burial. For safe keeping she concealed it in the marshes beside the Nile.

Unfortunately for Isis Set found the casket while out hunting and was so enraged he chopped the body of Osiris into pieces, and scattered the parts throughout the land of Egypt.

Poor Isis had to then set out again looking for the parts of her husband. Eventually she found all the parts except one and reassembled Osiris and wrapped him in bandages. In some accounts Isis breathed life back into Osiris’ body and it was then that Horus was conceived. This was a more magical event that it seems, considering the one part of Osiris Isis couldn’t find (his penis).

The young Horus then went out to battle his uncle Set and to avenge his fathers death. After a series of fights detailed in ‘The contendings of Horus and Set’ neither god was able to secure an overall victory. Ultimately Osiris was declared king of the underworld, Horus king of the living, and Set ruler of the deserts as the god of chaos and evil.

Borrowed with thanks from Akhet Egyptology | Isis and Osiris

So boys and girls, what have we learned here today? I’ll start by sharing what I learned. You can telepath me your list of lessons or e-mail me.

  • The Gods at the Top aren’t always the sharpest tools in the shed.
  • Behind every Great God stands a Great Goddess who for some reason loves so unconditionally that she will go to any lengths to put him back together after he’s fallen apart
  • Great Goddess is clever, resourceful, magical but still has moments when she falls asleep at an unfortunate moment

I wonder if these lessons apply to us simple humans too?

Isis cradling the dead Osiris | painting by Susan Seddon Boulet

As in yesterday’s offering, here Isis is the Goddess of Regeneration even though it is Osiris’s experience and it is he who has been made God of the Dead & the Underworld and the Green Man.

If the Earth Grid builders have built their monuments, cities and streets of the world to pay homage to Osiris, I say good for them. It was smart of them to honor Isis too, but given her domain as being a protector of agriculture, women and children and our planet is so out of balance in those departments, I would say the days of the old world order are probably numbered.

Great Goddess is no longer dead.

If you like it when I pull mythology down out of the stars for what the Celestial Beings may have to teach us during these times of identity crisis, send up a flare and I’ll do it some more. I think it’s much more interesting than Fortune Telling ;-).

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March 28 ~ Pisces Sun, Taurus Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: The Keywords for Pisces are “I BELIEVE”
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Coming to Meet the Horned God/Goddess
  • Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent
  • Moon aligns with Alpha Taurus, Aldebaran – “The Eye of the Bull”
  • Juno Rx aligned with Alpha Scorpius, Antares – “The Heart of Ophiuchus’s Southern Snake”

For those who are more interested in the tangible world, here is something you can use.

Normally the Lunar transit of Taurus is favorable for conditions at work and at home, job-shopping and making money. With the Sun in Pisces, however, there may be complications that make harmony at home and in the workplace a little difficult (old issues and lessons we haven’t learned yet). Especially with Mercury still retrograde until April 4.

If you’re a man or woman with New Age Tools you may be in the clear because you’ve mastered the arts of manifesting your world. If not, you are facing issues too but you can deal with whatever comes along well enough to get over the speed bumps catastrophe-free. This week you’ll need your Tools.

Asteroid Juno, Goddess of Soul Relationships & Contracts, has been applying to an alignment with Antares, which is either the Heart of the Scorpion (if you’re resistant to change) or Ophiuchus’s Southern Serpent of Light Wisdom (if you’re feeling adventurous and aren’t afraid to be bold and help fulfill a number of New Age prophecies in the process).

Juno turned retrograde on March 25 just as she was applying to an alignment with Antares. Between that and the Mercury retrograde, it’s not a very good time to decide which side of the fence has greener grass. It’s too confusing out there right now. The sky signs are saying wait a while.

The Horns of the Bull & Great Goddess

Back to our ongoing project of meeting up with the Goddess Within. This string started yesterday.

There is so much I’d like to share but in the interests of economy (a Taurus keyword) I’ll try to be succinct (not one of my strong points but I continue to work on it).

History has changed in the last few decades fueled by new discoveries and revelations. It behooves all of us to become our own experts, looking through the works of the authorities we read who sound good to find out if what they’re selling in their books is what somebody else has said that they read or whether their knowledge base is a product of their own hard work.

Yugoslavia 4500 BCE Vinca culture | Click to visit Lady of the Labyrinth’s Goddess Mysteries

The source of the information I will be sharing today about our roots as Great Goddess is the work of Marija Gimbutas, a hands-on archaeologist who formed her perspective on more than a woman’s intuition as her detractors imply. Her interpretation of ancient art and artifacts is constructed on an inter-disciplinary foundation of comparative mythology, early historical sources, linguistics, folklore and historical ethnography.

Marija Gimbutas (Lithuanian: Marija Gimbutienė) (Vilnius, January 23, 1921 – Los Angeles, United States February 2, 1994), was a Lithuanian-American archeologist known for her research into the Neolithic and Bronze Age cultures of “Old Europe”, a term she introduced, and for her Kurgan hypothesis. Her works published between 1946 and 1971 introduced new views by combining traditional spadework with linguistics and mythological interpretation. Her conclusions that Neolithic sites in Lithuania and across Europe pointed to long-term stable egalitarian societies with women at the center materially and spiritually  earned a mixed reception by other scholars, but became a keystone of the matriarchal studies movement and the Goddess movement. (Wikipedia)

The Foreword to her volume entitled The Language of the Goddess was written by Joseph Campbell. Needless to say, his endorsement of the work of Marija Gimbutas speaks for itself even before you read what he says about it.

Let’s start with a quote to give us some insight into what our world was like before the wedge was driven in between men and women.

“… their power is doubled.”

In Old Europe the world of myth was not polarized into female and male as it was among the Indo-European and many other nomadic and pastoral peoples of the steppes. Both principles were manifest side by side. The male divinity in the shape of a young man or a male animal appears to affirm and strengthen the forces of the creative and active female. Neither is subordinate to the other; by complementing one another, their power is doubled. Gimbutas, The Goddesses and Gods of Old Europe 6500-3500 BC 1982 p.237

Gimbutas goes on to relate that the Indo-European influence layered itself on top of the Old European way of life so that detecting the traditions and linguistics is confusing at best and obscuring at worst. She says Ancient Greece is a good place to mine for clues, kind of like a Rosetta Stone, because it was such a cultural hub that became a sort of central repository or storehouse of converging and intermingling history, myth, imagery and language.

Surely there must have been some reasoning, some strategy for the attempted “gender-cide” (if that’s what it was) as from all appearances Goddess was removed (or stepped down) from her station and was either done away with or transformed yet again.

Let’s plunge into the deepest, darkest cavern we can find and see what there is to see in it.

Around 4000 BCE, the matrikas of neolithic Sudan show similarities to the Naqada figurines in Egypt: hands on breasts, seated with thick legs close together, and big buttocks, phallic pillar-heads, diagonal snake-like eyes, heavy curved lines flowing around the vulva and hips.

“Terrible Mother” Goddess – life, death, regeneration

“Because her main function was to regenerate the life forces, the goddess was flanked by male animals noted for their physical strength. The animals are European; neither leopards nor lions flank her as they do in Anatolia and Mesopotamia. Her accentuated pubic triangle may have been linked with the concept of the ‘Great Mother’s womb’ … or the ‘lap of the subterranean queen’, but she was not entirely feminine. She was androgynous in the Neolithic period, having a phallus-shaped neck; divine bisexuality stresses her absolute power. The divorce from the male attributes occurred at some time during the course of the sixth millennium B.C.

In her chthonic and frightening aspect she must have been a Mother Terrible perhaps yearning for human and animal blood, as indicated by her epiphany in the shape of a ferocious dog.

There was no isolated image of a Mother Terrible; the aspects of death and life are inextricably intertwined. She was deployed in graves to stimulate and perpetuate the procreative powers of the deceased. The European Great Goddess, like the Sumerian Ninkhursag, gave life to the Dead (another name for Ninkhursag was Nintinugga, ‘She who gives life to the Dead’). Her magical hands and music were for the release of the life forces. ***”

“In her incarnation as a pregnant doe, a chrysalis, caterpillar, butterfly, bee, toad, turtle or hedgehog, she was a symbol of embryonic life and regeneration. In this fundamental notion lies her association wiht the moon and the horns. As a bee or a butterfly she emerges from the body or horns of the bull; as a bear she takes care of all young life.

As a supreme Creator who creates from her own substance she is the primary goddess of the Old European pantheon. In this she contrasts with the Indo-European Earth-Mother, who is the impalpable sacred earth-spirit and is not in herself a creative principle; only through the interaction of the male sky-god does she become pregnant.”

Gimbutas, The Goddesses and Gods of Old Europe 6500-3500 BC, Myths and Cult Images 1974-1982 pp. 195-6

The Gorgon Medusa, one of 3 sister gorgons

Great Goddess existed for at least five thousand years before the appearance of Classical Greek civilization. Village communities worship her to this day in the guise of the Virgin Mary. The concept of the goddess in bear shape was deeply ingrained in mythical thought through the millennia and survives in contemporary Crete as ‘Virgin Mary of the Bear’. *** In European folk beliefs, she still moves within pregnant women in the shape of a wandering uterus or a toad. Each of her feminine aspects, virginity, birth-giving and motherhood, as well as her Terrible Mother aspect, is well represented in figurine art throughout the Neolithic and Chalcolithic eras of Old Europe.Ibid p. 200

“Female snake, bird, egg, and fish played parts in creation myths and the female goddess was the creative principle. The Snake Goddess and Bird Goddess create the world, charge it with energy, and nourish the earth and its creatures with the life-giving element conceived as water. The waters of heaven and earth are under their control. The Great Goddess emerges miraculously out of death, out of the sacrificial bull, and in her body the new life begins. She is not the Earth, but a female human, capable of transforming herself into many living shapes, a doe, dog, toad, bee, butterfly, tree or pillar.

The task of sustaining life was the dominating motif in the mythical imagery of Old Europe, hence regeneration was one of the foremost manifestations. Nagturally, the goddess who was responsible for the transformation from death to life became the central figure in the pantheon of gods. She, the Great Goddess, is associated with moon crescents, quadripartite designs and bull’s horns, symbols of continuous creation and change. ***” Ibid, pp. 236-7

Now about the aspect of the Mother Goddess that has been called “Terrible.” Don’t panic. Since Marija Gimbutas was a Linguist, let’s take her at her word and define the term so we can come to know exactly what she meant by that.

Terrible – definition at The Free

1. Causing great fear or alarm; dreadful: a terrible bolt of lightning; a terrible curse.

2. Extremely formidable: terrible responsibilities.

3. Extreme in extent or degree; intense: “the life for which he had paid so terrible a price” (Leslie Fiedler).

4.a. Unpleasant; disagreeable: had a terrible time at the party; terrible food.

4b. Very bad: a terrible actor.

Now let’s take a realistic look at God for contrast and comparison.

A recurring theme in the Bible is the children of earth living in “Fear of God.” What does that mean, really? Here is one quote from out of the Book. There is plenty more where this came from:

Psalms 52:5-7 Surely God will bring you down to everlasting ruin: He will snatch you up and tear you from your tent; he will uproot you from the land of the living. The righteous will see and fear; they will laugh at him, saying, “Here now is the man who did not make God his stronghold but trusted in his great wealth and grew strong by destroying others!”  Fear of God bible verses

And so to those of my Sisters who lately have been so hard on themselves for being tough and strong I say — never be apologetic for being who you are. Is your Love nature any less loving because your job is so Terrible? We have been called “the fairer sex” as though women are one-dimensional. But the truth runs deeper than the lexicon of our age. We are cyclic creatures, the Triple Goddess, Maiden-Mother-Crone — Life, Death and Regeneration. It takes courage and unshakable faith to answer the calling some of my Sisters have answered. You’re beautiful. And in fact, the rest of Nature is counting on you to be so.

The dance of Earth Goddess & Sky Father

The forces of nature we are working with today are not only those of the Goddess of Life, Death and Regeneration but those of the father element, the Sky Grid as well.

Contemplate this and the implications of what the meaning may be. We will resume tomorrow, following the Moon the rest of the way through Taurus and ending at the tip of Orion’s Club in Constellation Orion – Osiris.

Remember, Constellation Ophiuchus is opposite Taurus and Orion in the sky. Alpha Taurus, Aldebaran is almost exactly 180° Ecliptic Longitude degrees from Alpha Scorpius, Antares (today’s Lunar alignment with Aldebaran is an opposition to Juno who is aligned with Antares).

What do you think the chances are that this is just a coincidence?

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March 27 ~ Pisces Sun, Taurus Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: The Keywords for Pisces are “I BELIEVE”
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Coming to Meet the Horned God/Goddess
  • Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent
  • Moon transits the Pleiades
  • Mars in Constellation Leo aligned with Rho (red) Leonis on the Zodiac Belt
  • Asteroid Asclepius begins to separate from alignment with 43Sgr

Startistics doesn’t have a “Moon Tipi” — a place set aside “for women only”. So guys, as the women probe and dialogue over what is at the depths of the Ophiuchus Divine Feminine and primal-primordial Goddess, we will ask you to suspend judgment, look on and learn if you like, and no matter what, be supportive.

Men who would rather not deal with women’s issues today and avoid the possibility that I may offend them can check in with Ophiuchus Astronomy-Astrologer Nick Fiorenza at Lunar Planner while I speak to the ladies.

Ladies, we don’t need to be fixed. We’re not broken. Our psyches are mangled from thousands of years of holding ourselves back while the Divine Masculine took its turn seeing what He could do with this world.

But it’s time for us to open Pandora’s Box. Don’t be afraid of what’s inside. What it is is who we are. Many thousands of Earth years ago we agreed to do this — pretend what’s inside of us is a bad thing worth disciplining, controlling and keeping under submission. Now its time for revival and reconciliation.

We don’t need the men to heal us although it’s nice when they acknowledge what has been done to us; and it’s great that they are according us the respect we deserve sincerely and not just by lip service. But don’t forget we’ve fought to earn that respect. They didn’t just wake up one morning and decide they’d been unfair. And we’re winning our suit because we are powerful and strong. And we’re winning without having to employ one single blood-letting weapon.

For anyone who actually saw this movie, in the end Nastassja Kinski gives herself up to her man and allows him to lock her up in a Zoo where he is her Keeper.

Don’t let that happen to you again. We are not bloodthirsty panthers being unleashed on an unsuspecting world.

Let’s get down to the real nitty gritty as we Flower Children from the 1960’s would say. We need to find our own way back since the way we got into this suppression predicament in the first place most likely precipitated from Mother’s decision to let hubby and the boys have their way. We often joke that men are like children, but honestly, in context is that not the way of it? When we meet primal-primordial Goddess tomorrow I defy anyone to be so sure the Patriarchy suppressed the Divine Feminine without her complicity and tacit consent — the masculine element needed to grow up and mature.

Signs among the Light Workers now tell us the new Aquarian Man is beautiful. It’s time to open Pandora’s Box and get this world cleaned up and our beloved Earth Mother released from Her punishing burdens and bondage so She can flower again.

Let’s continue our reconnection process today by pressing the palms of our hands (one or both)  to our Heart Chakras for 10 minutes while we take the second leg of our shamanic journey together.

No need to rush this process. We will talk more tomorrow after everyone has had a chance to just feel this energy for a day or so.

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March 26 ~ Sun in Pisces, Aries Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: The Keywords for Pisces are “I BELIEVE”
  • Lunar Phase Theme: I AM the product of my Subconscious Beliefs
  • Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent
  • Sun-Uranus separating, still in Conjunction
  • Venus in Aries aligned with Algol, Beta Perseus
  • Asteroid Asclepius aligned with 43Sgr

Today offers a continuation of yesterday’s energy. Intensification of yesterday’s program is the equivalent to zooming the lens and re-focusing our Mind’s Eye like a Laser Beam on the problem area, putting electro-magnetic pulsations to work dissolving malevolent programs.

I did some reading last night in my Marija Gimbutas books and am thinking that tomorrow when the Moon enters Constellation Taurus we might explore a side of Goddess that most women don’t really want to face. We’ll be taking an honest look in the magic mirror and trying to decide if what we see is a distorted reflection made up to justify the gender shift that we think impelled the planet into cultural-natural imbalance and whether primordial, primal Woman-Unleashed is a Force of Nature and a power to be reckoned with.

We’ll start slowly to give this Consciousness-Thoughts & Feelings-DNA material a chance to take root.

To be continued …

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March 25 ~ Sun in Pisces, Aries Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: The Keywords for Pisces are “I BELIEVE”
  • Lunar Phase Theme: I AM the product of my Subconscious Beliefs
  • Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent
  • Venus in Aries aligned with Algol, Beta Perseus
  • Asteroid Asclepius aligned with 43Sgr

Today a powerful window opens for us to experience Quantum Healing as a result of the new energy we have been receiving from the Sun since the X-Class Solar Flare on March 7.

Remember this report is coming to us from solar physicists who don’t necessarily know what we know about how stuff works metaphysically. Also keep in mind that NASA is in cahoots with the USA Government to keep us dumbed down and ignorant of all the really good information they have. They don’t want us to know what they know. This is a fact.

So we will use our imaginations to get how the special solar energy we’ve been waiting for is getting through the atmosphere no matter what we’re being told.

This may also have something to do with the strategy behind Chemtrailing although I’m sure there are also heinous reasons for Chemtrailing that I don’t want to think about.

That being said, today we’re receiving the answers to all of these problems. We just have to be open to hearing what the problems are and even more open to the solution.

To facilitate the Healing & Wisdom, Asteroid Asclepius aligns with the Sagittarius portal of the Twin Vortex System today which is part of the New Planetary Caduceus.

As with anything else, you should take this information in through your Discernment faculties. If you don’t resonate with it, discard it.

The following video gives us a powerful affirmation of the sovereign power of our I AM Selves in all of our situations, from the politics in the mundane world to the effects of Chemtrailing or the ruthless dumbing down of our children through silly intelligence-insulting television programming.

This lecture sets the stage for a more powerful and detailed lecture delving deeper into how you can work with this concept – the second video to be shared with you tomorrow.

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March 24 ~ Pisces Sun, Moon in Pisces-Aries

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: The Keywords for Pisces are “I BELIEVE”
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Deep personal issues emerge into waking consciousness
  • Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent
  • Moon continues to transit Great Andromeda Galaxy
  • Moon aligns with Alpha Pisces
  • Venus in Constellation Aries aligns with Beta Perseus, Algol
Gorgon Medusa of Corfu

Gorgon Medusa of Corfu

The 2012 Venus transit of Algol is key to the events of this week, maybe even the long term results of the Venus transit of Constellation Aries. It all has to do with the issue of gender and the revival of the Divine Feminine on this planet.

 If you’re following the Oph ‘Scopes every day you know we’re in the midst of a great wave of self-revealing that is pivotal to our coming together as a Human Body Politic. Hearts and Minds need to all converge on what is right for the planet and Humanity, and it has to be a natural and organic process. Nothing else is going to work in the long run. Think about it.

So do your best with your issues today. We are fighting programming and thousands of years of dumbing-down un-education. Your personal processes may be feeling extreme but by the same token the end result will be extremely good, so purge yourself, let yourself “let go” and “trust God/dess” or whatever version you hold in your Heart as your Higher Power – if you have one.

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March 23 ~ Sun, Mercury Rx, & Moon in Pisces

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: The Keywords for Pisces are “I BELIEVE”
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Adventures in a World of Dreams
  • Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent
  • Sun combust Mercury Rx
  • Sun conjunct Uranus
  • Moon aligns with M31 Great Andromeda Galaxy
  • Mars retrograde in Leo, Venus and Jupiter in Aries

It should be all about saving the world for us “cosmically conscious” people but somehow everything is turning back in on us and focus is closing in on our personal lives instead.

Don’t feel selfish. We’re supposed to be focusing on ourselves — don’t forget Venus and Jupiter in Aries are opening us all up to expose the inner beauty and power. Unfortunately the Sun, Moon, Mercury Rx, and Uranus are in Pisces opening up Pandora’s Box!

I don’t know how I missed seeing this (yes I do) Mercury retrograde has been combust with the Sun for a few days including during Equinox. Oops.

For those of us going through personal crises we’re grasping at straws, trying to figure out how we can flip the switch and feel better. Today may be another day of feeling trapped and desperate to get out, leave, go somewhere else, or “go home.” Mercury retrograde insists I say it again: Wherever you go, there you are.

For those who are in balance and not experiencing major emotional upheavals, the Moon’s transit of M31, the Great Andromeda Galaxy gives us an opportunity to mediate our way into the Higher Dimensions to make contact with the Ultra Dimensionals. Music and dance are a great on-ramp. Dreams may be sweet and melodic, though we may or may not return to the body remembering much about them. Being ‘taken aboard’ your ships to check in with the Flight Crew is easier when the Moon aligns with the Great Andromeda Galaxy. You can do this in sleep also.

The Moon in Pisces makes for GREAT sleeping weather. Pisces is the deepest sign of all. It’s where the mystery lives. So if you are stressed, conduct a relaxation ritual and let go of body tension. Light candles and incense, take a long bath with salts or lavender, spend time in the park or at the beach. Solving problems is impossible when your mind is going like a hamster in a wheel. Relaxation and sleep open the body and mind to natural healing vibrations and the Great Mystery.

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March 22 ~ Pisces Sun, Pisces New Moon – 14:37 UTC

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: The Keywords for Pisces are “I BELIEVE” 
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Exposing and Acknowledging what we have been Denying
  • Moon Phase: New Moon
  • Sun & Moon conjunct with Mercury Rx and Uranus in Constellation Pisces

The first day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere is a time when new shoots break ground and everything that was hibernating comes out to warm up and renew itself.

In the Southern Hemisphere folks are harvesting their crops and trees are breaking out into glorious multi-colors and dropping their impassioned leaves to the ground.

New Moon in Pisces sets the tone for a “preparation for turning the corner” Solar-Lunar month where issues we’ve been stuffing inevitably pop up in such a way that we cannot avoid facing them (spring). Either that or we can tell by what we are reaping in our lives is a product of one of those issues we hoped would just go away — but like a weed, it didn’t (fall).

No more avoiding it — it’s in our face.

The timely conjunction of Sun and Moon today with Uranus, the Planetary Intelligence of Aquarius, adds a transpersonal element to this month’s energetic focus. Mold-breaking trends in the public eye that we have been watching will become so prevalent and dynamic that many dishonest people are going to be facing serious incarceration time while those who are already locked up are going to be sitting there with nothing to do but face their inner demons squarely.

And let us not forget Mercury retrograde combust with the Sun. Those of us going through personal crises probably feel trapped and desperate to get out, leave, go somewhere else, or “go home.” Guess what? Wherever you go, there you are.

This will not be the happiest of times, but it will be productive and it’s necessary. The Party we have been planning for the New Age is not a Come As You Are affair. Very few people are without issues that need to be dealt with, even if the issue has to do with the excesses in our lives that produce unnecessary waste or cause others to suffer hardships even if those others are out of sight and out of mind.

Unburden yourself and work the energies by taking yesterday’s words of wisdom to heart.

Learn something new and be of service to somebody else every day in some way. This prescription isn’t overtly suggested by any of the planetary alignments. It’s just plain sage advice that will work for anybody — a genuine curative agent for whatever ails us in the moment.

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March 21 ~ Pisces Sun, Pisces Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: The Keywords for Aquarius are “I KNOW”
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Lessons we need to learn
  • Moon Phase: Waning Crescent

Today is the last day of the previous Solar-Lunar cycle that began on the last New Moon (conjunction of Sun and Moon in Constellation Aquarius). Tomorrow, on the heels of the March Equinox, we begin a new cycle. So we’re going to take time out to just process the energy from Equinox and prepare to begin that new Solar-Lunar cycle tomorrow.

What I’ve been given to say on this first full day of Ophiuchus Rising in the USA to prepare us for not just the new Solar-Lunar cycle but from here on out are these words of wisdom guaranteed to spread a healthy virus with phenomenal speed:

Every day you haven’t learned something or helped another human being – preferably both – is a day wasted.

Let’s make all of our days Count!

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March 20 ~ Pisces Sun, Aquarius Moon

  • Equinox Mar 20 05:14 UTC at Stonehenge

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: The Keywords for Aquarius are “I KNOW”
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Will Humanity Learn the Lesson of Atlantis?
  • Moon Phase: Waning Crescent
  • Moon conjunct with Neptune in alignment with Helix Nebula

Well, Sisters and Brothers, here we are again. Atlantis, Take Two. Will Humanity ever learn? Is it possible for Humanity to learn the lessons required to rebirth it into an Age of Altruism and Universality all in one piece?

According to some New Age sources help is on the way. We are either being gifted with 12-strand DNA or this gift is being restored to us because we had it once but it was taken away from us.

Either way, this is a vital Thought Form for us to embrace. To make it so, we must come to Believe, the keyword of Pisces–the age that is passing away at the dawning of the Age of Universal Knowledge.

We can help this process along — and we must — by picking at least one personal issue and working through it no matter what it takes out of us to do it. We need to demonstrate from the Heart that we would do better if only the situation weren’t so overwhelming. We cannot afford to be lazy or give up. Every form of life leaves its mother’s breast at some point.

Today’s meditation is meant to make us all Blood Brothers and Sisters in the Native North American way as part of our work with the Planetary Grid on Equinox.

In the Native tradition we cut the index finger with a sharp knife and press our fingers together to mix the blood. However, because we have spilled enough of each other’s blood everywhere on the planet to give us the right, let us come together as blood brothers and sisters today out on the Planetary Grid of the New Age Self-Governing Body of Humanity. Let us chant and dance in our meditations around the Sacred Medicine Wheel Circle in the presence of the Earth our Mother and the Sky our Father.

Could you give this secret ceremony your time if you thought it would help stop the senseless spilling of more blood?

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March 19 ~ Pisces Sun, Aquarius-Capricornus Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: The Keywords for Aquarius are “I KNOW”
  • Lunar Phase Theme: World Service & Our Governments
  • Moon Phase: Waning Crescent
  • Neptune aligned with Helix Nebula in Constellation Aquarius

Today’s Solar and Lunar energies are all about the shape we’re in socio-politically speaking.

Yesterday we saw that Neptune is aligned with Helix Nebula in Constellation Aquarius. Neptune is a trans-personal planet whose domain is Illumination. He operates through the medium of Spiritual Water (Pisces), fine arts and music — the higher octave of Venus in that respect.

Let’s relax our minds and give our Instruments – our subtle bodies – a tune-up today while we’re assimilating the new 12-strand Altruistic Society DNA. No guided meditations – just a half-hour deep meditation with theta wave stimulation to prepare for the first Equinox of 2012 tomorrow.

  • Ophiuchus & March Equinox 2012 for more preparation suggestions and ideas on how you can use the energies of Equinox to powerfully interact with the planet and humanity.

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March 18 ~ Pisces Sun, Capricornus-Aquarius Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: The Keywords for Aquarius are “I KNOW”
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Careers, Big Business, Politics and Governments
  • Moon Phase: Waning Crescent
  • Mars Rx in Leo aligned with Alpha Draco, Thuban
  • Neptune in Aquarius aligned with Helix Nebula

In case anyone is wondering why I don’t talk about planetary aspects (sextiles, squares, trines, etc.) it’s because I find conjunctions give me more than enough material to work with. Sometimes less is more. Personally, I find that trying to work with all of the tools modern Astrology gives us is like going to a restaurant and being handed a 50-page menu. But that’s just me.

Maybe that’s what’s ‘wrong’ in business and government. Too many choices, too many cooks in the kitchen. With so much going on, how can anyone know everything, even those at the top of the World Pyramid who think they do and have made it their business to know everything so they can keep the rest of us sheltered and protected from things we really don’t want to know.

Do they really know everything? Of course not. And probably a number of people who thought they had it all under control are realizing that they have made a few minor miscalculations.

When the house is made of cards, one mistake is all it takes for the whole thing to come crashing down.

This is a good lesson to apply in our personal lives too. There is way too much to know. It’s so easy to misinterpret the signs and the messages we’re being given — even when Mercury is direct. Sometimes you just have to take a step back and contemplate the Big Picture and wait for an intuitive thought to clear the fog.

Today while Mercury is retrograde might be a good day for those of us who can relate to being in a position of high responsibility to put ourselves in the shoes of somebody in business or government who may be acting with information we don’t have or who may not realize they’re in the same soup we are but they don’t know it yet.

You can do this in your personal life too.

NGC 6720 | Helix Nebula, Constellation Aquarius

After that it’s a short hop to hoping they wake up to some of the information we have so we can find some real solutions together to some of the planet-and-people-killing practices being exercised by planetary management. If they won’t take our phone calls and e-mails we’re obviously going to have to go into the Universal Hologram. Once there we’ll see that they are another one of us, that we are all One, and that ultimately the solution is going to require forgiveness, compassion and empathy.

Hmm. That’s a good thought to apply in our personal lives as well.

If we want Peace and Love, we have to be the Peace and Love we want to see in the world. The Mahatma Gandhi said that. There is no path to Peace. Peace IS the path. Our part is to stop projecting fear and anger thoughts. Thoughts are things. Let’s put those weapons down. I’ll admit I’ve sort of been fueling that fire myself by sharing “wake-up” videos to bring issues to light. It’s important to know what the issues are. It’s also important to work through them from our upper Chakras (heart, mind and crown), not the lower (fear and anger response).

Neptune aligned with Helix Nebula in Constellation Aquarius today is giving us an opportunity to unfurl new Altruistic Society DNA so Humanity can begin moving as one body toward health and wisdom fit to entitle us to an invitation to join Galactic and Universal society. In the second half of the day the Moon moves out of Capricornus and into Aquarius but still in the zone where Constellation Aquarius overhangs Capricornus. It’s a perfect day to work with the Altruistic Society DNA today.

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March 17 ~ Pisces Sun, Sagittarius-Capricornus Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: The Keywords for Aquarius are “I KNOW”
  • Lunar Phase Theme: The dichotomy of spiritual politics 
  • Moon Phase: Waning Crescent

Legend has it St. Patrick banished all snakes from Ireland, chasing them into the sea after they assailed him during a 40-day fast he was undertaking on top of a hill.

While historians argue that Ireland “back in the day” was not inhabited by snakes the key word in the legend is “banished.” That is a magical term. And the scene described is obviously a spiritual experience to those of us who can recognize it.

According to Wikipedia, Author Betty Rhodes suggests the “snakes” referred to is the serpent symbolism of the Druids.

Embarking on a short foray out on the Internet to see if I could establish a Phoenician trade route connecting Ireland with the lands of the Cult of the Snake in the Mediterranean and the Aegean, I found a reference to Ancient Gaelic mythologies attributing a Phoenician/Scythian connection to Ireland by a leader called Fénius Farsa.

Fénius Farsaid (also Phoeniusa, Phenius, Féinius; Farsa, Farsaidh, many variant spellings) is a legendary king of Scythia who shows up in different versions of Irish folklore. He was the son of Boath who was a son of Magog. According to some traditions, he was the creator of the Ogham alphabet and the Gaelic language. Wikipedia

Britain – Pictlands 500 AD | Click to Enlarge

This is where it gets interesting and also controversial since those who consider themselves protectors of the true ways of the Druids, the Celts and the Fae (few traces of whose knowledge yet exist to verify much of anything about their lost traditions) will basically jump on you if you mention Robert Graves, the main source of the following ‘information’ found at Wikipedia:

Modern New Age and Neopagan approaches to ogham largely derive from the theories of Robert Graves in his book The White Goddess.[…] In this work Graves took his inspiration from the theories of the ogham scholar R.A.S Macalister (…) and elaborated on them much further. Graves proposed that the ogham alphabet encoded a set of beliefs originating in the Middle-east in Stone Age times, concerning the ceremonies surrounding the worship of the Moon-goddess in her various forms. Graves’ argument is extremely complex, but in essence he argues that the Hebrews, Greeks and Celts were all influenced by a people originating in the Aegean, called ‘the people of the sea’ by the Egyptians, who spread out around Europe in the 2nd Millennium BC, taking their religious beliefs with them.[…] At some early stage these teachings were encoded in alphabet form by poets in order to pass on their worship of the goddess (as the muse and inspiration of all poets) in a secret fashion, understandable only to initiates. Eventually, via the druids of Gaul, this knowledge was passed on to the poets of early Ireland and Wales.

* * *

KNOWING what we KNOW about Serpents, Serpent Holders, Goddess worship and Christianity I think we can pretty much piece together what the story of St. Patrick and the Snakes probably means. The Roman Empire reached clear up into Great Britain at one time. Aesculapius by then had become a most revered figure since in BCE 293 He had saved Rome from a terrible plague.

I imagine this story of St. Patrick is a reference to how the Cult of the Snake was eradicated from Northern Europe as the Pagan Gods and Goddesses were being driven out of the Roman Empire by the new wave Christian religion.

And finally, to answer the question as to whether there were any snakes in the British isles of Northern Europe in ancient times …

Pict Symbols

I see some snakes in there.

Say, Donna, who are the Picts?

And speaking of Snakes, Serpent Holders and the Cult of the Serpent, guess who will be inside the Circle at Stonehenge on March Equinox 2012?

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March 16 ~ Pisces Sun, Sagittarius Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: The Keywords for Aquarius are “I KNOW”
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Ascension
  • Moon Phase: Waning Third Quarter
  • Jupiter & Venus Conjunct in Aries

Late in the day (UTC) if the higher frequencies and solar energies we’re receiving are interacting already with new mechanisms in the sky grid, Ascension energy should be flooding the Earth planes and sensitive Light Workers should be able to feel it.

If your subtle bodies are aware of the Portal, you’ll know it. Remember it’s a vortex. Some people sense it as a rush, especially when it’s the Moon that is at the Vortex. The Moon travels quickly, about 13° per day.

Mercury is retrograde so our experience of it may not be classic, but it should be tangible nonetheless.

As always, the material being offered today is for your consideration and discernment. Some folks will resonate with it and some won’t. We are always guided to share what we share for what it may be worth.

George Kavassilas – Ascension:
Half of humanity will ascend to the 5th dimension on March 21, 2013.

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March 15 ~ Pisces Sun, Ophiuchus-Sagittarius Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: The Keywords for Aquarius are “I KNOW”
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Crossing the Galactic Plane
  • Moon Phase: Last Quarter Moon
  • Mercury retrograde in Pisces
  • Venus and Jupiter Conjunct in Aries
  • Mars retrograde in Leo

Today is the “Ides of March.” It was an unlucky day for Julius Caesar but he probably had it coming. My favorite lawyer boss in the whole world celebrates his birthday today. In those days I used to keep a swim suit in the file drawer because when the weather was just right he’d call me from home and I’d meet him downstairs and we’d go to the beach instead of wasting the day at work. Just as friends–honest! So all in all the Ides of March has been good to me.

The Moon starts the day in alignment with Alpha Ophiuchus, the two stars in Scorpius that are the new forked tongue of the Southern Serpent of Wisdom, and the main stars of Constellation Ara the Altar.

Just after that the Moon crosses the Galactic Plane from North to South – the Galactic Earth Dragon’s Tail. So if I find myself in a disorienting jet wash I won’t be surprised and you shouldn’t be surprised either. Just don’t be too quick to think it’s Mercury retrograde.

Mercury retrograde in Pisces and Mars retrograde in Leo may contribute to the feel of the disorienting jet wash. When planets are retrograde theoretically that puts them in ‘magnetic mode’ which means it has the ability to suck us in.

Meanwhile Venus and Jupiter conjunct in Aries are direct and their combined effect is engaging. But there again even though Aries is intensely dynamic, Jupiter has an incredibly powerful magnetosphere and from what I hear somewhere in the neighborhood of 66 moons! Talk about a planetary Harem!

The metaphors over the last weeks pretty clearly indicate that are all dealing with a bunch of particularly stubborn and maybe nasty ‘control issues.’ If we look at our own part in our life dramas and figure out what it is about us that we can change, the rest of our world will morph around us.

That would be the best use of the magnetism from Jupiter and the retrograde planets today.

Fix your own problems and the world around you will change and adapt to the new psychic landscape.

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March 14 ~ Pisces Sun, Ophiuchus Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: The Keywords for Aquarius are “I KNOW”
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Healing Humanity at the Subconscious Level
  • Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous
  • Mercury retrograde in Pisces
  • Jupiter and Venus conjunct in Aries

The Moon spends all day in Constellation Ophiuchus. The effects are subtle because the light of the Moon is waning, which is probably a good thing. After all everyone has been through lately, greater Moon Magnetism at the Ophiuchus Star Gates might be too much for awakening humanity to handle.

As it is, awakened Light Workers are being held back while everyone waits for the Conductor of the New Age Orchestra to tap-tap-tap-tap-tap his (or her) baton on the music holder signalling us the music is ready to begin.

There is a lot of activity going on behind the scenes. If you’re an Ophiuchus native or you have planets in Ophiuchus, you’re still getting yourself ready along with the rest of us but somehow things seem much more urgent to you. While the Moon transits Constellation Ophiuchus today some of you will be rerouting your extra energy and some will be taking more on. Whatever mode you’re in, you should know that due to the pivotal role Ophiuchus is to play in the March Equinox, all we can do is manage our days and nights as wisely as we can.

Oops! Mercury retrograde March 12-April 4

Yesterday I forgot all about Mercury retrograde. This morning I woke up to both of my web sites being offline. So the question I posed earlier this month about whether Mercury retrograde in Pisces was actually a good thing has been answered. Sort of.

Mercury retrograde probably explains my interesting mental states over the last few days. Maybe I’ll change back and maybe not. Meanwhile, while my web sites were offline, for a change I didn’t panic. I calmly pinged my trusty webmaster and the problem was resolved in a few hours. I actually felt the problem being resolved. I didn’t check up on my feelings. I kept on with the sky chart project I was on. Some minutes after I’d gotten the feeling the web sites were back online a big Raven flew across the courtyard and let out a very loud sharp CAW)! (as in hey! check your web sites, they’re back online! ) and so I got online and Voila! we had web juice again :-).

Meanwhile, the project I picked up while waiting turned out to be the exact right time to pick it up. I won’t bore you with the details but suffice to say my experience of Mercury Retrograde in Pisces, which is nowhere near my own Mercury Direct in Pisces (not conjunct) yielded a minor communication systems interruption, a short detour, and set me up to communicate with someone who needed timely attention right on cosmic time.

Cool, calm, collected, and still feeling like the best thing to do when the water is polluted is to get out of it, dry off and get a little sunshine — so far I’m having a pretty good Mercury Retrograde period.

How about you?

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March 13 ~ Pisces Sun, Libra-Scorpius-Ophiuchus Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: The Keywords for Aquarius are “I KNOW”
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Let’s Rock the House!
  • Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous
  • Venus and Jupiter Conjunct in Constellation Aries

Well it’s official. I’m in uncharted territory.

Today all of a sudden I feel like all of what’s going on ‘out there’ is silly and I’m just plain bored with it.

Wow, huh?

I posted this turn of events on Facebook and received feedback from a number of my Friends who are feeling the same way I am including some of my fe-male Ophiuchus Friends. So that was good to know. I always like resonating with my Ophiuchus Goddesses of Light Wisdom.


Meanwhile Venus and Jupiter in Aries are giving a lot of people almost too much information about themselves being mirrored to them by their friends and family relationships.

Although they are not bored by the silliness, their responses are similar to mine — they don’t quite seem to know what to do with that information yet.

Yesterday I spent money I probably shouldn’t have spent on a new mini stereo system for my bedroom. It has passed muster with Mia my white Russian Blue Ophiucat. (Her birthday is December 10.) She spent all day in the bedroom happily snoozing to lite jazz (not my cup of tea but she liked it) while I was out here on my computer doing this.

I love the Moon in Libra-Scorpius-Ophiuchus. It’s my favorite Moon on the whole Zodiac Belt. It’s always full of adventure for me. And healing and transformations too of course. And guess what — the Moon enters Ophiuchus late in the day (UTC) on the 13th of March. What a coincidence.

Here’s a little something for all you Ophiuchus Star Seeds out there …

Starman – Ziggy Stardust & the Spiders from Mars (David Bowie 1972)

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March 12 ~ Pisces Sun, Libra Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: The Keywords for Aquarius are “I KNOW”
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Balancing Personal and Social Relationships
  • Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous
  • Sun enters Constellation Pisces
  • Moon aligns with Alpha Libra, Beta Libra (the claws of the Ancient Scorpion) and Alpha Serpens (Unukalhai)
  • Asteroid Juno retrograde in Constellation Ophiuchus
  • Mercury turns retrograde today! until April 4, 2012

For those who are grappling with troubling relationship issues, the Moon transit of Libra will turn today into a most challenging day.

The Lunar-Solar Cycle takes its theme from the last conjunction of Sun and Moon (“New Moon”) so the undertone of this lunar month still has to do with public relations and what you KNOW.

Notwithstanding that, the Sun moves into Constellation Pisces today and this sign has within its domain hospitals and institutions including lock-ups. When I was first getting into Astrology I learned that Pisces is the House of Sorrow. The keyword phrase that went along with that was “I’m Sorry.” So let’s hope this energy catches up with some people who should be sorry because their relationship with Humanity is being called into question and because these people deserve to be locked up. The 12th House is where Past Life Karma is accumulated for your next life and where it will be waiting for you when you get back.

This would be a good lifetime to make sure our karmic slates are squeaky clean.

There’s a lot more to Pisces than sorrow and past life karma of course. Another famous keyword combination for this House is “I Believe” as it is one of the Houses of Mystery. We’ll talk more about Pisces as the Sun makes its way through it between now and April 18 (it’s a wide Constellation).

So is your Sun in Constellation Pisces too? I don’t know about you, but it sure explained alot to me about my personality. I love attention as much as any Aries, but very often I could care less about it. That’s my 1st House Moon conjunct with the Ascendant. The 1st House is the House of Aries. Anyone with something in the 1st House has a little bit of Aries in their celestial DNA.

When I thought I was an Aries with all of my personal planets in the 10th House, I was really messed up. I thought I was supposed to be some sort of political activist or corporate executive making decisions about how other people ought to be following my directions. You can’t imagine my relief when I turned out to be a 9th House Pisces, on a spiritual path and (Constellation Ophiuchus in the 5th House) in Love with Ophiuchus. My Tropical Leo Ascendant had been a big disappointment. I’m about as magnetic and aggressive as a fish.

What am I saying? I AM a fish! My Cancer Ascendant with a 1st House Moon conjunct creates plenty of problems for me, but at least it explains why I’m happier behind my computer screen than out on a lecture circuit or parading my face around in public. Facebook Friend me — it’s easy to interface from the safety of my Internet crab shell.

Okay, there, so that’s a little bit about the Pisces in me. I’ll bet if you other “Tropical Aries” reach deep down inside you’ll find an answer there as to why you have an aquarium in your living room, why you find it necessary to live on one of the Coastlines or why you get your best epiphanies either in the shower or in front of the bathroom mirror while the water is running.

Think about it.

Juno will be in Constellation Ophiuchus for quite a long time, giving everyone plenty of time to unsubscribe from lists and remove themselves from the company of social groups that are not in their best interests — or humanity’s either for that matter. Lots of people, especially wisdom carriers and healers, are getting their first-ever opportunity to form Soul Relationships with Ophiuchus. If you want to get in on it, you know what to do. Don’t wait to become a Chosen One. Choose yourself.

The Moon in Libra of course facilitates great change: changing decisions, changing valuations, changing weights and measures, changing partners, changing the music.

Lots of opportunity abounds for bringing desired change into your life today. It should be obvious which decisions are best. Good luck!

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March 11 ~ Aquarius Sun, Virgo-Libra Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: The Keywords for Aquarius are “I KNOW”
  • Lunar Phase Theme: “Under the Skirt of the Virgin”
  • Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous
  • Venus-Jupiter Conjunction in Constellation Aries

Venus is applying to a conjunction with Jupiter today. The actual window of linear time within which the alignment will be in play is about a week, the traditional orb of influence coming to an end around the 18th. But the after-effects of the energy will last for much longer than that.

Although mythological lore might tell a different tale, according to Astrological tradition Venus and Jupiter are similar and constitute an energy octave of sorts, at least exoterically and on the lower planes where most of us still live when we’re at home rubbing elbows with ordinary Humanity.

The similar qualities probably stem from Jupiter’s expansiveness, generosity, joviality and spendthrift penchants as they relate to Venus as a voluptuous sensuous being who tends to need her creature comforts around her.

And then there is the myth of Athena’s birth to consider. Since this solar system seems to be short on female planetary bodies (ahem) we can use Venus to substitute for Athena who gave birth to herself by walking out of Zeus’s head while he slept. Ouch!

Of course there are higher correspondences for both Venus and Jupiter, but it’s usually more useful to use the lower values because we need to constantly monitor our faults and shortcoming. It’s part of the Human Experience.

And besides, these planets are coming to us from Constellation Aries, the sign of the personality-self and ego — and fresh beginnings.

Speaking of fresh beginnings, Equinox is less than two weeks away!

Preparation for March Equinox

Today I turned up a segue of videos that I thought about embedding in my presentation on the upcoming Equinox on March 20. But the document is getting so heavy with other information that I decided to share the videos here.

Tanking up on these vibrations will be helpful for working with the Planetary Grid on Equinox. Enjoy!

THIS is why the Patriarchy is afraid to let women loose on this planet …

Santana – Black Magic Woman

Shakira – She Wolf

Shakira – Whenever Wherever

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March 10 ~ Aquarius Sun, Virgo Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: The Keywords for Aquarius are “I KNOW”
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Health, Wisdom & Service to Humanity
  • Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous
  • Moon aligns with Alpha Virgo, Spica & Alpha Boötes, Arcturus

Today Health practitioners and investors can make strides in their health and service programs that benefit Humanity at large and the people in their local neighborhoods.

When the Moon transits Spica and Arcturus today a Time Corridor opens. If you have raised your vibrations and opened your awareness and willingness to see into the future and you want to meet helpers from other worlds, you can make contact today because the Celestial Gateway that operates on cosmic timing will be opening.

Your job is to know where your body needs to be at the other end of this celestial ray that is calibrated to facilitate cosmic contact.

Maybe that right place is inside your Mind right there where you usually sit in your favorite chair — maybe it’s outside in the park at your personal Power Place in the Sacred Grove of Trees. Maybe there is a Star Gate near where you live. Only you will know where YOU need to be to make use of this tip today.

Good luck!

Today we’re presenting the latest interview of Benjamin Fulford for your discernment. There’s so much disinformation flying around it’s impossible to know what’s what but some find it useful to keep tabs on it.

If you can give this program a chance to unfold, at the end there is a discussion about reconstruction plans for the New Earth that are supposedly being worked on in the background at this very moment. In the interview Fulford describes the many governments, people and organizations that have come together to effectuate the release of the common people from tyranny. He describes the practical aspects of life in the foreseeable future assuming the plan his group is manifesting comes into being.

Is it real or is it Memorex? Who knows?

The principles you will hear becoming activated on some level of reality throughout this Interview are calls to Altruism and Service to Humanity. As ideas, it can never be wrong to visualize a better world coming into view through reconciliation and reconstruction.

I know we have been disappointed before, but it never hurts to listen and Hope. This is part of how we use our Minds and our Mind Power to vote YES to what we’re hearing, thus sending our input out into the Universe so that the Hologram can project this vision for the future back to us.

This is our part in the Great Work of Ascension. We can do this! Listen – decide – Vote!

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March 9 ~ Aquarius Sun, Virgo Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: The Keywords for Aquarius are “I KNOW”
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Earth Life in the Fast Lane
  • Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous
  • Moon transits the Coma-Virgo X-Ray/Radio Galaxy Streaming

Are you ready to go fast? I mean REALLY fast? Well it’s possible to shift our worlds into overdrive today.

The Moon — still nearly full — is transiting that part of Constellation Virgo I like to call the Coma-Virgo X-Ray/Radio Galaxy Streaming. You can read up on that here:

So what are we going to do with this piece of information? Well, we can combine it with the latest development in Physics and see what we can co-create with it.

Scientific Thought is very much in the domain of Virgo, so this topic is spot-on with the Oph ‘Scope energy for the day. The Moon in the Coma-Virgo X-Ray/Radio Galaxy Streaming has the capacity to accelerate our absorption of new concepts and to bring in to our open and thirsty senses cosmic nourishment from high-tech civilizations in galaxies far far away who want all of us to go back to school and begin Ascension on the Learning Curve.

Here is our course for the day. It’s a good one! It will even make you Laugh! If you sat at your desk at school looking out the window and daydreaming because what the teachers were cramming down your throat tasted like &%$# then this is the lecture for you!

Nassim Haramein – Sacred Geometry & Unified Fields – FULL VERSION

Ooh I just found another one – for those who just can’t get enough of a good thing!

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March 8 ~ Aquarius Sun, Full Moon in Leo

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: The Keywords for Aquarius are “I KNOW”
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Dragon-Lion-Serpent Moon
  • Moon Phase: Full Moon
  • Moon conjunct with Mars Rx in Constellation Leo

An interesting interplay of mythical animal energies greets the day as the Water Dragon Moon aligns with Mars (the serpent) retrograde in Constellation Leo, symbolizing the Lion-Serpent.

Face on Mars | Viking 1

Mars as the wild card

Mars retrograde in Leo gives everyone a chance to reconsider actions recently taken in our love affairs. It is also forcing the Royals to reconsider actions taken or not taken within the confines of their Kingdoms. The Sun in Aquarius suggests the domains of these Royals involve Humanity and Altruism.

As we have done with the lethal Scorpion, many of us have romanticized the predatory Lion because that’s what we do. We would rather see the bright spiritual sides of things.

There comes a time, however, when we need to see the shadow in order to embrace and neutralize it. In that connection, each one of us needs to take an inventory, identify the shadows within us, and consider what to do with them.

This part of our Personal Inventory is necessary if we want Jupiter in Aries to result in positive soul growth instead of over-inflating our egos. We are all developing our mental tools. Some of these tools can be used for evil, just like HAARP and the weapons our military agencies have sworn they were developing for our protection.

Don’t be that guy when the New World rolls around!


We all have predator instincts. They’re built in to our reptilian and mammalian brains, and piloted by programs inserted into our Neo Cortices in many instances by our own complacent acceptance of them.

Alpha Leo – Regulus

Very often we don’t realize when our predator instincts have gone into action. They can be activated in such a simple way — how about when we find it necessary to plot and plan revenge or conspiracy? This instinct is behind ‘blood feuds’ and gives every animal its encoding as to which animals in the food chain they will hunt. DNA encoding connects instinct to the sense of smell which as you know is hard wired into the brain in such a way as to not be easily perceived or dealt with.


Last year we came to the realization that one of the many changes being brought in on the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 was a fundamental system-wide frequency change. This frequency change will eventually make it impossible for life forms not in harmony with the Plan for the Ascended Earth to survive here unless they choose to go through the Ascension Process and come out of it changed and in harmony with all of the rest of us.

As part of that frequency change, we found that Mars was one of the most vital planets to be changed, and that in fact, it was already predisposed to this change as it was fundamentally in align with the energy and the work of the Serpent Holder complex of constellations and great selfless souls working with Gaia the Earth Mother and Humanity.

Play with these ideas today.

For those with ordinary life concerns and strained personal relationships, watch your loved ones for signs of a change of Heart. And by the way, that change of Heart may have to be yours if you are the one in the relationship that has the spiritual tools to bring the relationship into harmonic balance.

Life is chemistry. Meditate on this today and see what you come up with on your own.

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March 7 ~ Aquarius Sun, Cancer-Leo Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: The Keywords for Aquarius are “I KNOW”
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Out of the Darkness and Into the Light
  • Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous
  • Jupiter aligned with Alpha Aries – Hamal

We’ve had a hard last couple of days. Some of us have been trapped in dark thoughts and murky feelings, wondering what it’s going to take to get us through this dark time.

Today as the Moon moves from Constellation Cancer into Leo we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. If we have been diligent in our self-work then that light is our own Inner Light showing us the way forward.

Let’s keep things simple today. If you see that Light, stop and connect with it. Take a few minutes out of your busy day — stop whatever you’re doing, and hold the connection for as long as you can.

Tomorrow is the Full Moon and we will work with that Inner Light then.

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March 6 ~ Aquarius Sun, Cancer Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: The Keywords for Aquarius are “I KNOW”
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Our Inner Beauty Comes Out of Hiding
  • Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous Moon
  • Jupiter aligned with Alpha Aries, “Hamal”
  • Venus in Constellation Aries aligned with Beta Aries, Sheratan
  • Juno in Constellation Ophiuchus

There are two levels to today’s celestial sphere focus; the main one is interpersonal because of the Sun in Aquarius. But the other one is personal because of the Moon in Cancer. And yet because we are all individual sparks of the Divine Flame that is the Human Race, the personal work we do today feeds back into the Aquarius interpersonal level as We Are All One.

Everywhere we look, if we’re looking in the right places, secrets are coming out into the open. Some of them are being made public while others are coming to us by way of personal epiphanies as we learn more and more about ourselves as the Masters, Wayshowers and Teachers we have been waiting for. Coming to this level of self-knowledge can present somewhat of a shock.

Jupiter aligned with Alpha Aries, the fixed star Hamal, will act as powerful catalyst for the divulging of perhaps some of the most important and timely revelations of 2012. Whether these new pieces of information about ourselves are personal or to be made public depends on who and where you are and to whom you are responsible.

Do yourself a favor and purge yourself of anything you’re holding inside that is eating at you. You don’t need a Priest or Priestess — you can start by writing your confessions down and burning them. That will set you on the right path.

Forging new relationships for health & wisdom

Asteroid Juno, the Goddess whose domain is soul contract relationships, has recently crossed the Scorpius boundary into Constellation Ophiuchus and is in align today with its Lambda star, the elbow of the Serpent Holder’s arm that is holding on to the Head end of the Snake.

The potential exists today for anyone who is so inclined to sign a new soul relationships contract with the new “kid” on our Zodiac block. This group of beings, instead of being focused on death and wresting your inheritance away from you (Scorpio), has the healing, preservation, teaching and cultivation of Earth and Humanity as its central theme.

This should be a no-brainer. If you haven’t already, kick the Scorpion addiction and sign on with Ophiuchus. This sign used to be the Universe’s Best Kept Secret. Share the secret with somebody you love today.

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March 5 ~ Aquarius Sun, Cancer Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: The Keywords for Aquarius are “I KNOW”
  • Lunar Phase Theme: The Clandestine Side of our Nature
  • Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous
  • Venus enters Constellation Aries in alignment with Great Andromeda Galaxy

The Moon in Cancer takes us into that place where we hold our private thoughts and feelings until we’re ready to release them. Maybe we won’t release them at all. But then they become secrets.

Some people say we are only as sick as the secrets we keep. What secret are you holding that is keeping you from feeling good about yourself today? If you can pick one out to work with, Venus in Pisces and Jupiter in Aries can help you get in touch with it. Asteroids Asclepius and Imhotep in Constellation Sagittarius can help you call Spiritual Healing to yourself if you want to be Light Healed.

Just remember, you’re not in this alone. We’ve all got skeletons in the closet. The question is, how can I live today in such a way that I will demonstrate I’m willing to shed the old skin that hides my beautiful new colors?

If anyone is up for a feature-length movie on the secret alignments and symbolisms embedded in our city streets and monuments, here is a truly excellent exposé. It’s a long movie. Visit the web site to see it in chapters or participate in the blog.

Bless and reward the author for his selfless contribution of this work to the Public Domain.

Secrets in Plain Sight, Art, Architecture & Urban Design by Scott Onstott

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March 4 ~ Aquarius Sun, Gemini-Cancer Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: The Keywords for Aquarius are ‘I KNOW’
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Harnessing the Power of the Human Mind
  • Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous

As the day begins the Moon is in the middle of Constellation Gemini, the sign of the brothers who love each other. So what happened to that?

We’re going to have to listen to a lot of ideas to get to the kernel of what we believe will work so we can all get on the same mental page as we co-create our New World.

Today’s offerings are a continuation and follow-up to the thought train we boarded yesterday when we got into the negative side of what’s going on in the world. The videos I found to share today are all about Living in the Solution.

By the end of the day the Moon will enter Constellation Cancer, the sign associated with intuition, the inner self, and Mass Consciousness. By then you’ll need to know how you Feel about all of this and what your Intuition is telling you that you should do with that information.

* * *

July 16, 2011 , San Diego, CA, Swedenborg Hall

Vossa Introduction to Engines of Mass Creation Concepts Part 1

Part 1 of 2 – Fernando Vossa gives a high level overview of his foundation of Engines of Mass Creation as a paradigm for the deployment of Free Energy technologies, Healing Solutions, and a Cosmic Awareness of our Galactic neighbors. It is time to unfold the conscious economy and the type of technology transfer based on Love and Compassion!

Vossa Introduction to Engines of Mass Creation Concepts Part 2

Part 2 of 2 – Fernando Vossa shares examples of Engines of Mass Creation ranging from UFO observations, Free Energy solutions, Conscious Art program, the Center of Mass Creation research facility, and his own healing technology called “Sonic Reiki”

About Fernando Vossa

Fernando Vossa has been designing art experiences for over 15 years. Mr. Vossa’s approach is to reach the psyche and heart of his audience using multidisciplinary techniques from Cognitive Psychology, Virtual Reality, Cinematography, Digital Architecture, Graphic Design, and Fine Art.

Mr. Vossa’s accomplishments include being part of leading edge media design teams for major brands such as Microsoft, Sony, US-WEST, GE-Aerospace, and most recently unfolding innovative installation concepts at Center of Mass Creation.

This media pioneer holds degrees in Computer Science, Cognitive Psychology, and Technology Design from the University of Washington. His passion for Divine technology has let him to discover evolutionary transformations of our energetic body. His journey is to explore transcendental art media and quantum multidimensionality as stargates to the full potentials of the human template.

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March 3 ~ Aquarius Sun, Orion-Gemini Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: The Keywords for Aquarius are ‘I KNOW’
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Learning to Think For Ourselves
  • Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous Moon

As the Moon transits the first half of Constellation Gemini today it seems appropriate to explore the properties of Air. Gemini is an “Air sign.”

Besides being the layer of Earth’s atmosphere that our bodies breathe, Air as an element is occultly associated with the realm of Thought and the Breath of Life.

So let’s give a listen today to a recent radio program about what’s going into our Air these days besides fossil fuel exhaust, industrial toxins and cigarette smoke.

Don’t panic — just be aware. Tomorrow we’ll explore what action we can take to do something real and positive about it.

Coast to Coast AM – Chem Trails & more

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March 2 ~ Aquarius Sun, Taurus-Orion Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: The Keywords for Aquarius are ‘I KNOW’
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Altruistic Humanity — One Body Working Together
  • Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous
  • Sun at the Water Carrier’s Pitcher
  • Venus aligned with the Great Andromeda Galaxy

To those of you who are just awakening, you’re joining a Great Adventure in progress and there are important things you need to know about how to play the game.

The goal of our governments, the education system and media outlets is to dumb humanity down and keep it milling around like a herd of cattle. If you’re relying on major network news to tell you what’s going on in the world, you’re making a huge mistake. Get on your computer and start searching the Web for REAL news outlets that will put your finger on the Pulse. And tell your friends to do the same thing.

Today the Waxing Gibbous Moon transits the last of Constellation Taurus and an area of Constellation Orion that reaches up into the Zodiac Belt zone. Unlike Constellation Ophiuchus, no part of Orion crosses or even touches the Ecliptic Plane. Therefore, it is not a “Zodiac constellation”. However the Moon and some of the planets sometimes travel at low enough Ecliptic Latitudes to transit Orion.

Constellations are like plots of real estate. In Astrology the signs are made up of whatever parts of the constellations are included in a 30° section of the Zodiac Belt. But in the New Age systems are changing and it’s going to be necessary to let go of the old to make way for new innovations both to break the cycle of Control that has had Humanity so dominated and to come into align with our expanded knowledge of the Universe and higher consciousness.

If the effects of the planets in constellation is in any way richer, better, or expand our experience of the Celestial Sphere then someday we will wake up to this fact. In the meantime, some of us are exploring the new concept and experimenting with it.

That’s what my web sites are all about. Out with the Old — In with the New … freeing our minds to co-create Light in Love.

So let’s go exploring today.

M31- Great Andromeda Galaxy

What do constellations Taurus and Orion mean to you? You’re on your own to do research if you don’t know. Once you gather some meta-intelligence consider the nature of their gifts. As the Moon travels through this area of the sky today it will magnify what these star fields have to offer us and we are going to use our Magical Minds to ensure that the effects are Good and Wholesome. We’ll ignore the bad press about the Orion groups being anti-humanity because we realize everything is changing and Humanity is not the only race that is evolving and ascending. Maybe the Orions are here for Transformation too, attracted by the Light.

A Course in Miracles says Love and Miracle-Mindedness is our natural state and that every bad act is a cry for Love.  So let’s turn the Love jets on full blast today and manifest the One World we know is out there waiting to show itself to us. If Venus in Pisces aligned with The Great Andromeda Galaxy could talk, I have a feeling that’s what she would be saying today.

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March 1 ~ Aquarius Sun, First Quarter Taurus Moon

  • Lunar-Solar Cycle Theme: The Keywords for Aquarius are “I KNOW”
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Subliminal Control in the Work Sector – we know it!
  • Moon Phase: First Quarter
  • Moon transits Alpha Taurus, Betelgeuse, “The Golden Eye of the Bull”
  • Venus aligned with The Great Andromeda Galaxy

The First Quarter Moon in Astrology brings about the first change of the Lunar Cycle that commenced on the New Moon. Signs of Change are all around us now as ordinary people all over the world work together in the Spirit of the Age of Aquarius for social change.

The theme of this video is Altruistic Humanity and Money (Aquarius and Taurus) and comes to you today as the Moon transits the Golden Eye of the Bull, Alpha Taurus. The power of your supportive White Light thoughts can empower this movement and bless those who are taking the laboring oar in these demonstrations that send a message to everyone at every level of life, high and low, that real change is immanent.

The I Don’t Pay Movement

If people are bursting out of cold hard suppression like this already, what will the wave of Awakening Humanity look like a few weeks from now at March Equinox when Astrological Spring breaks out?

And the critics said 12/21/2012 was going to be just another day. Uh huh. Humanity will have something to say about that.

Welcome to 2012!!

  1. Sexually Transmitted Diseases

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