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Oph ‘Scopes are a one-size-fits-all interpretation of the strongest celestial energies for the day. But more than that, they are also teaching tools so you can learn how and why Ophiuchus works and pick up the rhythm for yourself.

The readings are based on selected alignments of planets and asteroids moving through the constellations, not the zodiac signs.

Because Ophiuchus is the center of the Startistics and Astronomologer Universe and because of the pivotal role this new ‘sign’ plays in the New Age on a grander scale than that of any other ‘sign’, the Oph ‘Scopes are as much about and for you as they are perspectives for awakening Ophiuchans and those awakening TO Ophiuchus. Remember, you very well could have planets, asteroids, or house cusps in Ophiuchus!

Whether you’re an aspiring Astrologer or Astronomologer or you just want to know what the stars have in store for you on the day, there will be something real and relevant written here every day that you can use. Just sort through what you don’t understand to get to what you need to know.

As with anything offered on Startistics or Astronomologer or anywhere else on the Internet for that matter, take what you can use and just leave the rest.

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An overview of July 2012


As we roll into July 2012 with the Sun in Constellation Gemini, we find Jupiter and Venus conjunct in Constellation Taurus with Venus having turned Direct on June 27. Because Venus “rules” Taurus, this represents the release of a major obstacle keeping ordinary people from being able to manage their own personal affairs at home and on the job.

There are other celestial sphere conditions involved, of course, but aside from that, there are no real reasons why you and I shouldn’t be able to live a happy life and care for those for whom we have chosen to accept responsibility.

Whatever obstacles remain, they are in the hands of people and entities beyond our immediate reach. That does not, however, mean we are powerless.

To the contrary, with Venus and Jupiter both direct in Taurus We the People have plenty of power. Not only that, but middle management, employers, and the professionals whose simple jobs are to report directly to us are all now joining forces whether voluntarily or under pressure.


The Sun begins the Gregorian month of July in Constellation Gemini placing the focus of global waking consciousness on the duality of life on this planet. It’s all boiling down to whether we are learning HOW to think instead of accepting as fact that which we are fed by mainstream media and the governmental machines as controlled by the elite bankers and whoever or whatever is ultimately in charge of the bankers.

This month those of us who consider ourselves to be awake will be tested while those in the wave behind us who are just awakening will be learning how to distinguish Information from Disinformation and exploring the ins and outs of Free Will Choice.

For those who did not take the generous offer to join the Forces of Light when it was given, and who chose to remain loyal to the Old World Order and its agenda, though the Sun is in Gemini (choices) it’s too late for some people to change their minds. They trapped themselves in their own poor decisions to remain in the dark and that is where they will stay now. No other planet will join the Sun in Gemini to give them any new options.

When the Sun reaches the half-way mark between the Gemini Twins on July 3rd (G.W. Bush’s birthday) and July 4th (Independence Day in the USA) look for the Karma Police to summon or bring offenders to appear before the Cosmic Court. 9/11/2001 will be one of the major Karmic Offenses giving rise to the ensnaring of folks who are guilty of crimes against Humanity and the Planet.

Now that we have seen how potent Constellation Gemini is, whether things turn out the way we have been told or not, we can indeed expect cosmic fireworks this year. Stay tuned!


We start July with Mercury midway through Constellation Cancer. And then – uh oh – it turns Retrograde. That should be interesting since Barack “Barry Soetoro” Obama’s questionable Hawaiian Birth “Certificate” shows he was born August 4, 1961 under a Constellation Cancer Sun.

About 2/3 of the way through the month of July the Sun will enter Constellation Cancer and finish the month in almost the same spot where Mercury was when the month began.

Also this month while the Sun is transiting the Zodiac Constellation-Sign ruled by the Moon we’ll be celebrating the Mayan New Year on July 26 preceded by the Mayan Day out of Time (July 25) . So this is a pretty interesting cosmic coincidence that will place you Cancer natives and Moon Children in an unusually powerful Mayan Year cycle for 2012.


Leo, the lengthy zigzag Mars transit of Leo ended last month. Did it leave you battered and bloody? No self-respecting Cosmic Cat wants to enter the magical New Mayan Year 2012 with blood on its hands. Whether male or female, take the time to pamper yourself this month … that means “Paws ‘n’ Claws.” Go get a Spa Mani-Pedicure. I’m serious. And unless you want people to see bits of flesh and human hair between your toes, that’s an order!!


Mars in Virgo often appears on the sky charts of misogynists and people who have a problem with violating and abusing women. It should be a short hop to transferring this issue to a consideration of how we treat the Earth Mother and all of Her kingdoms. With any luck at all, the setting changes made to planet Mars that are a by-product of its natural and organic alliance with Ophiuchus (healing & wisdom) will begin to show signs of slowing our abuse of the Earth and each other so that the Garden environment can begin to be restored.

Saturn turned Direct in Virgo on June 25. All the karmic tickets Saturn has been writing since She originally turned retrograde have gone out in one big batch. So for those who think they’ve gotten away with something, don’t be so sure. One way or the other, Karma will be satisfied.

Now somebody has to decide if Humanity’s blood lust for revenge should be satisfied or whether we should get extended lessons that will ease us into the New Age of Light without having to perpetuate Blood Bath thinking.

The Saturn transit of Virgo is in large part intended to shift us away from having to patronize members of the medical profession who are little more than drug pushers for the pharmaceutical companies and whose incentive to enter into health care was for the MONEY — not your health — and merge us into Wholistic alternatives practiced by people who care.

Maybe “Obamacare” is an answer and maybe not. But note the Supreme Court passed it through on June 28 just after Saturn and Venus turned Direct, so believe me when I tell you, the Medical Profession is now in the Virgo-Ophiuchus cross-hairs!


Juno is retrograde in Constellation Serpens Caput which is technically one of 3 constellations making up “Constellation Ophiuchus”. The area of the constellation She’s transiting is the Libra sector of the Zodiac Belt.

The issues here are Soul Contract Relationships-oriented. So if you’re having problems in your partnership-type relationships including marriage, that’s why. You have to ask yourself if the relationships you’re in are the ones you’re supposed to be in. Are you together out of habit or convenience? Is the relationship advancing your Soul Agenda?


Pluto continues its retrograde transit of Constellation Sagittarius. This facilitates members of organized crime changing sides.

Pluto has been demoted. Constellation Scorpius, the sign of its former co-rule with Mars, has been suffering dismemberment slowly over the last 2,000 years. Eventually these people need to take the hint their world is shrinking and their stature is only large in their own delusional minds.

Asteroid Imhotep is in an extended retrograde transit of Constellation Sagittarius in which it will achieve a second Equatorial alignment with Alpha Aquila (Altair, the Eye of the Eagle). This aspect will peak on July 3 (G.W. Bush’s birthday) and July 4 (Independence Day in the USA).

Is this a cosmic coincidence or Kismet?


Centaur object Chiron, Asteroids Asclepius, Hygiea and planet Neptune all transit Aquarius this month. Inspiring, illuminating Neptune turned retrograde on June 4, the date of the Partial Lunar Eclipse.

In the Fixed Air sign of Aquarius, Neptune is out of element. He rules Water sign Pisces. When retrograde, however, Neptune’s cosmic chemistry shifts. Because Neptune is all about refinement and illumination, those who are not going with that flow are going to be subjected to a refined and illuminated version of chaos.

Perhaps this is meant to bring Light Workers and Metaphysical people into alignment with new concepts they’re resisting because they think they know it all and don’t have to go back to school even though the 1987 Harmonic Convergence announced to everyone that changes across the boards were coming in.

Some people carelessly assume that means everybody else, not them.

So we will need to address whatever chaos ensues as a result of the retrograde transit of Neptune because the King of the Celestial Sea is going to be in high gear until November 11, 2012.


Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water …

Uranus is currently transiting the upturned corner of Constellation Cetus close to but not touching the Zodiac Belt in Constellation Pisces.

Whale or sea monster — which is it?

This month we new Astronomy-Astrology experimenters with extended extra sensory systems will find out since Uranus will turn retrograde on July 13.

Our Faith and Belief Systems are being tested by Uranus the Libertarian / Mold Breaker and Pallas-Athene the Spiritual Warrior in Constellation Pisces.

Pisces is also about Hospitals & Institutions and unresolved Past-life issues.

The situations we’re all going through are converging projections from out of our own subconscious movie archives. That’s one reason why it’s so chaotic-looking out there. One minute we’ve found a voice of reason we can believe in. The next thing we know, it’s all gone wrong and pretty soon this person or that is being incarcerated and we don’t know why.

Face it. None of us has any facts. All we have is assumptions.

Uranus is a great promoter of Individual Mind. His purpose is to Liberate the ready, willing & able from their own Inner Tyrant so they can break free of co-dependencies (the personal institutions we have manufactured as defense mechanisms or that have been forced on us to keep us imprisoned while under the illusion we are free) and become self-reliant.

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  • Moon Phases, July 2012
    Full Moon – July 3, 18:52
    Last Quarter – July 11, 01:48
    New Moon – July 19, 04:24
    First Quarter – July 26, 08:56


  • Currently Retrograde:
    • Pluto (until September 18)
    • Neptune (until November 11, 2012)
  • July Station Changes: 
    • Uranus turns retrograde on July 13 2012;
    • Mercury turns retrograde on July 15 2012


  • None


  • July 25 – Mayan Day out of Time
  • July 26 – Mayan New Year

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Your Daily Ophiuchus Horoscope

July 2012

Oph Glyph

Your Daily Ophiuchus Horoscopes are posted in date order with the latest date at top.
The Date is calculated using the Greenwich Mean Meridian so make your local recalculations accordingly.

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July 31 ~ Constellation Cancer Sun, Sagittarius Moon

  • Solar Cycle Theme: Cancer Intuits, Nurtures, Enchants, Mystifies
  • Lunar Phase Theme: I Set Goals & Aspire
  • Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous
  • Sun aligned with M44 The Beehive
  • Jupiter aligned with Alpha Taurus (Aldebaran)
  • Venus aligns with Alnilam (Epsilon Orion), Alnitak (Zeta Orion), and M1 Taurus A Crab Nebula
  • Saturn Direct in Virgo still aligned with Alpha Virgo (Spica) and Alpha Boötes (Arcturus)
  • Moon aligns with Alpha Ophiuchus (Rasalhague), Beta Ophiuchus (Cebalrai), Shaula & Lesath Scorpius
  • Moon Conjunct with Pluto Rx
  • Quaoar Rx in Serpens aligned with Alpha Ophiuchus (Rasalhague)
  • Asteroid Panacea Rx in Constellation Pisces aligns with Asteroid Asclepius in Constellation Perseus and Beta Perseus (Scheat)

I can’t believe today is the last day of July. We are already 7 months deep into 2012!

Moon transits Pluto retrograde in Constellation Sagittarius. I’m still processing the nightmares from July 27, the 2012 London Olympics XXX Opening Ceremony. The theme was “Inspiring a New Generation.”

So what might the outlook be for the rest of the year on the heels of that very dark 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony where the words to the songs and stanzas of Shakespeare being quoted were all about children waking up from their dreams to enter a nightmare from which their only escape was to go back to sleep and dream? Why did the Opening Ceremony close with the Sun being Eclipsed by the Moon (Pink Floyd) and Paul McCartney singing about taking a bad song and making it better?

The answer to the outlook question is obvious as we watched the Bankers laying waste to the pastoral setting of our beautiful agrarian Earth.

It isn’t over yet. If we want a world of Love and Light, we’re going to have to bring the Dawn. We can’t just sit around listening to a never-ending series of disappointing “breaking news” projections and wait for it. This is the material world. If we want material prosperity, we have to take concrete steps!

Hygeia, Asclepius & Snake

Hygeia, Asclepius, Snake / Staff of Asclepius

Unfortunately since the USA’s media coverage of the Games has been time-delayed so it could be (and was) censored, we didn’t see all of it. Double servings of commercials were spliced into the film where the redacted portions would have been.

Our new team colors as reflected in the Team USA 2012 Olympic uniforms are Red trimmed in midnight blue and silver.

Gone are our fun-and-fancy cowboy/cowgirl hats. The Team USA parade of nations uniform was midnight blue with green berets — except of course they weren’t green, they were somber midnight blue too. An army of highly specialized, highly trained secret soldiers. Designed by Ralph Lauren. Made in China, the Opening Day apparel looked French (which is okay by me — I’m half French Canadian).

Well, as I told my concerned friend in Turkey on Facebook and elsewhere in the world where they got continuous uninterrupted coverage of the Opening Ceremony on PUBLIC TV, the USSR came apart and the Berlin Wall fell. We’re next.

So hang in there, my brothers and sisters. The cabal can try to burst our bubble by displaying images of a rising evil towering over bedridden children and sick people, but if that’s the best they can do, it’s just sad. Sad sad sad.

I’m glad I watched it. I needed to see it. And I believe I know what the Divine Physician Asclepius would have said about it. Before you can fix the problem, you have to know what the problem is. So now we know how bad it really is over here and Constellation Ophiuchus, the USA’s Rising Zodiac Constellation, can go to work. There’s a lot of dis-ease and sickness to treat both here in the USA as well as in the UK, the parent nation we supposedly divorced.

Panacea – more

Yesterday we discovered Asteroid Panacea and the synchronicity of her location in relation to her sister Hygiea. Today I remembered to check the position of Asteroid Asclepius, their “father”. And while I remembered he was in that general area of the Celestial Sphere, once again the synchronicity of finding Him aligned with Panacea even though from a different constellation was yet another example of how once we get attuned to the Celestial Sphere we subconsciously respond to the Harmony of the Spheres, large and small.

  • Asteroid Asclepius: Ecliptic Longitude 359.2158 Constellation Pegasus
  • Beta Pegasus Ecliptic Longitude 359.5489
  • Asteroid Panacea (Rx) Ecliptic Longitude 359.8967

I can show you the science of perceiving these events and I can narrate my sensitivity to them, but I can’t create the direct AHA experience for you. You have to seek that for yourself.

Today in a nutshell

Take a look at the list of alignments for the day. What could it all mean?

Crab Nebula | Constellation Taurus

Obviously we can see a number of planets are in alignment with key fixed stars. Some of the alignments are powerful in their obvious magnitude and the degree to which they are part of our conscious awareness network. An equal number of alignments are powerful for their subtlety and their “dark horse” candidacy because they are new players on the board and some people may think they are corruptible when in fact they are not.

With Uranus still retrograde in Cetus the Whale or Sea Monster (Pisces sector) and Panacea in Pisces Rx and aligned with Asclepius who is inside The Great Square of Pegasus, the Winged White Horse, it seems clear that while things look dark, yet there is hope that a team of Heroes is working with dedication behind the veil. This team is immune to all forms of disease and ill-health. It is impervious to criticism and does not have time to fool with silly human emotions and issues.

This team simply goes about its business of bringing wisdom and healing humanity and planetary systems that are ailing.

Are you a member of that Team?

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July 30 ~ Constellation Cancer Sun, Ophiuchus-Sagittarius Moon

  • Solar Cycle Theme: Cancer Intuits, Nurtures, Enchants, Mystifies
  • Lunar Phase Theme: I Carry Wisdom, Transmute & Regenerate
  • Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous
  • Sun aligns with M44 The Beehive
  • Jupiter’s alignment culminates with Alpha Taurus (Aldebaran)
  • Venus aligns with Mintaka (Delta Orion), applies to Alnilam (Epsilon Orion), M1 Taurus A Crab Nebula
  • Saturn Direct in Virgo still aligned with Alpha Virgo (Spica) and Alpha Boötes (Arcturus)
  • Moon aligns with Alpha Ophiuchus (Rasalhague), Beta Ophiuchus (Cebalrai), Shaula & Lesath Scorpius
  • Moon crosses Galactic Plane from North to South (Galactic Dragon’s Tail)
  • Quaoar Rx in Serpens aligned with Alpha Ophiuchus (Rasalhague)
  • Asteroid Panacea turns retrograde in Constellation Pisces, aligns with Asteroid Asclepius in Constellation Perseus

Today as you may remember already from previous Oph ‘Scopes, although the Moon enters Sagittarius, it will be in the Serpens-Ophiuchus overhang zone for some hours. It will also cross the Zodiac Dragon meridian and the Galactic Equator from North to South (Galactic Dragon’s Tail).

If we could ever figure out how to manifest with this energy, we would be able to wisely co-create a high-tech sustainable Galactic Earth that is clean, healthy, and magical.

Introducing another member of the Serpent Holder Family

For anyone with a birthday that falls just before March Equinox, Asteroid Panacea is transiting your natal Sun and turning Retrograde today.

Hence we can introduce to you another of the daughters of Asclepius as a new Goddess in the Constellation Ophiuchus collection of positive planetary or small body intelligences.


To Asclepius’ left are the three Graces – his daughters Meditrina, Hygeia, and Panacea, who symbolize, respectively, medicine, cleanliness, and healing. Engraved from an original in then Museum Pio Clemens, Rome. Galeria Mythologique, Recueil de Monuments par A. L. Millin, Paris 1811.


Well this one, honestly, is a new revelation to me. I’ve seen this art work a number of times before and have even used it a time or two. But I guess I never actually absorbed the connection between the daughters of Asclepius as the Three Graces.

I’ll bet that’s because I was sidetracked by the idea that Ophiuchus was Asclepius, the Greek GOD of Healing & Wisdom and hence the women in his life remained sidelined and behind the veil of my waking consciousness.

Do you see how easy it is to run  right past something that is not only life-changing but paradigm-changing?


Iaso, another of the daughters of Asclepius | Goddess of Recuperation

Panacea was the Greek goddess of Universal remedy, a remedy that would cure all diseases and prolong life indefinitely. Panacea was sought by the alchemists in their quest to find the elixir of life.

Panacea is also a literary term sometimes used to refer to an answer or remedy that solves all problems related to a particular issue (a “solvent”).


(At right, Iaso, Goddess of Recuperation, another of the daughters of Asclepius.)

Let’s check the position of Asteroid Hygiea just for fun. Normally when something comes to me out of the blue I become suddenly interested in finding relationships that may explain why my attention is being called thus to something that was not in my plan to talk about.

Asteroid Hygiea is also in Retrograde motion, transiting Constellation Aquarius. At present She is aligned with Fomalhaut, Alpha Piscis Austrinus (the Royal Fish Star of the Southern Fish constellation).

Hmm. Sisters in sister fish constellations. This is an interesting cosmic coincidence, don’t you think?

Here’s another one: Asteroid Panacea is aligned with Asteroid Asclepius who is currently transiting Constellation Perseus.

Let’s experiment with applying thematic interpretations of these Asteroids and see what we come up with.

Interpreting Panacea

On my sky chart, another coincidence, Asteroid Panacea is in Constellation Pisces. On my chart She’s aligned with all the elements of my Pisces stellium (5 including my Zenith/Midheaven coordinate). So I would interpret that to mean the answer to all of MY problems lies in the essence of who I am, which is what I came here to do (spiritually speaking) and which I must consciously know since Panacea’s strongest conjunction is to my natal Sun.

This, in retrospect, is certainly true since time and again I have been thrown back on my own resources so that I have by necessity become as self-reliant as a person can possibly be — quite an accomplishment for a woman even today. It is especially tricky considering the complete transformation I’ve undergone from working woman with family to awake & aware, cosmic, and barely recognizable to a family that may as well live on another planet. I have nothing in common with any of them anymore except maybe my blood.

Interpreting Hygiea

Okay, that worked out. How about Asteroid Hygiea — hygiene, Goddess of Health?

Hygeia feeding serpent

Hygeia feeding serpent

For anyone who is thinking I may have made a typo, you should be aware that the official name of the Asteroid is, in fact, as I have given it. Other spellings for the name of this goddess are: Hygeia (primary spelling) and occasionally Hygieia.

Oh my goddess! Hygiea on my sky chart is in early degrees of Constellation Leo, aligned almost precisely with Alpha Hydra the giant Sea Snake (on Equatorial coordinates – RA).

So all of this time my fascination with the Lion-Serpent has been generated by an underlying current of [serpent or sexual] energy that has been seeking some sort of expression through my love life (the firey energy of Leo).

The surface indications of this energy read: my health depends on Love and my ability to effect a Love-Light Transformation.

Cool! I’m certainly working on that!

I probably also need to practice safe sex. (Oops — too late on that one. I got my first std from my then future-ex husband — don’t ask. It was all downhill from there, which means things didn’t get much better after that ;-)) True confessions are cleansing to the soul. So maybe it’s not too late to clean up my love life. What am I talking about? This IS my love life!

It is VERY sanitary (is it cheating that I’m over 60?), so I must be on the right track. 🙂

So do you know where YOUR Asteroids Hygiea and Panacea are located on your Sky Chart? If not, you might like to look into it.

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July 29 ~ Constellation Cancer Sun, Ophiuchus Moon (Sweet!)

  • Solar Cycle Theme: Cancer Intuits, Nurtures, Enchants, Mystifies
  • Lunar Phase Theme: I Carry Wisdom, Transmute & Regenerate
  • Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous
  • Sun & Mercury Rx Conjunct (Combust)
  • Sun aligns with M44 The Beehive
  • Jupiter’s alignment culminates with Alpha Taurus (Aldebaran)
  • Venus aligns with Mintaka (Delta Orion), applies to Alnilam (Epsilon Orion), M1 Taurus A Crab Nebula
  • Saturn Direct in Virgo still aligned with Alpha Virgo (Spica) and Alpha Boötes (Arcturus)
  • Moon aligns with Alpha Ophiuchus and Quaoar Rx (Rasalhague)
  • Quaoar Rx in Serpens aligned with Alpha Ophiuchus (Rasalhague), Shaula & Lesath Scorpius
Constellation Ophiuchus

Constellation Ophiuchus

A wealth of information has already been provided on both of my web sites about Quaoar, Shaula & Lesath Scorpius so feel free to word-search or check posts previously published describing Quaoar and the Scorpio-Ophiuchus domain.

I sat here all day yesterday with a blank mind as I faced writing today’s Ophiuchus Horoscope. That’s very odd (I thought to myself). Normally I can’t wait for the Moon to get around to entering Constellation Ophiuchus and I have so much to say it’s a problem picking just enough to make a point without overindulging.

This morning as I looked around I realized what it was that had me stopped in my tracks.

Part of what triggered my epiphany was last night’s 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony as I watched the parade of nations. Here’s a fun fact I picked up while watching and listening. I did a Google search to add context and color:

During this, the summer of the 40th anniversary of Title IX, American women have reached another milestone in sports: For the first time, they outnumber men on the U.S. Olympic team.

There are 269 women and 261 men on Team USA.

US Olympic Committee CEO Scott Blackmun called it a “true testament to the impact of Title IX,” the 1972 law that increased opportunities for women in sports across America.

Source: Huffington Post July 11, 2012 updated July 19, 2012

Don’t forget, according to stellar-based Astrology Constellation Ophiuchus is probably the Rising Sign on the USA’s 1776 natal sky chart, and it is certainly in any case the Due East Constellation. So this is a significant fact and a very good sign.

Now all we need is for Congress to catch up with our Team USA and we should be home free!

I wanted to share all of this with readers today but wasn’t quite sure what it had to do with anything until I sat down at my computer today and it hit me. All the major planets relating to Constellation Ophiuchus are in “feminine element” Zodiac Constellations.

  • Jupiter-Zeus (Grandfather of Asclepius) in Constellation Taurus
    • Aligned with Aldebaran, the Eye of the Bull, perhaps opening our eyes to new gifts generously given to benefit the lives of ordinary people
  • Venus in Constellation Taurus aligned with Orion’s Belt
    • We have not talked about Venus yet. But we have talked about Orion, Isis and Osiris
  • Sun (Asclepius’s father Apollo) in Constellation Cancer (Moon-ruled)
    • Lunar Goddesses include Artemis, Apollo’s twin sister
    • Thoth, Egyptian God of the Moon factors into the vibrations in the House of the Moon
  • Mercury Rx in Cancer combust with the Sun (see above)
    • Mercury (occultly neutral although visual cues are not perfectly so) rules Gemini, Virgo, and has been demonstrated to be the natural planetary intelligence of Constellation Ophiuchus
  • Mars or Ares in Constellation Virgo (Mercury-ruled)
    • Occultly serpentine, Mars acts as the mobile body of the snake that transports Asclepius
  • Moon in Constellation Ophiuchus (see first bullet point above)
    • If we consider Ophiuchus in the context of Fixed Water sign Scorpius, then as a sign Ophiuchus would be water — but let’s not forget Ophiuchus not an official or even unofficial zodiac sign. We call it a Zodiac Constellation at this point, and wouldn’t have it any other way, frankly.
    • As such, Zodiac Constellation Ophiuchus is the prophesied Fifth Element, Ether

Could the fact of today’s planetary arrangement be clearing the vibrational field of enough “masculine” vibrations to allow us to get a feel for the frequency of Divine Feminine Ophiuchus?

Asclepius and Hygeia

Asclepius & daughter Hygiea Goddess of Health

Don’t forget the revelation that underlying what everyone assumed was a clearly male mythos the Divine and Sacred Feminine lurked, having been removed from Her original place in the Patriarchal shift some millennia ago.

We are just now beginning to be sensitive to the vibrations of Constellation Ophiuchus that will allow us to ascertain which planetary logos in our Solar System is asserting the Divine and Sacred Feminine Planetary Intelligence role.

We should not be too quick to assume it is Venus although according to author Mark Amaru Pinkham in his book The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom he asserts the Serpents of Wisdom hail from Venus.

We note with all due respect, the Serpents of Wisdom discussed in his book are (as I recall — I’ll have to go back and check to be certain) all male though he does reinforce the idea that the Serpent itself (Sophia) is the Divine Feminine. So I can give you that much to work with. The recommended book is required reading if you want to claim any amount of expertise in interpreting Constellation Ophiuchus.

As I, in writing these Oph ‘Scopes for you, necessarily project myself a couple of days ahead or more, your senses will be the ones to parse this difficult question and let me know the results of your meditations on these questions.

And may I say, now you know why rushing to press with the release of Ophiuchus attributes too soon was always bound to be a mistake. Even now I find it difficult to make assertions but bringing you all into the project with me at least I have the comfort of knowing I’ve been inclusive and made this a group project, as well it should be. No one person can pull all the right information in. Sometimes it takes a village to raise a single child.

By the end of today, those who are sincerely seeking the wisdom of the Serpent and the Serpent Holder will receive downloads and their eyes will be opened wider.

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July 28 ~ Cancer Sun, Libra-Scorpius-Ophiuchus Moon

  • Solar Cycle Theme: Cancer Intuits, Nurtures, Enchants, Mystifies
  • Lunar Phase Theme: I Balance, Transmute & Regenerate
  • Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous
  • Sun & Mercury Rx Conjunct (Combust)
  • Jupiter’s alignment culminates with Alpha Taurus (Aldebaran)
  • Venus applying to alignment with the first of the 3 Orion’s Belt stars
  • Saturn Direct in Virgo still aligned with Alpha Virgo (Spica) and Alpha Boötes (Arcturus)
  • Moon aligns with Alpha Serpens (Unukalhai), Alpha Scorpius (Antares), Zeta (Han) & Omega Ophiuchus and the North Moon’s Node in Ophiuchus (Dragon’s Head)
  • Quaoar Rx in Serpens aligned with Alpha Ophiuchus (Rasalhague)

Asterism featuring Rho Ophiuchus and Alpha Scorpius, Antares

Today the Moon starts out in Libra aligned with the Alpha star of Ophiuchus’s northern Serpent of Wisdom but she quickly darts through Constellation Scorpius (a very narrow constellation at the Ecliptic Plane) and ends the day in Ophiuchus. On the way through Ophiuchus she will align with Alpha Scorpius (Antares), Zeta Ophiuchus (Han) and Omega Ophiuchus. This is one of two Power Zones in constellation Ophiuchus.

Heads-up to Astronomology students. If you’re following along in your planetarium program (and you’ve been careful to get one that gives you Ecliptic Longitude — astronomers don’t like Astrology so they rarely include Ecliptic coordinates) then you know that when a planet comes into alignment with the first of the 3 Orion’s Belt stars it is crossing a live-wire meridian at 82° Ecliptic.

I’ve written about this meridian before (as well as the two Power Zones in Ophiuchus — numerous times) so at this point you’re on your own to find that, find more information on these areas of the Celestial Sphere, or click around in your planetarium program and figure it out for yourselves like I did when I was on the learning curve.

With Jupiter and Venus in Taurus, the love and physical exertion factors couldn’t possibly be any better. Money and commerce will really be flowing and all eyes will be on the 2012 London Olympics XXX.

Mars in Virgo highlights the role of the physical therapists and trainers who will advocate for their clients the right use of force combined with a healthy diet to build and fuel the blood and muscles.

In my experience Mars in the past seems to crop up on the sky charts of people who abuse women and children. With the adjustment in the Mars frequency, his Serpent of Wisdom nature is brought to the fore and he becomes an open and natural mobile vehicle to carry around The Master Physician as Asclepius used to take form as a giant python when he was being taken to consecrate a new temple or healing facility. This is how he got to Rome in 293 BCE in answer of the Emperor’s plea for help defeating a rampant plague.

Saturn aligned with Spica and Arcturus emphasizes the limitations of the human bone structure but that doesn’t mean there won’t be a few Extra Terrestrials in there competing under the guise of being just another human being. Keep your eyes open for signs.

How can we keep that economic flow going and, most importantly, filtering down to the working class?

With Venus beginning to transit the Orion’s Belt zone and Jupiter’s alignment with the Eye of the Bull at full culmination today, you can bet that something is up and ultimately it is in the best interests of ordinary people. The energy convergence today suggests that we stop fighting everything, open up to Love and enjoy the show.

Those are our brothers and sisters out there competing with each other for their countries. If you would rather support the Olympic Games than War, show your support. Otherwise, you may be throwing out the baby with the bathwater, or cutting your nose to spite your face.

And you may miss something you’ll regret for the rest of your life that you didn’t see Live and in Real Time.

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July 27 ~ Constellation Cancer Sun, Libra Moon

  • Solar Cycle Theme: Cancer Intuits, Nurtures, Enchants, Mystifies
  • Lunar Phase Theme: I Balance & Harmonize Relationships
  • Moon Phase: Waxing First Quarter
  • Sun & Mercury Rx applying to a Conjunction (Combust)
  • Jupiter applying to alignment with Alpha Taurus (Aldebaran)
  • Venus aligned with Beta Orion (Rigel)
  • Saturn Direct in Virgo still aligned with Alpha Virgo (Spica) and Alpha Boötes (Arcturus)
  • Moon aligns with Alpha, Beta & Gamma Libra and Alpha Serpens (Unukalhai)
  • Quaoar Rx in Serpens aligned with Alpha Ophiuchus (Rasalhague)

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Today the Moon slides past the NO, YES and MAYBE stars of constellation Libra.

  • Alpha (Zubenelgenubi) “The insufficient price”
  • Beta (Zubeneschamali) “The price which covers”
  • Gamma (Zubenelakrab) “The price of the conflict”

What this constellation has to do with Ophiuchus begins with the idea that in ancient times these stars were the northern and southern claw of the Giant Scorpion when it was really giant.

The links below are provided for the benefit of those who are new to Ophiuchus Horoscopes and need to know how and why Libra (Justice) is subconsciously connected to the Scorpion (Death & Taxes) and the ancient Prophecies of the Eagle & Condor and the Scorpion-Serpent-Eagle Alchemy.

Projection for the day’s energies

The Sun in Cancer places the focus squarely on ourselves, bringing out our biggest fears. The resentments we harbor are poisoning our waters. The body is made mostly of water. The thoughts and feelings we suppress and the secrets we hold have no choice but to contaminate our waters.

Constellation Libra

With the Moon speeding through Libra just after the Mayan Day Out of Time and the first day of the Mayan New Year of the Blue Resonant Storm, can’t you just imagine the havoc that this combination alone will play with us?

Combine that with the Arcturian Time Corridor alignment with Saturn and Alpha Virgo. Add into the mix that Mercury is retrograde and shortly to come into a Combust aspect (conjunction with the Sun).

Those who are dabbling with past and future life issues will be juggling and trying to stay balanced. In some instances the pain is excruciating.

These painful balancing acts will most frequently come in the guise of intimate relationships. The temptation will be great to place the blame on someone else. The object is to take responsibility for your part in it, and then look in the mirror and keep looking until you see it.

See what?

Keep looking. You WILL see it if you keep looking. If you find something that shocks you, don’t worry. That’s exactly what you’re looking for. If you find THAT, then you are over the hump and believe it or not, it’s all down hill from there. It won’t feel like it, but it is.

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July 26 ~ Cancer Sun, Virgo-Libra Moon – (Mayan New Year)

  • Solar Cycle Theme: Cancer Intuits, Nurtures, Enchants, Mystifies
  • Lunar Phase Theme: I Serve & Balance Health & Relationships
  • Moon Phase: First Quarter
  • Jupiter applying to alignment with Alpha Taurus (Aldebaran)
  • Venus aligned with Beta Orion (Rigel)
  • Saturn Direct in Virgo still aligned with Alpha Virgo (Spica) and Alpha Boötes (Arcturus)
  • Moon aligns with Alpha Boötes (Arcturus)
  • Quaoar Rx in Serpens aligned with Alpha Ophiuchus (Rasalhague)
  • Pluto Rx in Constellation Sagittarius aligned with Alpha Lyra (Vega)

At the UT time given for the First Quarter Phase (08:56), the Moon will be in Constellation Virgo and coming into Equatorial alignment with Alpha Boötes, Arcturus. Today is also the first day of the New Mayan Year. 2012 is the Year of the Blue Resonant Storm.

Here is an excerpt from a web page at The Foundation for the Law of Time that will hopefully explain why it seems logical that 2012 end with the Storm:

For the Foundation for the Law of Time, 2012 marks the completion of the preliminary stage of its mission. Since its founding in the year 2000, the purpose of the FLT has been to pace the biosphere-noosphere transition through the diffusion of the 13 Moon 28-day calendar, the 13 Moon Calendar Change Peace Plan, and the promotion of the Law of Time. This was to assure that by 2013, a small but critical minority of humans would already have accepted and be operating by the 13 Moon harmonic standard, while being fortified by an ample knowledge of the workings of the synchronic order and the Law of Time.

However, by July 26 2013, there will be no more Gregorian calendar and the 13:20 timing frequency of universal synchronization will have supplanted altogether the 12:60 timing frequency which had dominated the global civilization much of the past 5000 years. Humanity will at last be liberated from the tyranny of an irrational calendar and the mechanical clock. The linearity of time will be no more. The human mind will be operating freely within the parameters of the 13:20 timing frequency with no real past and no real future, only increasing cycles of synchronization.

The date 7.26 2013 will be commemorated as representing frequencies of the Law of Time, signifying: a) the creative power of 7 and the 26, one half of a 52 year cycle and the fractal of 260, and also the first day of the 26th year of the first Sirius 52-year cycle (see below); while b) 2013 will be observed as the moment of conscious triumph of 20 and 13, the two numbers that control the universe combining to establish the 13;20 timing frequency – hence Timeship Earth 2013.

Source: 1000 Days to 2012 – 7 Baktuns of Timeship Earth 2013

For those who are interested in information about the relevance of Arcturus to the Mayan Time Dynamic, here is a snippet and a link for you from the same site:

Called by the Chinese Ta Kio, the Great Horn, Arcturus was highly esteemed as the “palace of the emperor,” corresponding to the purple, or Forbidden City of Beijing, the northern capital of Greater China. This provides an important clue regarding the critical influence and role Arcturus plays in the evolution of this planet and of the total star system of which Earth is but a single member.

Source: Arcturus Remembered

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July 25 ~ Cancer Sun, Virgo Moon (Mayan Day Out of Time)

  • Solar Cycle Theme: Cancer Intuits, Nurtures, Enchants, Mystifies
  • Lunar Phase Theme: I Serve, Bringing Health & Healing Humanity
  • Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent
  • Jupiter applying to alignment with Alpha Taurus (Aldebaran)
  • Venus aligned with Beta Orion (Rigel)
  • Saturn Direct in Virgo still aligned with Alpha Virgo (Spica) and Alpha Boötes (Arcturus)
  • Moon aligns with Alpha Virgo (Spica), Saturn, and Alpha Boötes (Arcturus)
  • Quaoar Rx in Serpens aligned with Alpha Ophiuchus (Rasalhague)
  • Pluto Rx in Constellation Sagittarius aligned with Alpha Lyra (Vega)

Exceed your boundaries today! Reach for the Stars and expect to touch them!

Today is an exciting day if you follow the Mayan Calendar and the member tribes of the various Star System Brotherhoods who speak to us through their Ground Crew such as for example, Sheldon Nidle at

Today’s planetary alignments really help drive home the significance of the natural rhythms and cycles of time, making the 2012 Mayan Day Out of Time and Mayan New Year (tomorrow) stellar stand-outs. Will you feel these days any differently for knowing these facts?

What is the Mayan Day Out of Time?

I’m not going to pretend to be something I’m not — in this case an expert in the Mayan time dynamic. So I’ll just get you started and then if you are into it or want to get into it, you’ll be on your way.

The Day out of time is the culmination of the 13 Moon Calendar year originated from the Mayan science of time. On July 25th, Sirius (the dog star) rises with the sun. This day is observed as a day free of time in the 13 Moon Calendar. It is a day of reverence and cultural appreciation for the concept ‘Time is Art.’ This ‘free day’ is the closing of a 13×28=364 day year. The Day Out of Time re-aligns the 13 Moon calendar to the solar year and re-aligns humanity into renewed appreciation for our inherent divinity and connection to nature.

The Mayan Day Out of Time – Crystalinks

“Sirius rising” is an issue I don’t want to get into in detail today, but for starters the one thing you want to ask yourself is “Sirius rising with the Sun from where on the planet?”

On July 25 from Stonehenge the Sun rises at 04:26:30. Sirius was up hours ago (06:07:41).

Planetary alignments & Time notes for today

Big oops — I forgot to highlight the fact that Mercury turned retrograde in Cancer on the 15th. This oversight is typical of Mercury Rx so I forgive myself and I know you will too.

It is interesting, though, that I caught this mental lapse while writing about the Moon in Virgo (Virgo “ruled” by Mercury) and preceding the Day Out of Time so we can factor the Mercury Rx into our experiences of the energy in real time.

What you need to know that is extra-relevant to the Mayan Day Out of Time is that the Mayan dynamic is particularly tied to fixed star Arcturus and that the Arcturians are Masters of Time.

Those with planetarium programs can ascertain for themselves that Arcturus (Alpha Boötes) is in Ecliptic Longitude alignment with Alpha Virgo (Spica). So the association between Arcturus and Spica will only be obvious to Astrologers who also follow Astronomy.

Hmm. That’s you and me :-).

The Arcturian alignment with Spica forms a sort of Time Tunnel or Tube connecting these two major fixed stars, their star systems, and all ideas and things associated with them. We can use this pathway to call energy, move backwards and forwards in Time (which is trans-3D), and perform all sorts of cosmic tasks. Let your imagination run wild!

It just so happens that Saturn has been see-sawing around this area for a number of months, exerting control or perhaps stabilizing the Arcturus-Spica Time Tube for the use of our Space Brothers in assisting with the Earth Changes.

This interpretation of the Saturn Effect on the Arcturus-Spica Time Corridor is true in our metaphysical minds since this is the nature of Saturn as we have written it into our Astrology books concerning planetary behavior. But is it true in scientific fact? This I do not know but I suspect the interplay between Consciousness of all parties concerned, from Planetary Logoi to Human Consciousness and everything in between, makes it so in order that we may all know how stuff works and can coordinate to act accordingly, hopefully in the best interests of the Greater Good.

It is a scientific fact that Saturn exerts a great deal of control over her “Shepherd Moons.” So the association of Saturn with control does in fact have a solid scientific basis.

As celestial time and cycles would have it, the Moon today (by the way the Moon is an esoteric “ruler” of Virgo according to Alice A. Bailey and Ascended Master Djwhal Khul) is transiting Virgo and will actually align with Arcturus, Spica and Saturn in this Mayan Day Out of Time, setting the cosmic tone for the New Mayan Year tomorrow — the Mayan Year of the Blue Resonant Storm.

Don’t forget, it may be July 25th and the Mayan Day Out of Time at Stonehenge but on the other side of the International Date Line my Aussie friend Rae is already celebrating the New Mayan Year of the Blue Resonant Storm (July 26th).

Here is one more instance of clock-time confusion as we all try to wrap our Minds around a single event from 24 different time zones with uneven boundaries and a slew of nonsensical artificial time contortions.

So the Mayan view of natural time does seem to make a lot of sense. I’ll bet it makes even more sense to the folks who live off-planet or out on Space Station ISIS.

Angel of Virgo

Virgo & Ophiuchus – the Wide Lens View

As you meditate and do your energy work today, bring in your new knowledge of Ophiuchus, remembering the Ophiuchus Mission to Earth is focused on the Earth Mother’s representation in Constellation Virgo. And Know that the stars of Virgo do actually embody in our Consciousness the cosmic energy of Great Goddess in all of Her forms from Isis and Demeter to the Goddess of All-Health Hygeia to Mary Magdalene and grounding all of this energy in the Earth Mother. It is because of this association and use of our Consciousness that these things are true for us.

Are these truths we share Universal? Honestly I don’t know, but technically it doesn’t matter. Our Intention Rules and Co-Creates the Magic of Life that we seek to bring to the World.

You are playing your role perfectly. Rejoice!

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July 24 ~ Constellation Cancer Sun, Virgo Moon

  • Solar Cycle Theme: Cancer Intuits, Nurtures, Enchants, Mystifies
  • Lunar Phase Theme: I Serve, Bringing Health & Healing Humanity
  • Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent
  • Jupiter applying to alignment with Alpha Taurus (Aldebaran)
  • Venus aligned with Beta Orion (Rigel)
  • Mars aligns with Gamma Virgo (Porrima) in the Coma-Virgo X-Ray/Radio Galaxy Streaming
  • Moon aligns with Beta Virgo (Porrima), Sombrero Galaxy, and Mars
  • Saturn Direct in Virgo still aligned with Alpha Virgo (Spica) and Alpha Boötes (Arcturus)
  • Quaoar Rx in Serpens aligned with Alpha Ophiuchus (Rasalhague)
  • Pluto Rx in Constellation Sagittarius aligned with Alpha Lyra (Vega)

The Moon transits the Coma-Virgo X-Ray/Radio Galaxy Streaming all day today so don’t be surprised if your day feels like you’re on fast-forward.

As a matter of fact, the Moon-Beta Virgo-Mars alignment in this zone forms a Healing Angel-Dragon Serpent energy field made up of the metaphysical thought form energies of

This energy of course is only going to be relevant to those of us who are in tune with the new frequencies of Mars. So if you’re a Healer (or a writer since Virgo is also about documentation and writing), this energy is like the equivalent of tapping your own personal Ophiuchus Reiki energy source.

Give it a try today and see if the grade of energy flowing through you as you channel it isn’t sharper and more communicative than ‘normal’ (whatever that is).

The elements assembled in Constellation Virgo today that relate to Ophiuchus include:

  • Virgo as Earth Mother, Demeter (Isis), Isis, Mary Magdalene, Virgin Mother (Great Goddess)
  • The Moon as Lunar Goddess (Asclepius’s Aunt, Artemis), Thoth as Egyptian God of the Moon as he is related to the Greco-Egyptian Hermes Trimegistos, the Greek Hermes, Roman Mercury
  • Mercury (in all his forms) as Planetary Intelligence shared by Gemini, Virgo and Ophiuchus
  • Mars (the Serpentine form)
  • Saturn (as Supernal Mother/Great Mother Goddess, Binah – the 3rd Sphere on the Tree of Life)

The recommendation for all Healers, Wizards, Sages, Wisdom Carriers and Writers today is simply to be in and with the energies of the day and respond to Inner Guidance (Sun and Mercury in Cancer).

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July 23 ~ Constellation Cancer Sun, Leo-Virgo Moon

  • Solar Cycle Theme: Cancer Intuits, Nurtures, Enchants, Mystifies
  • Lunar Phase Theme: I Love Health & Healing Humanity
  • Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent
  • Moon aligned with Beta Leo (Denebola)
  • Jupiter applying to alignment with Alpha Taurus (Aldebaran)
  • Venus aligned with Beta Orion (Rigel)
  • Mars aligns with Gamma Virgo (Porrima) in the Coma-Virgo X-Ray/Radio Galaxy Streaming
  • Saturn Direct in Virgo still aligned with Alpha Virgo (Spica) and Alpha Boötes (Arcturus)
  • Quaoar Rx in Serpens aligned with Alpha Ophiuchus (Rasalhague)
  • Pluto Rx in Constellation Sagittarius aligned with Alpha Lyra (Vega)

The Moon spends most of the day in Constellation Leo today before entering Constellation Virgo.

If you have been learning and remembering the various Ophiuchus connections we’ve been talking about, then the acceleration of events designed to heal and transform Humanity and the role of Ophiuchus in the work of transformation have become blindingly apparent.

The frequencies of the various celestial energy vibrations change even quicker and with more acuity as more and more of us connect with them using our Magical Minds. This is an Awakening of the Awakened.

If you believe this (it is your choice), share this path with any of your co-Light Workers whom you believe might be looking for an on-ramp to the fast lane of the Serpent Energy path, and then sit back and watch the transformation accelerate exponentially.

Call it the economics of Sacred Geometry ;-).

The Moon by the end of today will be at the leading edge of the Coma-Virgo X-Ray/Radio Galaxy Streaming. As we put our minds together on the various issues involving the Health and Wisdom of Humanity, we will be physically accelerating the reparations and facilitating the Peaceful Revolution.

If there is any one sign that symbolizes the Ophiuchus Mission to Planet Earth, it is Virgo. So let us just sit with that thought today and wait ’til later to pick the elements of Virgo apart and analyze them with their Ophiuchus connections. Maybe we’ll do that tomorrow.

New Mars in Virgo ~ Agrarian Nation

We have been discussing retiring the Roman General and allowing him to return home to his fields and family. What do you think is going to be his first act when he gets home and realizes his family is eating foods sprayed with poison and grown from unnatural seeds?

You can assist the change in the Mars frequency by taking a symbolic Action today. Demonstrate the sort of Action you want Mars to take as you lose interest in following the war efforts being threatened by the Cabal and turn instead to issues of home, hearth and field.

Published on Jul 19, 2012

The GIC and THE TRUTH DENIED Present a Q & A on GMO Foods, Food Labeling and BANNING GMO’s.  Please see all information on the show and referenced websites here:

FLASH! Solar Activity in this Time Window

VERY FAST FARSIDE CME: A coronal mass ejection (CME) blasted away from the sun this morning with rare speed: 2930 km/s or 6.5 million mph. CMEs moving this fast occur only once every ~5 to 10 years. The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory recorded the cloud’s emergence on July 23rd starting around 0300 UT:

The source of the CME was sunspot AR1520, which sparked many bright auroras earlier this month when it was on the Earthside of the sun. Now, however, the active region is transiting the sun’s farside so this blast was not geoeffective. One can only imagine the geomagnetic storms such a fast CME could produce if it were heading our way. Stay tuned for additional analysis.

Update: According to a forecast track prepared by analysts at the Goddard Space Weather Lab, this CME will miss all of the solar system’s inner planets.

Spaceweather News

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July 22 ~ Constellation Cancer Sun, Sextans-Leo Moon

  • Solar Cycle Theme: Cancer Intuits, Nurtures, Enchants, Mystifies
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Guided Unerringly by Love
  • Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent
  • Moon aligned with Alpha Leo (Regulus) and Alpha Hydra (Alphard); later aligns with Delta Leo (Zosma)
  • Jupiter applying to alignment with Alpha Taurus (Aldebaran)
  • Mars aligns with Gamma Virgo (Porrima) in the Coma-Virgo X-Ray/Radio Galaxy Streaming
  • Saturn Direct in Virgo still aligned with Alpha Virgo (Spica) and Alpha Boötes (Arcturus)
  • Quaoar Rx in Serpens aligned with Alpha Ophiuchus (Rasalhague)
  • Pluto Rx in Constellation Sagittarius aligned with Alpha Lyra (Vega)

After spending most of yesterday in Constellation Sextans, the Moon begins the day today aligned with Alpha Leo (Regulus) and Alpha Hydra (Alphard). Later She aligns with Delta Leo (Zosma).

She’s in Constellation Leo all day long. It’s going to be another lion-headed serpent day.

Because Constellation Hydra underlies one full quadrant of the Celestial Sphere from Cancer through Libra, the occult and mystic connection between the Lion and the Serpent can be empirically demonstrated.

Anyone who wants to know more is advised to study on their own so they can learn about and experience the mechanism for themselves. All I can do is point you toward materials that may be of some assistance.

At right, the Naga, a Lion-headed Snake at the Lion-Temple of Apedemak, Nubia.

Ophiuchus-Leo Celestial Family Relations

In addition to the underlying form of Hydra the fabulous water snake that connects Leo natives organically to the Serpent and to Ophiuchus, there are two direct Lion-Serpent-Ophiuchus filial relationships created by the Sun.

Yesterday we revealed the role of Sekhmet the Egyptian Lioness Headed Goddess of Power & Healing as the Goddess Mother to Imhotep.

Today we’ll introduce the Ophiuchus solar serpent family connection — Apollo, the Greek God of Light (the Sun).

If you’re not well read in Greek myth now might be a good time to look into it. Apollo was not the greatest of fathers. Nor was he a good husband. In fact he was quite abusive.

Taking a good look at how the warming, energizing, vitalizing Sun can also wreak havoc in our lives, these traits are not out of sync with the realities of everyday Life — or Love for that matter. Not too many people can survive living in the Desert let alone prefer it.

The presence of the Lunar Goddess in the Solar constellation gives us a bit of relief and back-lights the issues we need to be thinking about so that later on when we’re in the middle of a drought or a scorching summer we can appreciate that Love is Love. Sometimes it warms and sometimes it turns everything in its path to ashes. That’s just how it is.

Ophiuchan Mars in the Coma-Virgo X-Ray/Radio Galaxy Streaming

Mars is aligned today with Gamma Virgo (Porrima) in the Coma-Virgo Galaxy Streaming.

If your life is hectic right now that would be a good sign. There is a lot of healing energy reaching us from remote celestial places. This is presuming that Mars is in the process of re-calibrating its energies as suggested in numerous previous Oph ‘Scopes and articles and that instead of the threat of war and planetary abuses being perpetrated at the behest of its cosmic vibrations, that the transformative healing frequencies from His new serpentine nature are predominating.

Physical therapy is suggested today (Mars in Virgo). Also surgery (if you can’t get yourself healed any other way than by cutting into the body) and aggressive crusades to get the poisons out of our foodstuffs!

Eventually women with abuse and violation issues will be receiving waves of healing energy on this placement of Mars in Virgo. Did anyone see the movie The Gladiator with Russell Crowe? It’s like that–the difference between the ruthless Roman General and the agrarian lover who only wants to go home to his fields, his wife and his kids.

Be on the lookout for signs of a reversal of Mars’ warrior energy and the induction of transformation & healing vibrations today.

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July 21 ~ Constellation Cancer Sun, Cancer-Leo-Sextans Moon

  • Solar Cycle Theme: Cancer Intuits, Nurtures, Enchants, Mystifies
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Guided by Love
  • Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent
  • Moon aligns with Alpha Hydra (Alphard) and Alpha Leo (Regulus)
  • Jupiter applying to alignment with Alpha Taurus (Aldebaran)
  • Saturn Direct in Virgo still aligned with Alpha Virgo (Spica) and Alpha Boötes (Arcturus)
  • Quaoar Rx in Serpens aligned with Alpha Ophiuchus (Rasalhague)
  • Pluto Rx in Constellation Sagittarius aligned with Alpha Lyra (Vega)

Alpha Leo – Regulus

Readership is up since we began sharing more useful information about Astrological Ophiuchus. So for the benefit of those just joining us let me say that Oph ‘Scopes have taken us around the Zodiac Circle a number of times already as we’ve followed the Sun, Moon and selected alignments.

Introductory discussions of the constellation energies and alignments to certain stars have already occurred in previous Oph ‘Scopes. Hence I won’t be discussing the Moon in Sextans today or tomorrow. That discussion has been thoroughly had as we have moved on to exploring the energy match-ups and light body relationships between the various constellations, planets, asteroids and Ophiuchus.

We do not delete the old posts, however. They are archived. You can go through them and catch up by using categories, tags, and word searches.

Neolithic Snake GoddessThe energy today should be hot and steamy as the Sun enters the Moon sign and the Moon spends most of the day in the Sun sign. When water and fire meet in the “mutual reception” position, there is a great harmony of mother-father frequencies and those who are in bonded-for-life relationships can achieve a deeper connection and renew their commitment.

If you are into Tantra, the solar-lunar energy provides excellent celestial accompaniment to your sexual activity today. This would tend to favor male-female partnerships for what should be obvious classical yin-yang reasons having to do with the star within and the garment that clothes that Light.

The transit of the Moon past Alpha Hydra and Alpha Leo suggest we explore serpents and lions today, so that’s what we’ll do :-).

Yesterday we introduced the energy of the Great Mother Goddess and the Zodiac’s Womb of Creation (Cancer) as being (insofar as our Research has turned up) the source and underpinnings of the Serpent Holder ‘archetype’ based on the matriarchal template of past ages that predate the documentation of modern Astrology. (See at left, Neolithic Snake Goddess.)

If you conduct cursory exploration of the works of Marija Gimbutas you will find a predominance in Old Europe of archaeological representations of bird and serpent goddesses. The male imagery appears to be fairly generic. But you should read the books for yourself and formulate your own opinion. Don’t take my word for it.

The excavations at Knossos and surrounding area of Minoan Crete also yielded a predominance of goddess imagery and scant evidence of a male god worship. Crete of course is the home of the Serpent Goddesses of Minoan Crete (there were two main images–what may have been the Serpent Mother Goddess, and one who was described as possibly being a Votary). There was no evidence left behind to clarify impressions and guide archaeologists in labeling their finds.

Lion-Serpent Energy & Ophiuchus

The child of Ptah and Sekhmet is the third member of the triad of Egyptian gods presiding over the Memphis, the Nome nearest Saqqara. Originally the third member of this trad was represented by Nefertem, God of the Lotus, but he was later replaced by Imhotep, the local architect (designer of the first successful pyramid, the Djoser step pyramid at Saqqara) when He became deified.

So in essence, Sekhmet is the Egyptian “Mother Figure” for Ophiuchus as well as a serpent power patroness.

Sekhmet (Power & Healing) is normally depicted with the Red Disk and Uraeus Serpent. Leo women are advised to explore the Egyptian lore and stories about Sekhmet so they can come to grips with their hard-to-handle visceral energy.

This probably holds true for women with planets at or near Alpha Leo, Regulus.

Here’s another video from Trudi Kay who reports the energy from the activity she’s showing us should reach us today, July 21.

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July 20 ~ Gemini-Cancer Sun, Cancer Moon

  • Solar Cycle Theme:
    • Gemini Thinks, Learns, Educates, Communicates
    • Cancer Intuits, Nurtures, Enchants, Mystifies
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Emotional Integrity
  • Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent
  • Moon aligns with M44 Praesepe, the Beehive and Alpha Cancer (Acubens)
  • Jupiter applying to alignment with Alpha Taurus (Aldebaran)
  • Saturn Direct in Virgo still aligned with Alpha Virgo (Spica) and Alpha Boötes (Arcturus)
  • Quaoar Rx in Serpens aligned with Alpha Ophiuchus (Rasalhague)
  • Pluto Rx in Constellation Sagittarius aligned with Alpha Lyra (Vega)

M44 | Beehive | Constellation Cancer

Today is the day we take the solar plunge from the amusement park ride of the world of thought (Gemini) into the abyss of our raw emotions (Cancer).

I think most people can agree once we’ve jumped into the lake of commitment that fielding problems day-to-day is like trying to punch someone underwater or in a dream where everything is in slow-motion and even when you manage to make contact, you never quite connect. And nobody really gets hurt.

Unless you’re having night terrors or nightmares.

Whenever people fall in and out of love whether romantic or filial, unless one has the proper tools, nothing is sacred, safety disappears, there’s nowhere to hide, and somebody always gets hurt unless both parties have conflict management tools.

How can Cancer represent the womb, the safety of the inner sanctuary, home and our private emotions when there are so many ways to invade that space despite our best defenses and against our Will? As we stand together on the precipice of a New Age with the goal of restoring sovereignty, Free Will, and Love, it seems clear we could use all the Hero and Miracle-mindedness energy we can get.

Enter Ophiuchus, a chthonic god/goddess, standing between the ways, a master of the Liminal World, dispatching healing and wisdom to ordinary people on the Dream Planes.

During the solar transit of Cancer we’ll explore Cancer-Ophiuchus associations with the House of the Moon, the Lunar Priestesses and Great Mother Goddess in some depth.

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July 19 ~ Sun & New Moon in Gemini

  • Solar Cycle Theme: Gemini Thinks, Learns, Educates, Communicates
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Magnetic Mind
  • Moon Phase: New Moon
  • Moon aligns with Beta Gemini (Pollux), Alpha Canis Minor (Procyon), conjuncts the Sun
  • Jupiter applying to alignment with Alpha Taurus (Aldebaran)
  • Saturn Direct in Virgo still aligned with Alpha Virgo (Spica) and Alpha Boötes (Arcturus)
  • Quaoar Rx in Serpens aligned with Alpha Ophiuchus (Rasalhague)
  • Pluto Rx in Constellation Sagittarius aligned with Alpha Lyra (Vega)

The Sun and Moon achieve their New Moon conjunction today mere minutes before entering Constellation Cancer. This would constitute a cusp situation which means all of our thoughts about the intensity of the past week or so are going to be fresh as our awareness and subconscious minds are shifted into “self-reflection” mode in Cancer.

Meanwhile, Jupiter is applying to an alignment with Aldebaran, the Eye of the Bull. The Eye is opening. What will it see?

Forget about the bad press Jupiter-Zeus has received in ancient myth. (And we can use this as allegory to represent the people we’ve been hearing from on the Internet who may have been alternately giving us hope and disappointing us). If we allow ourselves to open our eyes to Jupiter’s good qualities we can use our positive thoughts and feelings to bring the best of him out.

That doesn’t mean we turn a blind eye to the B.S. It means we see and focus on the Light, and then Will that Light to grow and expand. We can dissolve the undesirable energy by starving it of thought. (If you don’t think about a thing, it doesn’t exist for you.) Negativity (as we will just call it here) needs our fear and our consternation to keep it alive.

That’s what it means to take ourselves out of the Pyramid-style leadership paradigm and activate the Holographic Template. In the Hologram, each unit has a Mind and is Light. In the Pyramid, it is the Apex of the structure and the “Eye in the Triangle” that has and exercises power over the entire construct.

In the Holographic model, because we are all one, the 99% reclaims its power and light. The 1% is absorbed in that energy field — it’s no longer more powerful than any other percent that has gone into the making of the 100%.

Suddenly, those in leadership positions must obey the impulses that are governing the extremities they represent (the parts of the body that carry out the Will of the One). Hence those who have their hands on the reins (Congress for instance) will begin to drive and pilot the Body of Humanity toward Wholistic Health & Wisdom naturally. It will just happen.

Reflect today on how you can use your Magnetic Mind to project your informed Good Will into the center of the Hologram for idea-parsing and vote-counting on the Light Planes. Sooner or later, if this method becomes understood and actualized by the 99%, the Will of the 99% will be Done seamlessly.

Practice at home. Remember the admonishment, “And that it Harm None!”

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July 18 ~ Gemini Sun, Gemini Moon

  • Solar Cycle Theme: Gemini Thinks, Learns, Educates, Communicates
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Fraternal Twins 
  • Moon Phase: Waning Crescent
  • Sun aligns with Procyon, Alpha Canis Minor
  • Moon aligns with Alpha Canis Major (Sirius), Alpha & Beta Gemini (Castor & Pollux) and Alpha Canis Minor (Procyon)
  • Saturn Direct in Virgo still aligned with Alpha Virgo (Spica) and Alpha Boötes (Arcturus)
  • Quaoar Rx in Serpens aligned with Alpha Ophiuchus (Rasalhague)
  • Pluto Rx in Constellation Sagittarius aligned with Alpha Lyra (Vega)

Students please note that although I’ve listed the Sun’s alignment to Procyon in the bullet list above, in the context of Triangulations — a concept previously described in Oph ‘Scopes — today’s aspect (Ecliptic Longitude) is the second of two Sun-Procyon alignment peaks. The first peak occurred on July 15 (Right Ascension).

These are the sorts of details students will be on their own to discover for themselves as they pick up the tips I share in Oph ‘Scopes and take self-initiated action to apply them.

Activity at Isis Gateway

Click to Enlarge

Over the last two days there has been a lot of activity at the Gateway of Isis. Today’s alignment at Procyon brings the third Gate of this fixed triangular Gateway to peak solar frequency potential. The solar energy we’re receiving dynamically will probably dictate what sort of activity the Gateway concretely actualizes today.

Isis Gate as you may remember is made from the Alpha stars of Orion, Canis Major and Canis Minor. The details of this Gateway have also been previously shared in Oph ‘Scopes.

So, the solar winds from activity on the Sun (in today’s case) is dictating what sort of intensity the gateway energy will generate. What does this mean to us?

We’re in the Gemini sector. That means lots and lots of Teaching, Learning, Communicating and Thinking.

For those of us who are receiving downloads of energy and information via the mechanism of solar activity and planetary alignments, you should know that everyone is receiving the same energy. What each one of us is actually being enabled to actualize depends on a number of factors including how your DNA is constructed and what past life experiences have conditioned you for the job and activities you’re engaged in this time around.

Remember Neptune before recently turning retrograde had just finished up a transit of Helix Nebula in Constellation Aquarius. Check Neptune’s retrograde progress in your planetarium program and you should find he is approximately 1 Ecliptic Longitude degree away from a re-alignment.

That means higher dimensional re-connections with new 12-strand DNA is taking place. How can you maximize your successful experience of this process?

This is not the only method, but if, for example, you took affirmative action on yesterday’s post then you ritualized the process and are sitting pretty if what you want is a conscious experience of a subconscious process. The Moon should have achieved a Trine aspect (120° angle) with Neptune Rx at approximately 02:00 UT. All you have to do to access an instant replay of what your 12-strand DNA re-connection process involved is to Think about your day yesterday and piece the clues together.

I call the Moon in Gemini “Magnetic Mind.”

Ophiuchus-Gemini Relationships & Lower Mind

Please don’t forget when you’re assessing Zodiac-based relationship potential, you need to know the Zodiac Constellations involved, not the Tropical Zodiac Sign (or the Sidereal either for that matter though Sidereal Astrology tends to be closer to the realities of the true sky).

Ophiuchus and Gemini share a planetary intelligence in Mercury. That makes natives of these signs theoretically natural allies. What it doesn’t do is guarantee the natives of these two star fields are going to be a perfect match. That part of the relationship deal is up to the two of you.


Mercury is Blue

Mercury has a definite trickster mode, and since Gemini and the Ophiuchus male share that tendency, their relationship foundation needs to be on Higher Ground.

Gemini is the House of Lower Mind (the realm of Logic and Reason as opposed to Philosophy) so finding Higher Ground there is going to be tricky.

Most people will probably be erroneously assuming that between Gemini and Ophiuchus, the Ophiuchus male is a Master Teacher and Gemini forever the student. This is not the case.

Hermes Trimegistus, The Thrice Greatest (symbolized by Mercury) is the Great Teacher. Asclepius and Imhotep were students of the mysteries and Master Healer-Physicians. Not teachers. They wrote and recorded the wisdom and science they learned in order to pass it on. So in a sense, they are humble students as well, their special gift and function being to practice what they learned and bend their talents in Service to the Planet and Humanity.

The Ophiuchus fe-male, however, as Serpent Mother Goddess, is forever the Master Teacher schooling her children in the rudimentary skills they need to live life safely and to the fullest.

The Ophiuchus of either gender who is in balance and harmonized with the Healing & Wisdom or Master Architect & Builder path is confident and self-aware but takes all in stride. You can tell how much time they are spending in their Lower Mind by how well-disciplined they are in their egos.

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July 17 ~ Gemini Sun, Orion-Gemini Moon

  • Solar Cycle Theme: Gemini Thinks, Learns, Educates, Communicates
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Duality, Irony, Dichotomy, Paradox 
  • Moon Phase: Waning Crescent
  • Sun aligns with Procyon, Alpha Canis Minor
  • Moon aligns with Alpha Orion (Betelgeuse) and Rosette Nebula and Asteroid Artemis in Constellation Monoceros, the Unicorn
  • Saturn Direct in Virgo still aligned with Alpha Virgo (Spica) and Alpha Boötes (Arcturus)
  • Quaoar Rx in Serpens aligned with Alpha Ophiuchus (Rasalhague)
  • Pluto Rx in Constellation Sagittarius aligned with Alpha Lyra (Vega)

Let’s talk about the Twins while the Sun is still in Gemini waiting for the Moon to catch up and conjunct it at New Moon.

We’ve talked about the idea of finding gender balance in the Zodiac Signs. Here, Gemini Air is positive-masculine to match the idea that the Gemini Twins are brothers (same sex).

In studying the great religions of the world and exploring the spiritual anthropology of the great civilizations that thrived before the advent of Christianity, one is left to wonder if the dearth of female figures in the pantheon has anything to do with the sexual confusion, perversion and ambiguity in the modern age? Certainly the main point of contention stems from Judgment (a mental decision-making process in the Gemini domain) but what psycho-sexual issues have some of us developed as a result of the unfortunate disappearance of important sacred feminine archetypes?

I’m not talking about the individuals who are genetically encoded to be as they are (gay-lesbian). That’s what Source has given them to work with. I’m talking about those of us who can’t deal with reality. I don’t want to offend anyone, so I’ll just speak for myself. Some people don’t get to choose. They are what they are. But to the extent you have a choice, your sexual preference is about as much my business as what you do for a living or what you believe. That is your free will choice.

Frankly, I’d say same-sexuality is a better population control device than war and other depopulation methods currently being practiced today.

Gemini-Think about that!

Apollo & Artemis

Among the many famous sets of Twins in history and myth are Apollo and Artemis.

Apollo of course was Asclepius’s absent father.

The contrast between the domains of Apollo and Artemis are as different as Day and Night, which is exactly what they represented in Greek Myth — the Sun and the Moon.

Apollo’s playground was the civilization of men whereas Artemis ruled animals and the natural world. Both Apollo and Artemis were famous as expert archers. Apollo tipped his arrowheads with poison to start plagues, the purpose of which was to purge the planet of excess humans and their trash. Artemis was a bit of a mercenary. In some myths Apollo would call upon her to shoot someone through the heart when he didn’t want to do the dirty work himself.

I have long feared that rather than serve as horrible examples of how to be in the world, these stories condition our minds to accept this sort of treatment by the “gods” — and each other.

But what is the alternative? Censorship?

Hmm. Hard decision there. Which one will we choose?

Paradoxically, the stories are allegory for real life situations that took place in the past and which we are obviously up against yet again. In these situations there are hard choices to be made by those “in charge” as a function of the Law of Cause & Effect.

Whose “fault” is it that those in charge are where they are? Isn’t there some amount of responsibility we need to take for that state of being? So maybe we just need to get down to business and take our sovereignty and decision-making back. Are we committed enough to that cause to get up out of our TV chairs and get our butts down to City Hall?

Gemini-Think about that, too.

Cosmic Twin Timing

As though to confirm her domain for us (animals and nature) Asteroid Artemis today is transiting Constellation Monoceros, the Unicorn (in the Gemini sector of the Zodiac Belt) while Asteroid Apollo transits the end of Constellation Leo, home of the Sun.

Rosette Nebula, Constellation Monoceros the Unicorn

In tune with her Lunar nature and Divine Sacred Feminine role as Priestess, Asteroid Artemis has been aligned with Rosette Nebula for some days and today this alignment will be perfected by the Waning Crescent Moon.

One more time, I didn’t plan this. It simply happened organically. That’s the Magic of Life in the Universe. Doesn’t it  just blow you away? It does me!

Ladies, I have just given you a full day’s notice of this conjunction in a Facebook Status post in case you want to prepare and experience the energy for yourself to detect whether the celestial body of Artemis really is energized by this alignment in which case if you have ever been a Priestess, you should be receiving some sort of download at this time.

Technically, Asteroid Apollo is a member of an entire class of asteroids named after him. The Apollo asteroids are close to Earth and cross Earth’s path. Some of them are a potential threat to our planet.

Apollo class asteroids of greatest interest to us include Apollo, Asclepius, and Hermes.

* * * * *

Here is a video by Trudi of the solar activity on this date for historic value.

In all the years I’ve been looking at the sun I have never observed a CME that doesn’t know when to quit. So after two hours we said wow two hours, but the two hours became three and then five. That was yesterday when AR11520 first flare out in a minor class C flare immediately followed by class M1.8 CME. The last time I checked it’s still going.

In the meantime while waiting and observing, cleaning my monitor, cleaning my keyboard, filing my nails, I noticed this one huge flare erupt North, North/West of the limb, reach down towards the hemisphere and recoil back to … wait … the back of the sun? What the …… ?
Without further hesitation I called on the ever faithful stand by STEREO B to take a peek behind the sun and there was the flare wanting a little spotlight for itself. I couldn’t refuse.
Sunspot complex AR1520-1521 erupted on July 17th at 1715 UT. The M1-class explosion unfolded slowly over a period of hours. Slow explosions often produce CMEs, and this one was no exception; SOHO recorded the bright and massive cloud: According to a forecast track prepared by analysts at the Goddard Space Weather Lab, the CME will hit Venus on July 19th and could deliver a glancing blow to Earth on July 20th.

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July 16 ~ Gemini Sun, Taurus-Orion Moon

  • Solar Cycle Theme: Gemini Thinks, Learns, Educates, Communicates
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Taurus Works – Orion Hunts 
  • Moon Phase: Waning Crescent
  • Moon aligns with Beta Orion (Rigel), Orion’s Belt, Crab Nebula in Taurus, Alpha Orion (Betelgeuse)
  • Saturn Direct in Virgo still aligned with Alpha Virgo (Spica) and Alpha Boötes (Arcturus)
  • Quaoar Rx in Serpens aligned with Alpha Ophiuchus (Rasalhague)
  • Pluto Rx in Constellation Sagittarius aligned with Alpha Lyra (Vega)

Crab Nebula | Constellation Taurus

The Moon spends all day in one of the single most intense areas of the Celestial Sphere — Constellation Taurus, the Orion sector.

As a practical matter, today should be fast-paced with a sequence of power plays adding their energy to the field. By the end of the day the Moon will be aligned with Red Giant star Alpha Orion (Betelgeuse) and by that time we’ll be looking at a Power-Energy field strong enough to right the axial tilt of the planet.

I’m not kidding. Not that it will, but it could.

Pull out your Sky Chart programs and check the Ecliptic Longitude coordinates for Alpha Orion and then follow that meridian North until it connects with a familiar star at the top of the celestial sphere — the star called Polaris. Yes, that’s right — the North star. What kind of a cosmic coincidence would you consider this alignment to be? Does that perchance answer the question “why is Orion such a big deal around here”?

Draco | Copyright 2012 Mahasti Kia

However you use this energy today, be careful with it. The Kerubs at the Watch Towers have all been compensating for the changes at the South Tower (Scorpius) so Earth Keepers should meditate on stabilization while those of us with Dragon Energy should grip the planetary handles (Equinoxes and Solstices) and hang on.

There will be some activity on the part of those who want to pull the planet off its axis and spin it just for fun or simply to be mean. Is there any other reason you can think of why anyone would want to stand in the way of progress for an entire planet of life forms? But we’re not going to let that happen, are we — ill-intentioned interference I mean.

Pictured at right, Draco protecting the planet. Contact the (Scorpio-Ophiuchus) artist Mahasti Kia at

Osiris, God of the Dead

Orion may have been just a drop-dead gorgeous man and masterful Hunter to the Greeks but to the Egyptians his constellation is the energy body of Osiris, brother-husband of Isis.

Like Mars Osiris was originally an agrarian god as Isis is the prime Goddess of Fertility. But once he was fooled by his jealous brother Set’s clever scheme to trap him in his own coffin and do away with him, Osiris became God of the Dead while Isis remained the Goddess of Life.

Note the balancing interplay of conceptual gender energy in almost all the myths about the gods and goddesses of the western world — except for the Christian, that is. Christian creationism isn’t considered to be a world myth at this point — at least not by the Christians. To a lot of people it’s true history.

We’ll leave that idea right where it is for the moment.

The point of all of the above is to begin bringing out the Egyptian lore so we may begin to consider how the Egyptian God of Healing & Wisdom Imhotep and his namesake Asteroid can factor into our Astrological readings thanks to Constellation Ophiuchus.

But now we need to return in Time to where we began to establish the current (and hence predominant) Zodiac connection between Ophiuchus and Taurus (Orion sector).

Orion the Hunter

Those who are up on their Greek Myths (or Constellation Ophiuchus lore) know that among the stories surrounding how Asclepius was killed is the one involving Orion (my favorite).

As this act of the unwritten Greek tragedy Asclepius starts, Orion is in the water swimming for his life. The Giant Scorpion is in hot pursuit.

Orion had been hired to do a job for one of the Gods. This god lived on an Island that had become overrun with terrible beasts and he wanted that beast population to be eradicated. And Orion was the only man who could do that job.

At the end of the day when the job was done, rather than pay the agreed upon price for his services the God decided to kill Orion instead. The contract price was the hand of this God’s granddaughter in marriage. Unfortunately for Orion, this God had been lusting after his own granddaughter all the time and had secretly intended to go back on his word and keep the girl for himself (tsk tsk tsk).

The Twins Artemis & Apollo | Asclepius’s Aunt & Father

To ensure that Orion wouldn’t reemerge from the water alive, the God called out to Artemis, the Virgin Goddess of Animals, Archery & the Hunt. He knew Artemis loved Orion and would do anything to protect him. So the God pointed to a bobbing form in the water, told her it was the Giant Scorpion in pursuit of her beloved Orion, and commanded her to shoot her arrow and be quick about it!

Did she not look close enough? Or did she act in the faith that the God was telling her the truth?

She shot her arrow and it struck true — and as you can guess, it struck and killed Orion.

Horrified, Artemis pulled Orion’s lifeless body out of the water and sent for Asclepius, the mortal physician who had never lost a patient to death and who could even revive a dying or recently deceased patient. It was while Asclepius was in the process of reviving Orion the Hunter that he was struck and killed by the Thunderbolt of Zeus. The crime was the use of powers reserved for the gods–they did not want humanity to learn the secrets of life and death and how to avoid dying.

Thus, in the process of saving his fellow humans from death, Asclepius was basically filching their souls from the Underworld (the domain of Hades, Zeus’s brother).

So now that you know this story and can imagine all the family politics involved (lots and lots!) you have one more great big field of Greco-Egyptian myth and history energy to fold into your Astrological readings in this sector of the Zodiac Circle.

Practical application meditation

Use the Gemini Sun today to contemplate the cosmic implications of the story I’ve just related to you. Orion and Asclepius (Ophiuchus) having both suffered certain injustices at the hands of the gods–not that the injustices are the glue that binds them–but they both lost their lives while performing their work in good and faithful service.

Does that sound familiar?

The bottom line is, Orion, the Scorpion, and Constellation Ophiuchus have a relationship history that is custom-made for helping Humanity resolve numerous issues that it shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out.

Have we today used Ophiuchus energy to revive the Spirit of Orion the Hunter so he can help Humanity rid its Island (the Earth) of Beasts allowing the Asclepius aspect of Constellation Ophiuchus to revive and heal the Planet and Her Species as planned?

I Gemini-Think so! How about you?

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July 15 ~ Gemini Sun, Taurus Moon

  • Solar Cycle Theme: Gemini Thinks, Learns, Educates, Communicates
  • Lunar Phase Theme: I Think I Persevere
  • Moon Phase: Waning Crescent
  • Sun aligns with Beta Gemini (Pollux)
  • Mercury in Constellation Cancer turns Retrograde
  • Moon aligns with Jupiter, Alpha Taurus (Aldebaran) and Venus
  • Saturn Direct in Virgo still aligned with Alpha Virgo (Spica) and Alpha Boötes (Arcturus)
  • Quaoar Rx in Serpens aligned with Alpha Ophiuchus (Rasalhague)
  • Pluto Rx in Constellation Sagittarius aligned with Alpha Lyra (Vega)

Click to Listen

As if to follow up on yesterday’s message that small evolutionary steps are safest for everyone concerned, the Cosmic Vision News report from Friday, July 13 (UT) is loaded with incremental progress reports on a number of issues that are being brought into the public eye.

As we can hear in this broadcast, the Eye of the Bull as it symbolizes ordinary Humanity in the work sector is quite red — the Bull is pawing the ground — ready to charge the red cape of the adroit Bull Fighters of the evil cabal. 😉

As the Moon aligns with Jupiter briefly today, the power focus is on that greatest of Olympian Gods Zeus while the World prepares for the Olympic Games in London some days from now.

Ophiuchus in the Signs – Taurus

On our continuing quest to find common ground between Ophiuchus and the 12 Zodiac Signs, we note in particular the relationship between Alpha Taurus (Aldebaran) and Alpha Scorpius (Antares) — Scorpius now consisting of a slender plot of celestial real estate over-lorded by the towering body of the Serpent Holder with its suddenly-ambiguous sexuality since the Goddess Within that “sign” has also recently risen.

Thus a channel or tube for exchanges of cosmic body fluids and Light-Wisdom connects Ophiuchus and Taurus. If you cannot yet visualize what possibilities this connection generates then review the following article on Astronomologer. It brings a whole new meaning to the Astrology concept of the “Opposition” aspect (the 180 degree angle).

If there is a point at which the vaccine should (metaphorically in Astrology terms) leave the epidermic needle (or Serpent Staff of the Divine Physician) it would be from Antares; and the point at which the vaccine would enter the body of the First Sign of Earth (Taurus) would be Aldebaran.

Earth signs are ideologically negative and receptive. So are Water signs. The trick is that Ophiuchus is (a) not a “Sign” and (b) if it were it wouldn’t be Water or Earth, it would be Ether. Ether has power in all of the signs and theoretically, as the Source of all of the classic elements, should not be hampered by any of them. That is why Ophiuchus is the Divine Physician & Master Healer.

The Sun is aligned with Beta Gemini (Pollux) today — Think about it.

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July 14 ~ Gemini Sun, Taurus Moon

  • Solar Cycle Theme: Gemini Thinks, Learns, Educates, Communicates
  • Lunar Phase Theme: I Think I Have
  • Moon Phase: Waning Crescent
  • Moon aligns with The Pleiades and Alpha Perseus (Mirfak)
  • Saturn Direct in Virgo still aligned with Alpha Virgo (Spica) and Alpha Boötes (Arcturus)
  • Quaoar Rx in Serpens aligned with Alpha Ophiuchus (Rasalhague)
  • Pluto Rx in Constellation Sagittarius aligned with Alpha Lyra (Vega)

This first of the 4 Fixed Signs is “ruled” by Venus with the Moon exalted.

The detriment and fall planets are Mars and Uranus, respectively.

Our work of re-tooling the detriment and fall planets on our new Aquarian Age Zodiac is really cut out for us this time but if we use common sense and intuition, functions of Taurus and the Moon, I think we’ll be able to sort through the Bull and come up meaningful solutions that will work the magic of transforming this Fixed Earth sign into the veritable Paradise it should be.

While it is obviously true that Mars in Taurus in the past has done its intended work of abusing women, children, the marketplace, the job sector and the economy (not to mention carving deep scars in Planet Earth’s thick hide), the recent changes to the frequencies of our Solar System (described in Ophiuchus Tips for Astrologers ~ Mars) should serve to assure us that Ophiuchus indeed has an ally here — think of Mars as the antidote, the vaccine, the “hair of the dog” so to speak.

As to Uranus (Ouranos, the Ancient Sky God whose myth started all the child abuse stories) let’s try to see that situation as just as profaned a story as that of any of the goddesses and move on. Uranus’s New Age role as Libertarian, Freedom Lover, and Mold Breaker is hardly bad news in Zodiac Constellation-Sign Taurus. If anything, that’s the stuff Revolutions are made of.

Let ‘er rip — and Ride ’em cowboy!

Today’s message

The Moon’s alignments today with The Pleiades in Taurus and Alpha Perseus (Mirfak) in the Hero constellation suggest that Help is on the way.

Maybe the kind of Help Mirfak and The Pleiades are promising is not as dramatic (as might be symbolized by alignment to a higher profile Lightbody such as the Sun). But I think what they’re saying to us is that in our situation incremental change (like the phases of the Moon) will work best because inching along is what The Powers That Be have assessed is the safest pace for Ordinary Humans to keep up with.

The Fixed nature of Taurus (and the Bull’s interminably s-l-o-w pace) also suggests patience and persistence be employed.

Let us not lose any more peaceful warriors than we must as we stand shoulder-to-shoulder in the blue collar work sector of our World, waiting expectantly for Evolution to grind on as we watch and listen. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Don’t forget it took God almost a whole week to create the Universe!

Although I’ll bet Mrs. God could have gotten him do it in the space of a single day just by snapping her fingers (or asking politely). 😉

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July 13 ~ Gemini Sun, Constellation Aries Moon

  • Solar Cycle Theme: Gemini Thinks, Learns, Educates, Communicates
  • Lunar Phase Theme: I Think [therefore] I Am — the God/Goddess Within
  • Moon Phase: Waning Crescent
  • Moon aligns with Beta Perseus (Algol)
  • Asteroid 93 Minerva conjunct with Mars in Virgo
  • Saturn Direct in Virgo still aligned with Alpha Virgo (Spica) and Alpha Boötes (Arcturus)
  • Quaoar Rx in Serpens aligned with Alpha Ophiuchus (Rasalhague)
  • Pluto Rx in Constellation Sagittarius aligned with Alpha Lyra (Vega)
  • Uranus in Constellation Cetus turns Retrograde
  • Asteroid Pallas in Pisces aligned with Uranus Rx in Constellation Cetus
  • Venus separating from conjunction with Alpha Taurus (Aldebaran)

No sense reinventing the wheel. Today’s Oph ‘Scope is a reprint of the Algol material from the October 14, 2011 Oph ‘Scope. As you read through this offering you should be able to identify the Ophiuchus connections pretty easily for yourself. So be on the lookout for key ideas and names.

Aries Moon & Moon Madness

Aries Moon aligns with Algol (this screen capture 10-14-2011)

According to the principles of orthodox the Moon is handicapped in Aries because the Sun is exalted here.

I’ve been studying Astrology in one form or another since 1970 and I am still unable to grasp how the influences of any of the planets can be a disadvantage in any sign. Does that sound astrologically irreverent or simply naive?

About 10 years ago I drew criticism from a spiritually advanced Ophiuchus native I met because my interpretations tended to dwell on the negative when they could be accentuating the positive. I was only spouting what I’d learned but I could see his point. It’s a New Age. Everything needs to be shaken up a bit to see what still works and what doesn’t.

So here goes. I’ll take my position even further. If your natal sky chart is sporting an Aries Moon, here’s what I have to say about its being disadvantaged. Poppycock! You’ve got a hidden talent for something that makes you special. So there!

We all have good days and bad days. I’m through blaming the stars for it. The Moon in any sign is magnetic, energetic, and inspiring. At one point in my life a long time ago I noticed I had my most powerful adventures and experiences around the New Moon. So don’t tell me the Full Moon is the phase with all the power. It just plain isn’t true. I’ll say it again. One (wo)man’s trash is another (wo)man’s treasure.

But just in case you are feeling ungrounded today and/or have felt ungrounded over the last several days and it’s getting worse instead of better, we should, to be thorough, take a look at the Aries Moon to see what’s going on there.

In medical astrology Aries is associated with the Head. In Western Hermetic Qabalah the Sun is the Head and the Moon is the back of the Head to represent the Solar and Lunar lights as aspects of consciousness: waking consciousness and the unconscious and subconscious levels of Mind. A ‘bad hair day’ falling on an Aries Moon-day probably has to do with something you’ve had on your mind that you thought you’d let go of but it’s still there.

Time to take a personal inventory if you haven’t already and check it to see if you owe somebody an apology or an amends. If that doesn’t seem to work you may need to get out of your self and out of your own way. Do something kind or helpful for somebody else. Nothing minimizes our own problems so much as helping someone else with theirs. If you’re anything like me you could use all the good Karma you can get.

Perseus & the head of the Gorgon Medusa

Today the Moon will align with Beta Perseus, “Algol”. As we know, Perseus the Hero was the rescuer of the Princess Andromeda. The weapon he used to defeat the Kraken (the sea monster that was sent to take Andromeda as a sacrifice) was the head of the Gorgon Medusa. Algol is the star in the head of the Gorgon Medusa. It has a long history of many other demonic associations as well.

Algol has mythology of its own, none of it complimentary. Its full Arabic name is Ras al-Gul, the Ghoul’s Head. Algol has also been known as the Demon Star and the Blinking Demon. The Jews called it Rosh ha-satan, Satan’s Head, while in the Talmud it is labeled Lilit, Adam’s legendary first wife and a demon. The Chinese name is certainly the most gory, “Tseih She”, which means the Piled- up Corpses. Perhaps people in ancient times were uncomfortable with a star that refused to behave itself and shine with a nice steady brightness. Info source: Circumpolar Constellation Perseus

I hate to give any celestial body a bad rap. I am as some of you well know an ardent “No Bad Stars” advocate. Be that as it may, here is the science behind the star with the demonic reputation. Lifted from Wikipedia,with comments of my own and emphasis added.

Computer simulation of how Algol may rotate

Algol A and Algol B are an eclipsing binary, because their orbital plane coincidentally contains the Earth’s line of sight. To be more precise, however, Algol is a triple-star system. Studies of Algol led astrophysicists to develop the Algol paradox in the theory of stellar evolution: although components of a binary star form at the same time, and massive stars evolve much faster than the less massive ones, it was observed that the more massive component Algol A is still in the main sequence, while the less massive Algol B is a subgiant star at a later evolutionary stage. Scientists have theories on how this paradox is resolved. But keep in mind, these are speculations until they are proven.

Likewise the nature of Algol’s considerable stellar activity. This system also exhibits variable activity in the form of x-ray and radio flares. The former is thought to be caused by the magnetic fields of the AB components interacting with the mass transfer. The radio emissions may be created by magnetic cycles similar to sunspots, but, as the magnetic fields around these stars are up to ten times stronger than that of the Sun, these radio flares are more powerful and longer lasting. Note again the phraseology used that admits the scientists are speculating.

Info source: Algol – Wikipedia

Basically, how Beta Perseus works is still pretty much a mystery.

The only metaphysical attribute of the Gorgon Medusa (as we think we know her) that is shared with the Beta Perseus star system so far is the astronomical fact that Algol is a Triple Binary star system. The Gorgon Medusa had two sisters, Sthenno and Euryale.

If she has mysterious powers analogous to those of the Algol star system, then it is that the Gorgon Medusa is incognito and hidden from view as surely as knowledge of her true form and nature was erased in ancient times. Hm. That sounds like the Eclipse phase of this Algol Triple eclipsing binary star system, doesn’t it? In emerging from the Eclipse phase, will the Gorgon Medusa’s great powers return with the re-cognition of Goddess Spirituality?

As you can see from the screen capture above, Astronomers also located  and named a second, third and fourth Gorgon star close to Algol. However, there is no fourth Gorgon sister in Greek literature. So perhaps this refers to the three sisters before the Medusa lost her head to Perseus in the myth.

Gorgon Medusa of Corfu

Gorgon Medusa of Corfu

The Gorgon Medusa

Gorgon blood had magical properties: if taken from the left side of the Gorgon, it was a fatal poison; from the right side, the blood was capable of bringing the dead back to life.

Gorgons were vicious female monsters with the fangs and skin of serpents and hair of living, venomous snakes. Two of the three Gorgon sisters, Stheno and Euryale, were immortal but Medusa was not. Similar to the dragon-serpent “Python” whom Gaia sent to protect sacred sites, the Gorgons were the protectors of the most ancient ritual secrets. Since the gaze of the Gorgon was said to turn a man to stone, images of the Gorgons’ heads were also used as amulets and protection objects to be hung on objects and buildings to counteract the evil eye and to ward off evil.

In Sanskrit the name “Medusa” is translated as “Medha”, in Greek “Metis”, and in Egyptian “Met” or “Maat”. These names are all forms of words referring to wisdom, which as a matter of tradition was symbolized by and embodied in goddess form.

What we’re being told here in a manner of speaking is that the Medusa (or Greek Metis) was Athena’s mother, and that Athena’s mother was a Serpent or Serpent Goddess.

From The Quintessential Ophiuchus ~ 8. The Serpent

I don’t want to spend a prolonged amount of time on the subtopic of how in the process of overthrowing Goddess Worship in ancient times the Patriarchy perverted many myths and stories to turn Her (and the Serpent of Wisdom) into an evil figure. However, I will point out that hidden in the ancient literature and sacred texts is the underlying story about the Medusa and many other profaned figures from our deep past. So I would not be too set on holding onto these demonic connotations that are attached to our lovely star systems.

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July 12 ~ Gemini Sun, Aries Moon

  • Solar Cycle Theme: Gemini Thinks, Learns, Educates, Communicates
  • Lunar Phase Theme: I Think [therefore] I Am — the God/Goddess Within
  • Moon Phase: Waning Last Quarter
  • Sun aligns with Alpha Gemini (Castor)
  • Moon aligns with Beta and Alpha Aries (Sheratan and Hamal)
  • Asteroid 93 Minerva conjunct with Mars in Virgo
  • Saturn Direct in Virgo still aligned with Alpha Virgo (Spica)
  • Quaoar Rx in Serpens aligned with Alpha Ophiuchus (Rasalhague)
  • Pluto Rx in Constellation Sagittarius aligned with Alpha Lyra (Vega)
  • Asteroid Pallas in Pisces aligned with Uranus in Constellation Cetus
  • Venus Conjunct with Alpha Taurus (Aldebaran)

What about constellation Aries resonates sufficiently with Ophiuchus to create a positive relationship between these two signs?

A lot. Where do I begin?

Let’s begin with the Astrology basics — nothing too divergent or pioneering today.

Restoring gender balance to the Aries domain

Minerva | Roman Goddess of War & Wisdom

Aries is “the Star of Minerva” to the Greeks and Romans. Who is Minerva?

Minerva is the Roman Athena, Goddess of War & Wisdom.

Minerva (Etruscan: Menrva) was the Roman goddess whom Romans from the 2nd century BC onwards equated with the Greek goddess Athena. She was the virgin goddess of poetry, medicine, wisdom, commerce, weaving, crafts, magic. She is often depicted with her sacred creature, an owl usually named as the “owl of Minerva”, which symbolizes her ties to wisdom.


Here’s how Cosmic and Alive this Celestial Art-Science is. I totally did not plan what I’m about to show you. It just so happened that as I went to research Minerva I discovered there is an Asteroid Minerva out there — and guess where she is today?

Almost precisely conjunct with Mars in Virgo.

  • Asteroid 93 Minerva – Ecliptic Lon. 184.4633 | Lat. -03.1377
  • Mars – Ecliptic Lon. 184.5357 | Lat. +00.2189
  • M87 Virgo A Galaxy Ecliptic Lon. 182.2337 | Lat. +14.4162

If you are resonating with what I’m showing you then you have crossed the threshold and walked through this doorway with me. Reach out and connect with the male-female pair that underlies Zodiac Constellation Sign Aries.

Ophiuchus relationships in Aries

Hence Aries’ Planetary Intelligence Mars not only appears to have an ideological brother-sister relationship with Minerva but as seasoned Startistics readers already know, Mars has recently been found to have a natural and organic relationship to Ophiuchus due to his occult association with reptiles including scorpions (technically arachnids), snakes and serpents.

Although the parentage of Ares (the Greek form of Mars) is in question (see ARES: Greek God of War at the Theoi Project web site) it is clear there is a blood relationship between Ares (Mars) and Asclepius.

Here is some more basic information on Ares (Mars) that we need to establish PRECEDENT for returning Mars in our Minds to his original status as principally an Agrarian God, not God of War as a first priority but as a court of last resort.

Mars was the god of war, and one of the most prominent and worshipped gods. In early Roman history he was a god of spring, growth in nature, and fertility, and the protector of cattle. Mars is also mentioned as a chthonic god (earth-god) and this could explain why he became a god of death and finally a god of war. He is the son of Jupiter and Juno. According to some sources, Mars is the father of Romulus and Remus by the Vestal Ilia (Rhea Silvia). Because he was the father of these legendary founders of Rome, and thus of the Roman people, the Romans styled themselves ‘sons of Mars’.

Source: Crystalinks

Note: Mars as the father of Romulus and Remus has application to today’s location of the Sun in Constellation Gemini (the Twins).

Solar applications

If you know your Astrology you know the Sun is “exalted” in Aries. Here is our Ophiuchus connection to the Sun: Asclepius’s father was Apollo, God of Light (the Sun).

Of course Apollo was the Greek God of other things besides Light, but for our purposes today we’ll just limit it to that and move on.

Moon with Beta and Alpha Aries

I’m sure glad the definition of  the term “Horoscope” has caught up with us already. Several online references define “Horoscope” as:

  1. a diagram of the heavens, showing the relative position of planets and the signs of the zodiac, for use in calculating births, foretelling events in a person’s life, etc.
  2. a prediction of future events or advice for future behavior based on such a diagram.

We are definitely leaving the Free Fortunetelling mode behind. I gave it a whack but it’s not a job I want.

That must be the Moon in Aries talking about me out loud in the sense that you’ll be reading these remarks soon, but as I sit here I’m all alone in my room talking to myself in “safe mode” where I can filter out anything I don’t want to let out.


This last part of today’s Ophiuchus Horoscope is going to lead you to a piece of very tough reading, but serious students of the celestial art and science we have been calling ‘Astrology’ are going to be hungry for it. This offering will lead you straight to the ancient root of the modern zodiac (if you can call 1200 years ‘ancient’ at this point). We’ll just leave that definition unattacked.

Below is an excerpt from the page I’m recommending you read. The snippet I quote takes us to the point of why the supporting information is important. Just knowing the one detail I’m about to quote is insufficient if your goal is to master Astronomy-Astrology (Astronomology) or whatever it is we choose ultimately to call it. In the coming age, knowing all of this stuff will be an imperative.

Obviously I’m very high on this web page (link below if I can only stop talking about it) though I admit to you that Hindu Astrology means very little to me because I have focused all of my energies on the Western grid. You figure that for everything you attempt to read that sounds like Greek, some of it is going to get through — especially if you have a Master Astronomy-Astrologer past life and you were there.

So I hope you decide to give it a try. The Moon working in your Subconscious Mind with these actual stars today in Aries will do the Memory level work that needs to be done. Don’t worry if you feel like you’ve accomplished nothing by the time you’re done reading it. That will not be the case. Visiting this site today will be like returning to the Ancient Temple of Borobudur under the stars of the Horse’s Head at Equinox.

In the Hindu astronomy textbooks, the star Beta Arietis in the constellation Aries is the junction star (yogatara) of the nakshatra called the “Horse’s Head” (Ashvini). In the Surya Siddhanta, for example, the 360-degrees of the celestial sphere ends with the junction star Piceum in the nakshatra Revati, which also marks the beginning of the constellation Aries, the nakshatra Ashvini and the entire globe-girdling circle of the ecliptic. According to the text’s composer,  the junction star Beta Arietis is located 8 degrees in polar longitude into the nakshatra Ashvini as well as the zodiac constellation Aries. Therefore, when the text refers to the “First of Aries” it is also pointing to the junction star for Revati. It is therefore both the alpha and the omega for the entire celestial sphere.

* * * * *

For historical value, here’s what happened as the Moon transited Alpha Aries today:

Major X1.4 Solar Flare and CME

Active Region 11520 just unleashed a major and long duration eruption reaching X1.4 at 16:52 UTC Today. Associated with this blast was a Strong R3 Radio Blackout over central America. A Coronal Mass Ejection(CME) watch is now in affect as this eruption was in an earth-facing position.

  • Moon nearly in exact alignment with Alpha Aries (Hamal)
  • Due East at the Heart of Constellation Ophiuchus
  • Earth shadow in Constellation Grus the Crane (Ancient “Sign of the Astrologer”)

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July 11 ~ Gemini Sun, Pisces Last Quarter Moon

  • Solar Cycle Theme: Gemini Thinks, Learns, Educates, Communicates
  • Lunar Phase Theme: I Think I Believe (Astrology & the Mysteries)
  • Moon Phase: Last Quarter
  • Saturn Direct in Virgo still aligned with Alpha Virgo (Spica)
  • Quaoar Rx in Serpens aligned with Alpha Ophiuchus (Rasalhague)
  • Pluto Rx in Constellation Sagittarius aligned with Alpha Lyra (Vega)
  • Moon in Pisces aligns with the Great Andromeda Galaxy and Alpha Pisces (Alrischa)
  • Asteroid Pallas in Pisces aligned with Uranus in Constellation Cetus
  • Venus Conjunct with Alpha Taurus (Aldebaran) and Jupiter

Today we’ll look at Asteroid Pallas, a form of Athena or Athene.

Asteroid Pallas, once considered a planet, as were all of the main asteroids in this belt, has fallen in its classification status. It’s now considered an asteroid and nothing more. However, astronomers can’t definitively prove that it’s not a dwarf planet – it might have enough gravity to pull itself into a sphere. Its orbit and orbital eccentricity make this asteroid inaccessible to modern spacecraft, but the Dawn mission might do a flyby and try to gather as much information as it possibly can. Without closer examination it may never be elevated in status again. That doesn’t mean that there is nothing interesting about this celestial body nor does it mean that there is nothing known about it.

Read more:

What we can glean from this offering is that there is an aura of Mystery (or Indolence on the part of Science) surrounding Pallas and the other Main Bodies in the Asteroid Belt. It shouldn’t be too far of a stretch to imagine that as the gods and goddesses of Ancient Greece and Rome were snuffed out of mainstream worship (consciousness) that the light of their planetary bodies experienced a lessening of vitality as well.

It’s just a thought. 😉

I won’t regurgitate here what Nick has written about Pallas-Athene. You can go read his information and perspective for yourself following the link provided.


Here is what we need to know about the Pallas-Ophiuchus relationship and Pisces in the context of Pallas.

1. Related by blood.

Being a daughter of Zeus, Pallas-Athene or Athena is Asclepius’s Aunt.

Here is where I will play the Devil’s Advocate. Bear with me. This is all in the interest of parsing the information given to us so we can decide what the stories are really telling us.

Athena was not born from the head of Zeus. That would turn Zeus into Athena’s Mother technically speaking. It’s like how Adam gave birth to Eve — God took one of Adam’s ribs out while he slept (no pain–the cheater!) and turned it into a woman.

I know these are quirky ideas, but think about them critically. The stories are already unbelievable from a practical point of view. We have been given license by virtue of their fantastical nature to make what we will of them.

Pallas Athena fought her way out of Zeus’s head in a dream (out of the darkness and into the light) because Zeus had swallowed his pregnant wife Metis (wisdom) to prevent the birth of a child who might possibly dethrone him (I wouldn’t mind Athena dethroning Jupiter and ‘ruling’ Pisces–how about you?). (And by the way, I’m a Pisces native so my input is doubly relevant.)

So in a real sense, Athena was the midwife of her own birth moment — breaking out of her Father’s head like a wrongly-imprisoned inmate breaks out of jail (institutions are in the Pisces domain) or as a butterfly breaks out of a chrysalis (a more romantic notion if not exactly true to the situation).

Asteroid Pallas’s alignment with Uranus in Constellation Cetus makes a powerful statement about this ‘breaking out of confinement’ idea. We’ll discuss that a little more later on.

2. Asclepius received Serpent Power from Athena

Click to enlarge

There are multiple stories about how Asclepius acquired his Serpent Power. They are shared in The Quintessential Ophiuchus.

Athena is sometimes pictured with her Serpent totem. By this we know Athena was one of the Serpent or Serpent Mother Goddesses of Minoan Crete and Old Europe.Note in particular the contrast in body languages in Art when the Serpent is depicted with one of the gods and when it is with one of the goddesses.

  • Pop Quiz question: What does this contrast in body language say to you about the arrangement of the stars that form Constellation Ophiuchus?

If you want to be able to recognize where Goddess is in Astrology though She has been masked and Hidden, we suggest copious amounts of reading and research on your own. You will feel it when you find Her!

Today’s experience of revealing the hidden meaning in the myths affords us Spiritual Warrior Women in particular a rare opportunity to experiment with the process of reaching out to connect with our Astrology archetypes. Begin exploring today by communicating (Gemini) with this important Sacred Feminine Archetype.

Pallas in Pisces conjunct Uranus in Cetus

If more strength is what the suppressed and repressed Spiritual Warrior Woman needs to break free of her restraints, she will get it from Athena today.

What will the men get?

Those who are holding their female friends and family back by whatever means will be abruptly losing their power over women as they finally find themselves strong enough to break free.

We have read the stories of Ouranos (Uranus) as an abuser of women and children. Note that Cetus is the Sea Monster or Whale constellation. So males who display the Ouranos archetype behavior are in one of the two Cetus classifications today: there is the gentle giant mammals swimming peacefully through the oceans of Time, and then there is the monster side to be dealt with.

Nobody is off the hook, if you’ll pardon my Pisces fishes pun. Don’t forget that male and femaleness extends to the “inner man” and “inner women” as we all have masculine and feminine sides.

M31- Great Andromeda Galaxy

We women have our cruel sides too! Though that comes from another place that we’ll discuss when we run up against it as we make our rounds of the Zodiac Circle.

Moon aligns with Andromeda Galaxy

Relevant to today’s alignments in Pisces is the Astrological correspondence of this sign with

  • faith and belief systems; unlearned lessons from the past; hospital, institutions
  • astronomy and astrology
  • the deeply subconscious realms of the Liminal World–the world of dreams, journeys and visions.

Attributed to the Pisces domain are such gifts and abilities as Mediumism and Channeling. This theoretically makes communication frequencies optimum today for some good and lucid channeled messages incoming from the Andromedans.

Athena and Gorgon

Athena and Gorgon-serpent

Because the Andromedans have purposes in common with Ophiuchus in assisting Humanity, Gaia and her sister the Milky Way Galaxy, we could benefit today from keeping our Minds wide open in hopes of attracting an Andromedan – or an Ophiuchan! – Mentor.

Because Andromeda and Pallas are Sacred Feminine as is the Celestial Water element of Pisces the fishes, I am calling on the Divine Feminine side of Andromeda Galaxy to begin making its presence felt in this arena in a more pronounced way. Real change needs to be instituted on our Zodiac Circle without further delay.

At some point one would think the Water and Earth signs should be enabled to officially reclaim full empowerment by the Voice of the Divine and Sacred Feminine instead of the predominantly masculine. Case in point: Mars speaking for water sign Scorpius; [Venus for masculine-air sign Libra]; Jupiter for Pisces. Mercury may be neutral but it’s still psychologically male as the male form without male genitalia doesn’t scream “neutral” to everyone — especially when we refer to Mercury, Hermes and Thoth as “He”. So where does that leave Gemini and Virgo?

I’m just asking!

This may be another reason why those of us who are here are here–to do this Light Work dynamically. Here are the questions on my mind:

  • Is Astrology a good tool or is it a control mechanism? 
  • Why isn’t it important that Astrology is not scientifically integral with the concept of duality as being essentially a 50-50 proposition?
  • Is the Divine Feminine and femaleness in general a Minority Group?
  • Should metaphysical balance and celestial integrity be achieved in Astrology?
    • And if not, why not? Defend this position!

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July 10 ~ Sun at Delta Gemini (Wasat), Pisces Moon

  • Solar Cycle Theme: Gemini Thinks, Learns, Educates, Communicates
  • Lunar Phase Theme: I Think I Believe
  • Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous
  • Saturn Direct in Virgo still aligned with Alpha Virgo (Spica)
  • Quaoar Rx in Serpens aligned with Alpha Ophiuchus (Rasalhague)
  • Pluto Rx in Constellation Sagittarius aligned with Alpha Lyra (Vega)
  • Asteroid Imhotep Rx in Sagittarius in Equatorial alignment with Alpha Aquila (Altair–the Eye of the Eagle)
  • Moon in Pisces Conjuncts Uranus in Cetus (the Whale or Sea Monster) and Asteroid Pallas
  • Venus Conjunct with Alpha Taurus (Aldebaran) and Jupiter

Although there are a number of alignments worth talking about, today we’re going to focus on the Sun’s alignment with Delta Gemini (Wasat) because of how the Ophiuchus portal and vortex connections interact with us through their shared planetary intelligence (Mercury) which we talked about earlier this week.

I won’t repeat that  information here. You can go back and review earlier Oph ‘Scopes if you need your mind refreshed.

All throughout the “month of Gemini” activity on the Sun has been spiking. Since the Sun in Astrology represents waking consciousness and Gemini is all about duality and thinking, it is especially important that we dwell on the basics of the Sun-Gemini-Ophiuchus connection today.

What does this sense of cosmic timing portend? Anything in particular?

To begin formulating possible answers to those questions, review the following posts. Don’t omit to browse the attachments or articles linked to. I promise those of you who are on a Need To Know Basis that you will not be sorry you invested your Time in becoming thoroughly familiar with how Astronomy-Astrology (Astronomology) enhances these Scientific Facts about the Sun.

The last recommended post should connect all of the dots for you today. If you have any questions, ping me on Facebook.

Sky-charting the dates and times of the solar flares and comparing them with sky charts of other events including your own date of birth can frequently be enlightening. Very often just the sky chart of the solar flare all on its own can speak to you in a clear language as the angles and other factors may converge with power points that are specific to you and your path or project.

Start by charting the solar flare using UT time at Stonehenge. Then move the Place to your local location to add personal context to the message.

Energies for the day

There are a number of highly powerful planetary alignments existing today. Extraordinary solar power is being applied to drive that energy home into the Collective Waking Mind. Nothing will escape receiving these rays today. They will penetrate everything in the path of the solar plasma being projected our way. The very rays of Sunlight carry more diaphanous but no-less-powerful Light where it needs to go. Nothing is so solid that the Light will not get through. There is no Darkness that can avoid being bathed and immersed and penetrated by this White Yellow Light.

Combine the meanings of the ideas presented in the articles above with what is going on dynamically with the Sun and Humanity’s Revolution-Evolution and the conclusion should be obvious.

Maximizing use of the rays today

  • The Oph Glyph above should automatically trigger your mind to know when it is a key time to employ the Planetary Healer ‘Y’ Posture which puts you in the prescribed Yogic Asana designed to be the bridge and channel linking Earth and Sky.

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July 9 ~ Gemini Sun, Pisces Moon

  • Solar Cycle Theme: Gemini Thinks, Learns, Educates, Communicates
  • Lunar Phase Theme: I Think I Believe
  • Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous
  • Saturn Direct in Virgo still aligned with Alpha Virgo (Spica)
  • Quaoar Rx in Serpens aligned with Alpha Ophiuchus (Rasalhague)
  • Pluto Rx in Constellation Sagittarius aligned with Alpha Lyra (Vega)
  • Asteroid Imhotep Rx in Sagittarius in Equatorial alignment with Alpha Aquila (Altair–the Eye of the Eagle)
  • Moon aligns with combination star Delta Pegasus/Alpha Andromeda (Alpheratz) (western edge of the Great Square of Pegasus)
  • Venus Conjunct with Alpha Taurus (Aldebaran) with Jupiter applying to Conjunction

Today we’ll start out discussing Venus’s alignment with Alpha Taurus (Aldebaran–the Eye of the Bull).

Due to the peculiarities of Venus’s orbital path around the Sun, she has dipped so far below the Ecliptic Plane that she is now Parallel (within 1.5° of Declination) with Aldebaran as well as being in Conjunction. This is a powerful aspect.

Aldebaran in the Hyades | Pleiades at upper right

A Declination represents the cosmic breath of life that animates the static poles represented by the positions of whatever planets are in aspect to it.

If we expanded the default 3° conjunction orb of Jupiter (because his planet is a gas giant and because of the Greek myth wherein Zeus took form as a white bull to woo Europa, one of his moons) I think we could see today is fraught with cosmic power and we should keep an eye out for signs.

There is an old saying that I’ll attempt to clean up so I can share it: Don’t defecate where you eat.

Indications are the energy from this major Eye of Taurus the Bull aspect will significantly impact the rate at which women as a class and money-moving men in particular are waking up to the realities that affect us all environmentally, at home and in the work sector. This trend is nothing new but today there will be a big bump-up of the frequencies and the sense of urgency we all feel acutely whether we are simply the managers of our own home finances or we have responsibility for the employment status, IRA and 401k accounts of good people who are depending on them.

Whether this describes how the Venus-Aldebaran-Jupiter energy appears to play itself out in the 3rd Dimension or not (whether it adds to the under-reported undercurrent and general uprising), whatever happens is pushing for economically and fiscally responsible goals to be the end result. There is a situation that is culminating and today it’s peaking — but the dam won’t break just yet.

I want to point out that Aldebaran at 69.96° Ecliptic Longitude is exactly 180° across the Zodiac Belt from Antares, Alpha Scorpius, at 249.94° Ecliptic Longitude. Both stars are Red Giants. It’s also in alignment with Omega Ophiuchus at 249.80°, a “pairing” I like to call the Scorpio-Ophiuchus Alpha-Omega point.

Just be aware of the significance of these critical degrees and remember why these degrees are significant.

Ophiuchus & Constellation Pisces, Part II

Today the Moon ends the day aligning with the two corner stars at the western edge of the Great Square of Pegasus. What you need to know about one of those stars is that it does double duty as both Delta Pegasus and Alpha Andromeda.

Aside from the family relationships we discovered yesterday between Ophiuchus, Pisces, Asclepius, Jupiter and Neptune, we should also explore the Andromedan connection before the Moon gets to the Great Andromeda Galaxy tomorrow.

Here is where the I Think I Believe conundrum kicks in. What DO you believe? Are we alone in the Universe or is this the jumping off point for Astrology, a logical place for us to Exopoliticize it?

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July 8 ~ Gemini Sun, Aquarius-Pisces Moon

  • Solar Cycle Theme: Gemini Thinks, Learns, Educates, Communicates
  • Lunar Phase Theme: I Think I Know I Believe
  • Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous
  • Saturn Direct in Virgo still aligned with Alpha Virgo (Spica)
  • Quaoar Rx in Serpens aligned with Alpha Ophiuchus (Rasalhague)
  • Pluto Rx in Constellation Sagittarius aligned with Alpha Lyra (Vega)
  • Asteroid Imhotep Rx in Sagittarius in Equatorial alignment with Alpha Aquila (Altair–the Eye of the Eagle)
  • Moon aligns with Alpha and Beta Pegasus (Markab and Scheat)

Well, which is it? Do you Think, do you Know, or do you Believe the ideas that turn around and around in your Mind? Is what you think you Know based on Facts backed by Evidence? And what exactly is sufficient Evidence? Is your Inner Knowing something you can Prove to another?

July 06, 2012 Broadcast

I want to suggest to you that you monitor your brain activity today for the metaphysical experience of identifying which are your Thoughts, which are your Knowings, and which are your Beliefs based on Faith.

Today’s Internet Radio offering provides plenty of self-test material so you can get a better handle on things. Notice in the discussion about The God Code and the formula for creation the ‘date’ that spirit and physicality were separated.

Where have you heard that date range and reason before?

Ophiuchus & Constellation Pisces – Part I

If Asclepius came back to Earth to testify that he holds no grudge against his Grandfather Zeus then we could be 100% sure there is no “chip on the shoulder” attitude in relationships between Ophiuchus men and natives of Jupiter-ruled Constellation Pisces.

Actually, given that Jupiter made a full transit of Constellation Ophiuchus without mishap, I get a sense that Asclepius has expressed no need to demonstrate anything but Love to Jupiter-Zeus.

NASA, however, crashed its Plutonium probe called “Galileo” into Jupiter on September 21, 2003 (Sun in Virgo, sign of the Earth Mother).

But that is another issue between Demeter and Zeus that we won’t more than touch on.

Neptune and its rings

We notice also that Pisces’ co-Ruler Neptune is also related to Asclepius by blood since Zeus is his brother.

But wait just a moment. Here again we have a water sign — elementally “negative & feminine” — ruled by male deities or archetypes. Don’t you think that’s a little out of whack for the New Age?

Hmm. Let’s think about that, shall we? Since the sign of Pisces is reputed to hold The Mysteries within its domain, specifically Astrology in our case, don’t you think that the Astrologers should have some input into this sign’s state of affairs?

Remember, WE are the new leaders, teachers and way-showers. And the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 was the portal through which the first wave of New Age Frequency Changes reached us. Let that thought empower you for the rest of the day …

… and the rest of your Life!

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July 7 ~ Gemini Sun, Aquarius Moon … TANABATA

  • Solar Cycle Theme: Gemini Thinks, Learns, Educates, Communicates
  • Lunar Phase Theme: I Think I Know
  • Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous
  • Saturn Direct in Virgo still aligned with Alpha Virgo (Spica)
  • Quaoar Rx in Serpens aligned with Alpha Ophiuchus (Rasalhague)
  • Pluto Rx in Constellation Sagittarius aligned with Alpha Lyra (Vega)
  • Asteroid Imhotep Rx in Sagittarius in Equatorial alignment with Alpha Aquila (Altair–the Eye of the Eagle)
  • Moon aligns with
    • Alpha Aquarius (Sadalmelik) and Helix Nebula in Aquarius
    • Neptune Rx in Constellation Aquarius
    • Alpha Piscis Austrinus (Fomalhaut – the Royal Fish Star)
    • Chiron the Centaur in Constellation Aquarius
    • Asteroid Hygiea in Constellation Aquarius
    • Asteroid Asclepius in Constellation Pegasus

NGC 6720 | Helix Nebula, Constellation Aquarius

The Moon spends all day in Constellation Aquarius implying that we Know more subconsciously than we do consciously (Sun in Gemini). That’s certainly nothing we didn’t already know, so what can we dredge up to discuss today that would be useful information if it weren’t buried deep in racial memory?

We’ve talked in the past about signs in which certain planets are handicapped and we’ll probably be talking about it again more than once. Since this concept chafes at my senses (why can’t every two things or forces have the potential to be perfectly harmonious?) I have to admit that the fact that Aquarius is “fixed air” and the Moon is habitually changeable does argue in favor of the “detriment” categorization.

Although come to think of it, the cyclic nature of the Moon is unchangeable — it is one of the critical “constants” in our Earth-Sky Math Universe — so perhaps there IS some common ground here for the Moon and Aquarius after all! 😉

Change = Stability.

The lesson here should be clear. Avoid simply memorizing how stuff works. Learn the principles behind the dogma and do your own Critical Thinking. You never know when you’re going to have to defend a risky or questionable interpretation with useful natural facts.

July 7 in the Orient

Altair and Vega on opposite sides of the Galactic Plane | both members of the Summer Triangle which includes Deneb

Today is Tanabata, the Festival for Star-Crossed Lovers in the Orient.

July 7th is called Tanabata or Star Festival in Japan. People celebrate the day at home and in schools. Many cities and towns hold festivals and have Tanabata displays decorating the main streets. In some regions, people light lanterns and float them on the river, or float bamboo leaves on the river.

The festival traces its origins to a legend that the Cowherd Star (Altair) and Weaver Star (Vega), separated by the Milky Way, are allowed to meet just once a year-on the seventh day of the seventh month. Tanabata originated more than 2000 years ago with an tale called Kikkoden. Once there was a weaver princess named Orihime and a cow herder prince named Hikoboshi After they got together, they were playing all the time and forgot their jobs. The king was angry and separated them on opposite sides of the Amanogawa River (Milky Way). The king allowed them to meet only once a year on July 7th.

In Japan people write their wishes on narrow strips of coloured paper and hang them, along with other paper ornaments, on trees or bamboo branches placed in the backyards or entrances of their homes. They then pray hard that their wishes will come true. The most common Tanabata decorations are colourful streamers. Streamers are said to symbolise the weaving of threads. Other common decorations are Toami (casting net), which means good luck for fishing and farming and Kinchaku (bag), which means wealth.

The Tanabata festival is thought to have started in China. It was transmitted to Japan during the feudal period and combined with traditional local customs to become an official event at the Imperial court, with different localities developing their own distinctive ways of celebrating.

~ Source:

  • For extra credit, consider running a sky chart of July 7, 2007 (7/7/7) to see if you can discern what cosmic connection may have existed on the occasion of that once-in-a-lifetime “7/7/7 Gate” date. A lot of couples got married on that date. That renews the energy of the Atu VI Lovers (Gemini) Tarot card, making it into a very practical and occultly powerful symbol.

Every year when I remember Tanabata out loud on a web page or in an online discussion group, I like to provide a link to the best web page I can find so I don’t have to write out the whole story and everything I want to say about it every time. Although I am in the habit of archiving great web pages in case of emergency, I prefer to search fresh in case anything new and exciting turns up. It’s a form of “continuing education.”

This year I hit paydirt and turned up something Ophiuchus-centric that I did not know. One of the pages I looked at contained an analogy for the Tanabata story that utilized Greek mythology instead and featured relatives of Ophiuchus that I’ve written about in The Quintessential Ophiuchus. Bonus!

Here is a compilation of the new information not yet contained in my e-book (a work in progress).

In Greek mythology, Zeus fell in love with a mortal queen Alcmene and transformed himself into the shape of her husband to make love to her. As a consequence of that liaison she bore Heracles.

Zeus laid the baby Heracles by the side of his sleeping wife Hera intending to make the baby immortal by feeding him Hera’s breast milk. Heracles sucked the milk so strongly he awakened the sleeping Goddess, and she pushed the baby away from her.

Her milk scattered in the sky forming the Milky Way. Some of the milk fell on the earth and is said to have formed the Lily flowers.

Heracles was best known as the strongest of all mortals–stronger than many of the gods. His strength was the deciding factor in enabling the Olympian Gods to win their battle against the Titans. Heracles was the last mortal son of Zeus. He is the only man born of a mortal woman to become a god upon his death.

According to the Greek testimonies, Asclepius was said to have healed Heracles of wounds he received while fighting the Hydra with his brother Iphicles. (Asclepius: Collection and Interpretation of the Testimonies, Volume 1 By Emma Jeannette Levy Edelstein, Ludwig Edelstein)

Now let’s fold all of these goodies into the basic Ophiuchus cookie dough and see if the result comes out edible.

It’s a cosmic coincidence this year (to say the least) that Asteroid Imhotep Rx is aligned with Altair while Pluto Rx is aligned with Vega.

We don’t have a classic lovers myth handy to cover this situation; for one thing as far as we know both of these bodies (as we apply them to mundane life on Earth) represent males of the species. Pluto is synonymous with the Greek Hades, a god; the Egyptian Imhotep was born human and elevated in status after his death first to demi-god and finally to full god status.

Remember, these names and myths may be ancient but Ophiuchus is brand new to us — and it is as plain as the nose on our face that this is a golden opportunity to unearth a cosmic secret (or discover a new one ;-)).

Although today’s energy field doesn’t involve Quaoar per se, there is material contained in my article about Quaoar that is right on point.

The retrogrades certainly morph the normal behavior of both of these bodies. If their normal direct (positive, electric) mode is Masculine then retrograde throws them into magnetic, negative mode (Feminine?). Realizing of course that “masculine” and “feminine” in the metaphysical context aren’t genders per se.

If I had to interpret this combination of energies today, I would say that the Galaxy both Thinks (Gemini Sun) and Knows (Aquarius Moon) that it’s time for some people who spend all year separated to have a Meeting of the Minds. The Aquarius Moon presents a window for accomplishing that very thing.

Use your imagination to envision planets as ‘people’ who have an ongoing story of their own being played out as they, too, evolve to meet the needs of the New Age.

Never forget, the Sky is alive too!

Since there is already an Asteroid Asclepius, I might be tempted to take the Roman Pluto who doubles as the Greek Hades and figure out what the Egyptian equivalence would be, and then work with that.

What Egyptian God do we know whose domain is the Underworld and whose brother is the most powerful god of his Time?

I just checked. There is no Asteroid I can find with the name Set. However we’ll need to clear up any ambiguity since Osiris was technically God of the Underworld, although this was a product of his being killed by his own brother Set.

… [Set] was not always considered to be an evil being. Set was a friend of the dead, helping them to ascend to heaven on his ladder, and he protected the life giving oases of the desert, and was at times a powerful ally to the pharaoh and even the sun god Ra.


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July 6 ~ Gemini Sun, Capricornus-Aquarius Moon

  • Solar Cycle Theme: Gemini Thinks, Learns, Educates, Communicates
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Socio-Political Changes 
  • Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous
  • Sun aligns with Alpha Canis Major (Sirius) – the Star of Isis
  • Saturn Direct in Virgo still aligned with Alpha Virgo (Spica)
  • Quaoar Rx in Serpens aligned with Alpha Ophiuchus (Rasalhague)
  • Pluto Rx in Constellation Sagittarius aligned with Alpha Lyra (Vega)
  • Asteroid Imhotep Rx in Sagittarius in Equatorial alignment with Alpha Aquila (Altair–the Eye of the Eagle)
  • Moon aligns with Beta Aquarius (Sadaalsud)

We have talked about the Moon in the context of Ophiuchus, specifically addressing the Sacred and Divine Feminine underpinnings of the Constellation — the part of the story nobody knew existed until very recently.

Today’s Solar alignment with fixed star Sirius in Constellation Canis Major creates an opening for us to interpret today’s energy as Isis-centric (whatever that means to you in predicting the kind of day you’re going to have today).

Over the past few days we’ve discovered how some of the planets, asteroids and stars relate to Ophiuchus. Today we explore a few more while the Moon again interacts with multiple constellations in the space of a single day.

I don’t want to get bogged down with too many interpretations right now. We’ll continue with basic introductions and pointers to back-story information while we get acquainted with the Ophiuchus view of things. We can fold into our cookie dough some interpretation suggestions perhaps in the next Lunar cycle.

Capricornus & Aquarius

Before I got into Astronomy I never understood how Saturn could rule in two side-by-side signs. Now I totally get it. Look how Capricornus and Aquarius interlock like puzzle pieces in the sky.

Saturn, as we saw yesterday, is a planet which, like the Moon, is integral with Constellation Ophiuchus as a member of the Divine Feminine planetary retinue. So already Ophiuchus has in-roads in Aquarius.

Uranus | Where the equator is vertical and the poles are horizontal

We haven’t touched on the concept of planetary Octaves yet, but we will do that now.

Transpersonal ring planet Uranus is the Higher Octave of inner ring planet Mercury.

Both are Mercury and Uranus are Mentalists who don’t follow the rules — but in a good way. Mercury is the Trickster; androgynous, hermaphrodite, hence gender neutral and magnetically unbiased which makes him the perfect Messenger to the Gods and Goddesses.

As an enlightened Individualist, libertarian, innovator, and mold-breaker, Uranus is probably more of a Magus than Mercury is. Maybe this is one of Mercury’s tricks. 😉

Utilizing Greek Myth, a natural, organic family relationship can be seen to exist between Uranus and Ophiuchus through Asclepius, the Greek God of Healing & Wisdom. I don’t want to think about whether everything we think we know about history is right, wrong or indifferent. For now we’re just using the data we found here on Earth when we Indigo Wave Baby Boomers got here. We’ll sort stuff out later if we need to.

Remember that posture. I use it a lot.

In Greek Myth, Uranus (Ouranos) is the Sky God. Asclepius is a direct descendant of Ouranos, like so:

  • Asclepius-Ophiuchus (Healing & Wisdom – married, faithful, with children)
    • Apollo (Light, the Sun – unmarried, jealous, possessive, abusive)
      • Zeus the Olympian (God of  the Sky – prolific progenitor, patriarch  & philanderer – shared power with brothers Poseidon God of the Sea and Hades God of the Underworld)
        • Kronos the Titan (Time & the Cosmos – tyrant – ate his own children)
          • Ouranos (The Sky – tyrant – imprisoned his own children)

Use The Quintessential Ophiuchus to learn how key Greek Family Tree stories can help you understand the karmic situations of male Ophiuchus star seeds. Use portions of this material on Ophiuchus women selectively and with great care. Oph women have a whole other set of karmic issues to deal with and we will address those in due time.

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July 5 ~ Gemini Sun, Sagittarius-Capricornus-Aquarius Moon

  • Solar Cycle Theme: Gemini Thinks, Learns, Educates, Communicates
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Sagittarius-Capricornus-Aquarius Moon — Happy-Dancing
  • Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous
  • Mercury in Constellation Cancer aligned with M44 (Praesepe or The Beehive)
  • Saturn Direct in Virgo still aligned with Alpha Virgo (Spica)
  • Quaoar Rx in Serpens aligned with Alpha Ophiuchus (Rasalhague)
  • Pluto Rx in Constellation Sagittarius aligned with Alpha Lyra (Vega)
  • Asteroid Imhotep Rx in Sagittarius in Equatorial alignment with Alpha Aquila (Altair–the Eye of the Eagle)
  • Moon aligns with Alpha and Beta Capricornus (Algedi and Dabih)

If it’s true that we take on the moods of the sign the Moon is in on any given day (a tendency I respond to–how about you?) then today we’re going to be dancing as fast as we can. Luna is going to be making two sign changes and visiting three different constellations today.

Capricornus: serious sign with a great sense of humor

Is somebody handing a fistfull of money to the Seagoat??

Capricorn’s association with Humor suggests we set aside some time in the middle of the day for Happy Dancing, even if it’s ourselves we end up laughing at.

In fact, there is probably nothing more important to develop in ourselves these days than a good sense of Humor.

I can’t tell you what a relief it has been for me to be able to laugh at myself in situations where I used to want to kill something. In the end, it’s my own action or inaction that has set me up for whatever it is I’m unhappy about .

(Cause & Effect, Hermetic Principle #6)

Ophiuchus expands its Friendship Circle

This week we’ve talked about how Ophiuchus relates to some of the planets, asteroids and other signs. The Moon is one ‘planet’ we talked about. Mercury was another. The Moon and Mercury share a specific connection to Thoth, the Egyptian version of the Roman Mercury and the Greek Hermes. Therefore, Moon-ruled Constellation Cancer, by extension, should be a friendly celestial energy field for Mercury, and today’s opposition between Mercury in Cancer and the Moon in Capricornus should stabilize what has traditionally been a “detrimental” environment for the Moon in Capricorn.

M44 | Beehive | Constellation Cancer

Stabilized thus let’s look around and see what there is to see that will indicate to us what sort of relationship Ophiuchus and the planets and Asteroids that speak for it are likely to have with Capricornus and its retinue.

  • Capricorn In Orthodox Astrology
    • Planetary intelligence = Saturn
    • Mars is in exaltation

On the Tree of Life the Third Sephira is Binah – Understanding. It is occultly the sphere of Saturn.

Binah, and by extension Saturn, is the mother of the universe; passive, receptive, all embracing understanding; Spiritual awareness and love; Fertile, abundance, prolific potential.

Tree of Life embedded in Flower of Life

Binah is the highest point on the left-hand pillar of the Tree of Life (the Pillar of Severity, the feminine pillar). This is the left-hand side of the tree that unites the female, passive, dark principals of the universe and includes

  • 3 Binah – Understanding (Saturn),
  • 5 Geburah – Power (Mars) and
  • 8 Hod – Splendor (Mercury)

Based on revelations of the revived and resurrected Divine Feminine underpinnings of Constellation Ophiuchus, Saturn is more than an ally. She is basically at-onement with the Serpent and Great Mother Goddesses.

Next, based on our new values for Mars we can see Ophiuchus has another automatic ally in Capricornus on the masculine side as well as the feminine.

Therefore, the Moon in Capricornus should no longer be considered “in detriment”. No extra support by Mercury in Cancer will be required in order to Understand (one of the keywords for Cancer) this celestial chemistry on our new Zodiac game board. And it will not be necessary to have a good sense of humor to put up with what some may view as outlandish ideas about the new lay of the Astrological land. Just the common sense to recognize the natural and organic associations that are forming left and right as we uncover the Truth.

And now you all have a good reason study the Kabbalah if you haven’t taken it up already.

So here is yet another Zodiac constellation-sign that Ophiuchus plays nicely with.

Ophiuchus is turning out to be more than just an interlocking Astrology puzzle piece, don’t you think? So far, it’s proving to have natural chemistry with every sign and planet we’ve looked at. So we’ll keep going through all the elements of Astrology until we find something Ophiuchus doesn’t get along with. Anybody want to place a bet on whether we find one? Honestly — I don’t have a clue. This is the first time I’ve set out to do any checking — and I’m taking you all through this process with me.

What a fun Adventure lies ahead for us. Happy Dance indeed!

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July 4 ~ Constellation Gemini Sun, Sagittarius Moon

  • Solar Cycle Theme: Gemini Thinks, Learns, Educates, Communicates
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Sagittarius Aspires, Connects to Galaxy, Stimulates Higher Mind 
  • Moon Phase: Full Moon Waning
  • Saturn Direct in Virgo still aligned with Alpha Virgo (Spica)
  • Quaoar Rx in Serpens aligned with Alpha Ophiuchus (Rasalhague)
  • Pluto Rx in Constellation Sagittarius aligned with Alpha Lyra (Vega)
  • Asteroid Imhotep Rx in Sagittarius in Equatorial alignment with Alpha Aquila (Altair–the Eye of the Eagle)
  • Full Moon aligns with 43Sgr
  • Full Moon aligns with Asteroid Imhotep and Alpha Aquila (Altair–the Eye of the Eagle)

The first Hermetic principle as given in The Kybalion is “All is Mind. The Universe is Mental.” That being the case, we are told that all of our problems, like all of Creation, are centered in the Mind.

In that context the work of The Master Healer is as much about Mind as it is the Body — more so in fact.

Let’s exercise our super-human intelligence to extend our theories on what the functions of the planetary bodies are and how they interact with each other.

The Gemini-Sagittarius-Ophiuchus Relationship

We can, I think, safely reason that “Messenger of the Gods” Mercury-Hermes-Thoth (co-intelligence of Gemini, Virgo, and Ophiuchus) should also be quite at home in Sagittarius as that is the home of the Great Central Sun of our Milky Way Galaxy.

The old Astrological view that Mercury as ruler of Gemini, the sign opposite Sagittarius, is in “detriment” here is ludicrous.

As Mercury is to our own Solar Star, so will he by extension be to the Central Star of the Galaxy, and ferry messages between Earth and the Galaxy through the Sun.

Now we are seeing the Galactic View of things and taking our earth-based mundane Astrology to the next level (as though Esoteric Astrology doesn’t already complicate it quite enough thank you!).

In the context of Galactic equivalence and Constellation Ophiuchus’s position along the Galactic Equator as the Galaxy’s First House Constellation from the Earth Zodiac’s view, we can postulate a special relationship between Ophiuchus and yet another Zodiac Sign (Sagittarius) exists that we would be quite insane to not consider!

Also, if you start the ordinal numbering of the constellations with Sagittarius at the Galaxy Center end of the Galactic Equator, what number Zodiac Constellation does that make Ophiuchus?

13, right? 😉

Learning Styles & Attracting an Ophiuchus Mentor

Today is Independence Day in the USA and so the reading suggestions are going to center on the Gemini-Ophiuchus-USA connection for reasons that should be obvious.

One of the processes used by the Lower Mind (traditionally “ruled” by Mercury) to learn new concepts is repetition. “I’ve already read that” isn’t a good enough reason for committed students to not read these articles again unless you have a photographic mind. There will be benefits to following through with each “lesson plan” that will speak for themselves.

Furthermore, according to the Greek testimonials to Asclepius, the beloved Greek God of Healing & Wisdom had a strict “don’t waste my time and energy” policy. Trust me, when Mercury turns retrograde later in the month giving us all a window within which to return, review, reconsider and redo earlier decisions made and actions taken (or not taken), it may be too late to impress your would-have-been Ophiuchus mentor. I can’t say for sure, but that would be my best guess based on information and belief.

Today’s Messages

We will take our cues from the Full Moon aligning with 43Sgr and Imhotep aligned with the Eye of the Celestial Eagle, Altair. We are looking for guides and heroes. The Celestials are looking, in turn, to us.

We are the teachers, healers, builders and way-showers we have been waiting for.

And yet, with this new 13th Zodiac Constellation and all of its complexities, it is my information that there will be exo-guides made available to assist us in getting ourselves up-to-speed because our growth had been capped and we were blocked from growing and learning all we need to know now just to catch ourselves up with where we should have been had we been growing continuously all these millennia.

If you have read the material on the Twin Vortex System (link above) then you can piece together what that means to you and to humanity-at-large today.

The Moon’s alignment with Asteroid Imhotep and Altair has to do with attracting the attention of the Master Stone Mason and Builder. The power of the Moon to attract pulls the Egyptian Master Healer’s vibrations closer to us, and he is retrograde right now. The theory of retrogrades I like best is that when a body is direct it is “electric” and when retrograde it is “magnetic.” I’ve also heard a theory of retrograde periods as “doors” and I like this interpretation too.

What do you think of it all?

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July 3 ~ Constellation Gemini Sun, Sagittarius Moon

  • Solar Cycle Theme: Gemini Thinks, Learns, Educates, Communicates
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Sagittarius Aspires, Connects us with Galaxy Center 
  • Moon Phase: Full Moon
  • Pluto Rx in Constellation Sagittarius aligned with Alpha Lyra (Vega)
  • Waxing Gibbous Moon conjuncts with Pluto Rx just before reaching Full Phase
  • Moon aligns with The Ring Nebula in Constellation Lyra
  • Saturn Direct in Virgo still aligned with Alpha Virgo (Spica)
  • Quaoar Rx in Serpens aligned with Alpha Ophiuchus (Rasalhague)
  • Asteroid Imhotep Rx in Sagittarius in Equatorial alignment with Alpha Aquila (Altair–the Eye of the Eagle)

I had a GREAT clerical procedures teacher in High School. She advised us on the first day of class that she would give lectures and answer questions, but she would only answer a question one time. After that we were on our own to remember the answer or go look it up. That impressed the heck out of me because it challenged me to pay attention.

So here are my FREE Ophiuchus classroom rules.

I’ll be shining my Light on the pathways and sharing the research I’ve accumulated over approximately 42 years, and it will be up to you to do the recommended reading and footwork.

There are no shortcuts to becoming an expert on All Things Ophiuchus. There is so much that has been covered up, it’s been a real project unearthing it. Knowing where to dig wasn’t the problem. It was trying to figure out what to look for that was the problem.

I’ll continue to refer to and provide links to the articles that detail the foundational information you need to commit to memory. But as time goes on, I”ll be skipping right over stuff I’ve already talked about. So it will be important to go through all of the information when the links are offered so you can get a picture of all the levels, layers and dimensions of what I refer to as the Ophiuchus Collective Archetype. It’s a Soul Family of mentors, wisdom keepers and shepherds of Humanity (and probably distant worlds as well).

The other part of the equation is the energy buzz you should be getting from the stories that are being told. Repeated exposure produces deeper results.

Today’s eventual topic will be how Ophiuchus’s relationship to Pluto works out in Constellation Sagittarius. Planet Pluto, as you may know, was demoted to Dwarf status in 2006 at the end of its transit of Constellation Ophiuchus. Some coincidence, wouldn’t you say?

Now let’s review the events that echo our Zodiac energy projection from two days ago. In a few minutes you’ll see how this intersects with the Full Moon’s interaction with Pluto in Constellation Sagittarius today.

Validation of the July 1st Scorpio-Ophiuchus energy working

Click to Listen to July 1, 2012 Update

On July 1st while the Moon was transiting Alpha Scorpius-Omega Ophiuchus something mysterious was going on and the Ethers were causing interruptions in communication. This will not be surprising to anyone here. We’re following the Gemini (communications) Sun and the Moon in Scorpio-Ophiuchus (the alchemy of change with an agenda that features “cleaning up this town” like Ghostbusters in the movie).

To hear the evidence, listen to the July 1, 2012 Drake Update on Global Voice 2012 Radio. This radio show is LONG but if you want to picture yourself on Spaceship Moon, moving minute by minute through the Alpha Sco-Omega Oph Rho Chi celestial energy conduit, you’ll listen and absorb yourself in every moment of it.

It’s the energy at work.

Galactic Dragon’s Tail energy wave

Today the Galaxy will be making subconscious mental/spiritual contact with many citizens of Earth. That’s a prediction you can put in the bank.

Here’s today’s lunar sequence:

  1. The waxing gibbous Moon begins the day aligned with Galaxy Center before breaking the Galactic Plane from north to south (Galactic Earth’s Dragon’s Tail); there might be a bit of a splash. The Moon is nearly but not quite Full at this point.
  2. The Moon, still not quite full, passes by Pluto Rx in Sagittarius. Pluto is aligned with Alpha Lyra (Vega). Starseeds who resonate with Lyra will be excited.
  3. The Moon achieves Full Phase in Constellation Sagittarius in alignment with The Ring Nebula in Constellation Lyra. To trace the Equatorial alignment you’ll notice the line drawn between the Moon and Ring Nebula runs through Constellation Serpens Cauda. So we are still in the Ophiuchus sector of the Celestial Sphere since Astronomers consider Ophiuchus a 3-part constellation that includes the two parts of the serpent.

Ring Nebula | Constellation Lyra

Today’s energy is a Catch-22 for organized crime. There is nowhere for anybody to hide. In and amongst the real criminals are the double-agents.

Pluto Retrograde in Sagittarius

We use Pluto to symbolize underworld figures and perversions. He is currently transiting Constellation Sagittarius, the sign of Higher Mind, Spirituality, and the intense Light of Galaxy Center.

Meanwhile on the other side of the sky the Sun is in Gemini — the sign of Lower Mind and education among other things. Our new awakening Minds have been opened wide and we are thinking, learning on our own and communicating like never before.

The work done by the World Saviors including the Ophites and their Dragons and Serpents of Light Wisdom has been powerful. It has not all been done by the Light of Day.

Some tasks have been made to look dark. As we say, “It’s a dirty job but somebody has to do it.” This is why we need to be prepared to show compassion as the accusations and indictments begin to flood the Courts of World Opinion.

Serpents of Light and their Serpent Holders (“handlers”) have been making their presence felt mostly behind the curtain while we slept because their jobs were tricky and sensitive; and once their faces become known, few are the people who can sense and acknowledge their True Light presence. We will be tested every time a suspected “known offender” comes before us for review.

Remember: some curative agents are “a hair of the dog”.

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July 2 ~ Constellation Gemini Sun, Ophiuchus-Sagittarius Moon

  • Solar Cycle Theme: Gemini Thinks, Learns, Educates, Communicates
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Ophiuchus-Sagittarius Heals, Revives and Spiritualizes
  • Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous Moon transits Kappa Ophiuchus (Helkath), Eta Ophiuchus (Sabik), Exoplanet GJ1214b, Lucy the Diamond Pulsar Planet, Alpha Ophiuchus (Rasalhague), Quaoar, Beta Ophiuchus (Cebalrai) and Lambda and Upsilon Scorpius (Shaula and Lesath)
  • Moon aligns with Quaoar and Alpha Ophiuchus (Rasalhague)
  • Saturn Direct in Virgo still aligned with Alpha Virgo (Spica)
  • Asteroid Imhotep Rx in Sagittarius in Equatorial alignment with Alpha Aquila (Altair–the Eye of the Eagle)

It’s going to be a busy day today as the Moon transits the latter half of Constellation Ophiuchus and crosses the eastern border, stopping just short of the Galactic Equator in Constellation Sagittarius.

Remember, when the Sun, Moon and planets are transiting the first part of Constellation Sagittarius, they are still in the Serpent Holder zone as portions of Constellations Ophiuchus and Serpens (the snake) overhang the Ecliptic Plane like an awning. The planets at that point are still traveling in the shade of another constellation’s stars.

Here is a page containing the quick 411 on Ophiuchus in general terms.

There are so many bells and whistles in Constellation Ophiuchus air-space that it would take many more than one Oph ‘Scope to canvass it. What we need is to lay a proper foundation — the first thing Master Stone Mason & Builder Imhotep would say. So let’s get started building that foundation by my pointing you in the direction of some posts I’ve written about celestial objects in Ophiuchus.

Quaoar at this point is in near-perfect Ecliptic alignment with Alpha Ophiuchus, Rasalhague, where He is singing and dancing new gods (and goddesses!) into existence. It should be readily apparent that Quaoar’s mission at the moment is to excite the awareness and appreciation of the Goddess aspects of Constellation Ophiuchus since normally everyone who is exposed to the Serpent Holder first learns about the Greek and Egyptian gods whose myths overtly underlie this important star field. It is easy to leave it at that. Those on the inner track are delving into the deeper layers of myth, history and legend to become intimate with Ophiuchus for reasons of their own and discovering their research is paying off.

There is much more to Ophiuchus than meets the eye!!

How Quaoar + Ophiuchus are acting on you today

Artist rendering of “diamond” Pulsar Planet in Constellation Serpens

The “Ophiuchus Effect” today is coming from the Moon’s alignment with dwarf planet candidate Quaoar and Rasalhague (Alpha Ophiuchus). We may not be able to perceive tangible evidence of Quaoar’s work today as the Moon works with the autonomic and subconscious systems of our bodies. But as we hear new voices and meet the new personalities emerging in our spiritual social networks, we will recognize them because those of us working with Ophiuchus will have been psychically imprinted with information placed in our subconscious Minds.

The Light shines brightly in these new gods and goddesses that are being sung and danced into existence by Quaoar-in-Ophiuchus. And Asteroid Asclepius’s recent Ecliptic alignment with Helix Nebula helped this process along. An Equatorial alignment between Asteroid Asclepius and Helix Nebula yet to come will perfect this wave of new gods and goddesses and generate the next new wave.

This wave of teachers, healers, leaders and way-showers is being generated by the Serpent of Wisdom as we might guess by Quaoar’s location in Constellation Serpens and activated by Asclepius’s recent and impending alignment with Helix Nebula.

Asteroid Imhotep’s alignment with Alpha Aquila (Altair) — the Eye of the Celestial Eagle — will ensure that those who are working with star essences and star seeds (we) will recognize our new co-workers and new soul relations and that our new serpents of light and co-workers will find us easily — almost as though they’ve been given photographs of us and know exactly who they’re looking for.

This may also describe your activities, especially if you’re new and have just found us — or vice versa — if we have just found you.

Late in the day (UT time) as the Moon begins to align with Beta Ophiuchus, She will also be aligning with Lesath and Shaula in Constellation Scorpius. If you have read and reviewed the materials suggested yesterday, you already know what this is about and will be prepared for the potential effects of the alignment. If you aren’t mentally prepared, you now know what you need to do.

Go back and get the reading assignment ;-).

The Sacrificial Altar

I will place an important hint here that doesn’t appear elsewhere yet [Note to me: don’t strand this tip here], and that is what I’ll call the Shaula-Lesath celestial ley line as constructed is calibrated to be in perfect balance. That is to say, the “sting of death” and “sacrifice” (from the scorpion and the altar) or the venomous bite of the snake (used in the Star Shaman’s Snake Bite Initiation) does not ensue unless there is an out-of-balance signal detected at the meridian. Then and only then is activation of the meridian decoded by the body one way or another. 

Example in point: Michael Jackson’s death is one of a number of events I’ve monitored involving this area of the celestial sphere. Run the sky chart for yourself to confirm this indication.

June 25, 2009 at 12:21:00 PDT in Los Angeles, California – Michael Jackson’s date of death: 911 call at 12:21:00; 42 seconds from receipt of call to dispatch of units to patient; 3min 17sec to arrive at scene; pronounced dead of cardiac arrest at 14:26 at UCLA Medical Center after 1-hour recussitation attempt (autopsy to be performed). If you don’t have or can’t use Sky Chart III where the Earth Shadow is shown as one of the planets you can track, check the celestial Nadir of the Sky (an Astrology figure will not work here).

If you haven’t invested the time in securing a planetarium program and learning how to use it then obviously you’ll need to do that right away if you’re serious about learning the celestial sphere arts. The Universe is a very big place and I am only covering small localized areas of it in these Oph ‘Scopes “Tours” of the Virgo-Libra-Scorpio-Ophiuchus quadrant.

For instance, I may have mentioned that the “Scorpion’s Stinger Tail Stars” sector also includes the stars of Ara the Altar — but I don’t remember where that mention was. And while I’m certain I’ve mentioned Draco, I don’t think I’ve said two words about Hercules, and that is a GIANT constellation literally over the Serpent Holder’s head. And since its Greek history includes more than one snake story, we’ll need to look at the 12 Labors of Hercules sooner or later.

But for now, just remember all these constellations (and more) are part of this sector being transited by the Moon today and it’s all part of the Unknown Universe that we will be exploring monthly as the Moon swims and dances Her way through the Virgo-to-Ophiuchus Quadrant of the Zodiac Belt.

Tomorrow as the Moon crosses into Sagittarius we’ll be re-entering the Known Universe with a ker-sploosh! as the Moon breaks the Galactic Plane from North to South (South Galactic Earth’s Lunar Node — or the Galactic Earth Dragon’s Tail).  Fasten your seat belts.

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July 1 ~ Constellation Gemini Sun, Scorpio-Ophiuchus Moon

  • Solar Cycle Theme: Gemini Thinks, Learns, Educates, Communicates
  • Lunar Phase Theme: Scorpio-Ophiuchus Transforms, Heals, Revives [depends on status of Scorpion-Eagle alchemy]
  • Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous Moon transits Delta and Epsilon Ophiuchus (Yed Prior and Yed Posterior), Alpha Scorpius (Antares), Omega Ophiuchus, Zeta Ophiuchus (Han)
  • Moon crosses North Lunar Node in Ophiuchus
  • Saturn Direct in Virgo still aligned with Alpha Virgo (Spica)
  • Quaoar Rx in Serpens aligned with Alpha Ophiuchus (Rasalhague)
  • Asteroid Imhotep Rx in Sagittarius in Equatorial alignment with Alpha Aquila (Altair–the Eye of the Eagle)

29 June 2012 | Click to Listen

The Sun in Gemini is calling our attention to education and communication. The Moon is transiting Scorpius and Ophiuchus making it vital that we take this cosmic opportunity to learn all we can about how Scorpius and Ophiuchus interact and communicate with us.

As the day begins (in UT time) the Moon is barely across the Libra-Scorpius boundary. By the end of the day She will have moved all the way through Scorpius and a little better than half-way through Constellation Ophiuchus, beginning to align with Kappa Ophiuchus (Helkath – the battleground).

The subjects covered in today’s Internet Radio offering, Cosmic Vision News, though the show was broadcast days ago on June 29, are straight on-point to the energy chemistry of Scorpius and Ophiuchus in general.

  • What to do about organized crime — it’s a cosmic battlefield!
  • Healing the Earth and Humanity after thousands of years of abuse

This is precisely why Ophiuchus is here, sent by a loving Galaxy and Universe, and why the Scorpion must be transmuted along with the crime bosses this sign represents.

To change our reality, we must change our minds. All of the celestial evidence and history precedents are in our corner as are the prophecies. We need to stop taking our star signs so personally, see the Light, and let go of our addiction to convincing ourselves that because our star sign is Scorpio, the energy field built up from the stars behind the sign is good and everything is fine.

It’s not. The Scorpion is a Fear trigger and there’s nothing about it that suggests good doctoring except for the stars of Ophiuchus which were hidden in its folds while simultaneously masking the demise of Goddess.

It’s just like the news we’ve been seeing on mainstream media. It’s spoon fed brainwashing. Meanwhile, the people who have been doing the brainwashing have been using these stars against us because we didn’t question them and we allowed it.

Those days are over.

Here are the facts of Scorpio and the Moon in medical astrology as it is currently configured:

  1. Scorpio governs the genitals, reproductive organs, bladder, urethra, and rectum
  2. Scorpio as an elemental water sign is feminine as is essentially the Moon
  3. The Moon causes tides to ebb and flow and regulates women’s menstrual cycles

Question: What makes these meta-facts a perfect argument in favor of Scorpius as a Cosmic Serpent and  strongly against the idea that letting go of the Scorpion represents some great sacrifice?

Answer: The Snake sheds its skin cyclically like the uterine walls shed their blood monthly.

Now do we come to realize a little more why Sophia, Wisdom, the Serpent, is said to be Divine Feminine.

Technically, when the Moon is in Scorpius (but maybe not Ophiuchus–we’ll have to meditate on this) our Zodiac is officially experiencing “that time of the month” if you catch my meaning.

Or is it the Cosmic Earth Mother who is experiencing Her subtle menses? I will suggest to you that any crabby women you meet up with today should be treated as though they are channeling Earth Mother. Give them extra TLC today and go hug a tree, take a walk in the park in your bare feet, or go wading in the stream, at the beach or in the bay.

(Remind me to discuss the value of a Moon Tipi sometime if you can’t figure it out from my mere mention of this concept.)

Caduceus, Angel of Healing, James N. Muir, Dec. 1 Oph | photo 3/2003 by D.Provancher

The Caduceus

Here is another new concept we all need to become familiar with as it relates to the area of the sky being transited by the Moon today: The New Planetary Caduceus.

New Astronomy-Astrologers (Astronomologers) on the cutting edge will want to explore, experiment with and experience the raw energy in this sector and begin to learn how to call and use it dynamically.

For instance, in view of the Cosmic Earth’s Moon Cycle, I’m not sure I would want to “draw down the Moon” tonight. That could get ugly, although I will freely admit to you I’m just going on gut instinct here to mention that.

Best use of today’s energies (for newbies)

The critical degrees of Constellations Scorpius and Ophiuchus are not as close together as the critical stars of Libra but the first Scorpio-Ophiuchus energy field is so potent that once you leave it, if you’ve had an energy experience of it, you will be lucky to recover sufficiently to be alert for the last power energy field in the same cycle. I know people who have had such a deep experience of the Alpha-Omega point (Alpha Scorpius-Omega Ophiuchus) that it took them YEARS to recover. So be careful.

For an optimum experience of basic Scorpius and Ophiuchus energy, slow things down a bit if your goal is to master the Libra-Scorpio-Ophiuchus zones or attract a mentor or spirit guide. Spend the day quietly and keep tabs on your thoughts and feelings. Keep a log or journal of your dreams.

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